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Monday, September 8, 2014

September 8, 2014

Hey Everyone! 
Thanks for the Birthday wishes! It's weird I'm 21 but I'm legal now so there ain't nothin stoppin me now! haha SO this past week was kinda a drag. Little bit in a funk but nothing too bad. I went on exchanges to Fairborn and I think that's maybe what caused it. That place was a drag and the missionaries don't have a whole lot of motivation there. They just help an investigator move a bunch of his stuff so he can get out of the house his ex-wife is living in so he can get baptized. His name is Mac and is quite the character! Remind me about him in a couple weeks cause I got some stories about that :) He gave me a microphone which was cool. But I interviewed him for baptism so hopefully that all works out! The member we ate dinner with E. Peterson and Simkins do P90X3 with him. And like 6 weeks ago and I out did him in Pushups and Pull ups. Total of 200 plus and like 80 something pull ups. So he challenged me to that again so he can beat me and his goal is 200+ pushups and 100+ pullups and it's like a 8 different ones of each... So this is one of those times where the competitive side kicks in a little this week haha So after the exchange everything was kinda a drag and E. Baldwin has hit his 4 and a half month mark wall that most missionaries hit haha so that made things fun.. Nothing bad just slow. But we're gonna do better this week and get back in the swing of things! Nothing really happened this week honestly. The birthday was good. The morning was slow. I woke up with a Migraine but got lots of Birthday wishes from people and the Cross' did stuff for me and yeah Mike came down to see me. That was pretty cool. It's always good to see him. :) We went over to the Badders' home this week. A part member family. They're super cool and we love going over there. We went over Friday, Saturday, and Sunday and had really good talks and stuff. All casual which is what the family needs. So it's cool. That's funny to me that Calvin claims "Agnostic" I've just met too many people of all sorts of faith so it's interesting to see people's beliefs. Even in your own family. Like I said I'll try and figure out. Saturday was Richard and Tina's anniversary so we told them a while ago that we would cook for them so we just decided to make it a twofer. :) We did Homemade BBQ roast and cornbread and all salsa and everything home fashioned! It was pretty good stuff not gonna after Saturday we learned a new trick from AJ that I'll teach everyone here soon :P it'll be sweet! And yeah... Nothing too special really. I can't really think of anything to say haha it's bad but oh well. Not much I can do! Thanks again for all those who have loved and supported me throughout these past two years. It's carried me through it all and I am grateful for the examples everyone sets for me and the things I learn from everyone. These past two years have been an amazing blessing to me and I have learned a lot. I'm excited to see where they take me in life and how far I will go. I love the quote "Don't tell me the sky is the limit when there are footprints on the Moon." and literally the only things that really stop ourselves from achieving our dreams and ambitions is ourselves. And when we really enlist God's help in it we go so much further and life and that's one thing I've really taken from my mission is that I really need God's help in a lot of things. I just gotta do my best to remember him. Now will I always be perfect at it? No... Haha I haven't been perfect on my mission with it. But it's the direction we're facing on the climb and if we're willing to start walking. "The further we travel along the path of true discipleship, the steeper it becomes." -Brad Wilcox- I know that to be true. I have experienced/ am experiencing that climb every day of my life. It won't be easy but it's all worth it. The things I've learned and gone through are some things I may never want to go through again but I'm grateful I did because I'm a stronger person out there. I love the help I've received from the Lord's Grace in my life that helps me to keep going. I've learned how to manage my perfectionism. I've learned how much Heavenly Father and Jesus Christ truly love us. That was something that I would always hear, but never feel or really understand or believe. Now I've experienced it and the only times in life when we feel God is distant it's usually because of something that we're doing. And it's our job to figure it out and to fix it. I love my savior. I love each of you. Alec. Keep pressing forward bro. You can do this. It'll take time. But just trust that God is aware and is proud of you. Christ sacrificed himself so that we never have to feel the feeling that weigh us down in life. Charity. You're a boss. Keep strong too. You'll get the hang of it all and after a while it all just becomes routine. I hope you all have a great week! See you in 10 Days ;) 
Elder Derrek Bowler

September 2, 2014

So this last week was purty goood! I can't complain too much! I went on Exchanges with E. Peterson last week on Tuesday and we went and got stuff for Alec's Birthday and we went and did more service for AJ. I just sanded and finished his desk. It looked pretty nice! Oh and yeah My nail finally fell off. So that was exciting! haha Nothing too eventful happened this past week. We were able to find get in touch with a couple cool part member families.. Had a couple bonfires and got caught in a couple rain storms!! So all the same stuff!! I'm working hard to try and not get in any kind of funk. But it's been good. I have done a lot of reflecting on the past two years and it all just feels like a weird dream! I can't believe it's been two years! But it's something I'm eternally grateful for. I did get a weird cold and pulled something in my back that made it hard to breathe. So just one thing after the other but it's all good. I'm taken care of here. I got some boxes to try and send stuff home so I gotta try packing that up soon. How did you ship my bike home? I got a box for it but how'd you get it sent for 65 bucks? Anyways. Yesterday was Labor day so the libraries were all closed so we went to Young's dairy and got unlimited Mini Golf, Driving Range, And Batting Cages. We had the whole district there so that was fun. It got a little humid. And two clubs slipped out of my hands cause they got a little sweaty... 0__o Whoops... haha it was fun though being around everyone. We have a great district here and it makes the mission fun. I don't have much to say but thanks for the birthday wishes. If I remember something cool I'll write it next week. haha But here are some pics!! Love you guys! Oh and we saw Richard and Tina. Richard blessed the Sacrament this past week! it was awesome!! They are doing really well and their two granddaughters light up whenever we show up haha they're fun. Life is good in the hood!! 
K I gotta jet!! Love you all!!
Elder Derrek Bowler

Saturday, August 30, 2014

August 25, 2014 - Baptism!!!

Hey thurr! 
SO! This week was quite interesting but finished off very well! I swear for some reason this past week was just rough. Nothing went quite as planned and it just felt off. I think Satan was just having a little fun with us cause Richard and Tina were very protected this past week. They had their son move in with them and usually there is a lot of arguing and anger but this past week there was nothing. It was crazy. So Satan prolly just took it out on me by throwing me off. But it's ok. I'm used to it! haha So The past week was pretty long, and as I look back it seems last weeks events happened like 3 weeks ago... I dunno this whole mission time thing is just whacked out. anyways. So Tuesday I went on exchanges with Elder Spaulding and that was pretty fun. We talked a lot and it's good to be serving near him again. Wednesday was fun.. Had district meeting then spent the rest of the time in the hospital... My finger wasn't hurting but it just started to look reeeeally bad.. So I was like "better safe than sorry!" So they just said it was a hematoma. (Blood Clot under the nail) No infections, and no fractures. So they just said soak it in Epsom salt water and just watch it and the nail should push out on it's own. They also said drilling the hole was a good thing. I was just dumb and didn't keep it open so that's why it kept getting bigger. So I soaked it and noticed that a little drop of blood was coming out of the hole I drilled. So I was like "Hey sweet, the hole is open!" so I wiped it with a paper towel and that little bit of pressure kinda pushed a little extra blood out from the sides and so I wondered if the whole clot itself was loose so I tested it and lo and behold it was. So I got pics. But I pretty much got the clot out and my nail is looking fairly normal again... But now just waiting for the nail to fall off... It's just been a weird experience and it's annoying how a dumb little nail can cause such a huge problem... Oh well! So Pretty much nothing happened too much but we saw Richard and Tina daily to make sure nothing happened to them. So We worked on that and it was exhausting but paid off. The smile on their faces was priceless. We had lessons at Bishops house and everywhere it seemed. But the Baptism went super well. I ended up baptizing Tina and E. Baldwin baptized Richard. It went great and the next day we had them confirmed and Richard got the Priesthood as well and also stood in to help another person be ordained to a Priest! Bishop Worthington is on the ball and is prolly my favorite Bishop I've served with. I'm very grateful to finish my mission here and also very grateful for the events that have gone on. With two baptisms and Mike going through the temple. He already put a skidmark in his garments which just made me laugh! haha I love the guy to death. But That's pretty much the highlights of this past week! Love you all!! Thanks for your help, love and Support! 
Elder Derrek Bowler

Sunday, August 24, 2014

August 18, 2014

Derrek going through the temple with Mike Wihl, whom he baptized a little over a year ago (August 16, 2014)
So this past week was pretty dang decent. It started slow but ended great. haha I'll get to that in a sec. But first off. We need to figure out how to get my bike home. I can pack it up and stuff but how did you send it? And I'll need help for that. I plan on just having a big bonfire my last night and burn the stuff I don't need anymore. I just figured I'd get new clothes and such at home. Anyways. The mission asked what I plan on doing and I'm not leaving my baby here. haha So I guess to narrate the kind of week we've had. I'll just say by Wednesday I had absolutely no gas left in the tank and I crashed hard. But I'll get there in a sec. :P

So Tuesday we helped AJ Jackson do some work on his house. I cut out a little thing in the frame so we can put a door in. Then after that we went and taught a lesson to Braden (The Boyfriend of a member, Maddie Sullivan) that went pretty well and he said he felt the spirit. But there's a part of me that is pretty sure he's just investigating to learn more about Mormons cause he's dating one, but hey. The seed is planted. After we mowed a lawn for a widow in the ward. Who is Maddie's aunt. That whole family is really cool and we're pretty tight with them. Other than that not a whole lot happened that day.

Now Wednesday. We had a Zone meeting that went on for a lot longer now cause that's how President wants is to be done. It was just long and almost painful. E. Baldwin and I spent most of the morning trying to figure out what the name of this concert was haha but we figured it out in the middle of the meeting. :P but after the meeting we got back to the apartment and my body literally shut down on me... It was bad. haha I think everything caught up to me cause I've been pushing super hard to finish strong but it wasn't working too well I guess. A little reminder that I still need to take care of myself. But I was out of gas and for the previous month was just running on fumes from just pure physical and mental exhaustion. I couldn't even think straight anymore and my body was just getting weak so I think it had enough and forced itself to get rest. I passed out for an hour and half which I've never napped that long but when I woke I was still so tired and brain dead. So I asked E. Baldwin for a blessing and since then I've been great and will be able to finish strong. I also gave him one cause He's been struggling lately. (Girl problems) BUT like I said. It's like crazy deja vu being with him cause it's similar to the beginning of my mish.

Thursday we had a Zone Conference that took all day. That was a long meeting and dragged on but oh well. I got to see some buddies. But that night we did a Stake Ministry Night where it's kinda like a massive splits with the Stake President and mission president and Bishop and such. It was cool. I went with Bishop to go see one of the Sisters Recent converts and also Richard Wampler. Taught about the importance of going to Church. Praying, and Reading the scriptures. and how those three things will always keep us grounded. It's pretty cool

Friday is the day I smashed my finger with a framing hammer doing service for AJ Jackson. That was prolly one of the most painful things I've experienced.... Haha I temporarily had turrets for a day or so hahaha it sucked. But it's like super swollen and purple and nasty. So I definitely will be coming home one nail less of a man than I was before I left! haha So after we did service we ate with the Jacksons then after went to talk to the Youngs about Richard and Tina cause they are their main source of fellowship but I forgot to add that after the ministry night Richard and Tina made the decision to be baptized on the 23rd! So that's gonna happen this Saturday and we have everything lined up for that! But at the Youngs house my nail was hurting so bad that I decided to drill a hole in it to try and relieve some pressure from all the blood cause I definitely broke vessels. So that sucked but helped a little.

Saturday was prolly one of the best days of my mission by far I got to spend it all with Mike and no one else. And that was cool hopefully I explained a little bit about the sacredness of it all but it's Mike so hopefully that'll work out! haha There were a couple funny things that happened though and it was just a good day. We went to Young's Dairy which is like this farm family fun place. It was good. We had dinner there and then that night we taught Richard and Tina and got everything worked out for the Baptism and such.

Sunday went well. We got to dump a bucket of Ice Water on Bro Ellsworth to help him with a dare haha It's not everyday you get asked to assist with that! So we took advantage of it and enjoyed it thoroughly! It should be on facebook I think. And we went and got the baptism worked out with Richard and Tina! We're seeing them everyday to make sure nothing bad happens so we came up with a game plan for that! But it's kinda nice to see this area pick up. And since the blessing I've been able to focus and concentrate and luckily good things are happening my last transfer. So that's really nice. Well that's pretty much my week! Love ya!!

Elder Derrek Bowler 
Service with a smile :)

he got a "nail"...just not the one he was aiming for! 

tried fixing it himself and ended up at the hospital to remove his nail!

Sunday, August 17, 2014

August 11, 2014

So I don't have much to write but these past couple days have been interesting. We've been doing a crap load of service. We were asked to help some lady move out of a rental house she just got cause there was a heroine addict. That was a ridiculous move. There didn't have a ramp for the truck and so we lifted everything like four feet up into the truck and it was pretty much E. Baldwin and I lifting it all. It was ridiculous. She even took the fridge... haha I'll have to go into detail when I get home but yeah that was just frustrating. But other than that not a whole lot is happening here. It was a rough week. But things are lined up pretty well for this week so hopefully it goes well. I am pretty much just looking forward to this Saturday. It'll just be Mike and I all day long. E. Baldwin will stay here to work the area. I'm so stoked. Mike is pretty much a legend around the mission haha. So that's cool. I really don't have too much to say. So I think I'll just send pictures. Do you have things all lined up for a home coming talk in STG and all that jazz? Just Curious. Luckily there have been some people that I've met that I might be able to start net working to get a job hopefully. I'm just trying to get some things worked out so I can hit the ground running. Richard and Tina are doing good. Tina now has a testimony and it's really cool. She's pretty much just waiting for Richard to get one now haha. So that's good. Richard and Tiffany are doing good as well. We met with them yesterday. They're pretty cool. I dunno this last week I feel like my brain has been shutting down but it's coming with age! Dang Alzheimers! Welp.. I'll just send some pics! Love ya!
Love, Elder Derrek Bowler   


Saturday, August 9, 2014

August 6, 2014

So first off thank you for the package!! It really meant a lot. And yeah The Ellsworth's family is sweet. Their daughter Mckinnley is the Cutest friggin thing haha. We didn't get a chance to meet with his friend Brent this past week so hopefully we will this week!
So we got transfer calls. We're both staying. Which I figured would happen. It kinda starting to sink in that I only have six weeks left. It's almost unreal. I'm excited to see everyone and it's starting to feel like that time. I feel like when I'm done here I'll be like the football player who gave it his all and just lies exhausted on the field. I'm gonna give it my best these last few weeks. And then I'll collapse hahaha. It's been a cool experience though.. This past week wasn't too shabby. We didn't have any crazy sweet finding stories or anything. A lot of it was just trying to see a list of people that bishop gave us and work with that while trying to find and such. One of the guys we stopped by seeing was reeaally weird. Like we just wanted to come by and say hi and we offered service and such and he was just so thrown off. His name was Greg C. I'll let you know more about him. But after he was just so taken back I told him "I don't know what to say to you, we just wanted to introduce ourselves. I don't know what you want me to say really." hah it was weird cause I couldn't tell if he was gonna like shoot us or something... It was just weird...
Elder Bowler and "Grandpa Bristow"
Wednesday I went on exchanges with Petey we biked around fairborn cause they ran out of miles haha. It was pretty fun. Knocked on a guy's door and he's like "We're Catholic, All the sinners are on the other side of the street ok? Bye!" and shuts the door. haha it was pretty good but we were able to talk to a few people. One of them almost got baptized so they're gonna try to work with her. It's just really cool the bonds you build out on a mission. Like some of my closest friends that I'm going to chill with came from my mission. It's sweet. Just such a blessing and it's a bittersweet feeling it's gonna come to an end but I'm also ready to take on the world! hah

Other than that Richard and Tina are doing good. They were able to meet with the bishop and things are starting to get better. Their lives are gonna get a little crazier here shortly and they're so close to baptism. They are such good people! It's been cool to get to know them. The Sisters in our ward had a baptism and that went really well. Richard and Tina came to that. Then right after Grandpa Bristow was awesome enough to take E. Baldwin and I on a two hour drive to a baptism in Newark. and that was a long day. But he's amazing and I'm very grateful I got to see him again and talk with him. I figured out how to solve a Rubiks cube now so I feel pretty dang accomplished if I don't say so myself! Then we got back and shared a little lesson with the Hansen family cause Jackson Hansen's GF isn't a member but we showed the new Mormon Message "The Hope Of God's Light" It's crazy powerful. So that's a good one. Check it out!

 This past monday they had a special meeting for District Leaders in the mission. So I drove up with E. Jones to the mission home. It was pretty good. But it went all day. Left here at 7am and didn't get back till like 5:30pm. I was really exhausted about that part. Mike also asked me to be his escort through the temple and President told him I could. So that's a really cool feeling. And way better than baptism let me tell ya. It'll be a good experience. I'm excited for him. Welp. Other than that not too much is going on. Just livin it up here in the Creek!
Crazy rainstorm on wednesday Flooded the parking lot!

district fun

Crazy rainstorm...flooding the parking lot

From a friend in Ohio...

Just wanted to send you a picture of your missionary this Sunday evening. He is serving in our ward and was at our home this evening. Elder Bowler is helping our family teach the discussions to one of my co workers. He has a very strong spirit and is well loved by everyone in the ward. Thank you for raising such a fine young man and a strong example of the savior. He has been a great influence to our family and my daughter adores him. -Matthew Ellsworth 

Wednesday, July 30, 2014

July 28, 2014

Ward Mission Leader and his wife

Eskimo Joe's :)
So Hey thur. So my address is 3867 Jodie Dr. Apt D Beavercreek, OH 45431. President pretty much said I'd be staying here till I die so it's prolly safe to assume that's a good place to send stuff. 
So to be completely honest. I'm pretty tired to write in great detail the things of my heart.. haha but a couple cool things did happen this past week. We had a super cool lesson with a member's friend Brent. He works with Bro. Ellsworth. So this past week things finally lined up to meet him and teach him the restoration. It was cool for everyone there. Brent said he's pretty interested and to also see the spark it lit for the Ellsworths was cool too. So hopefully things get better there. 
We also began teaching Tiffany. A girlfriend of a member. Richard Wampler. I like going over to their house. They are a really great bunch of people. And we also did a butt ton of service and I'm kind of mad I didn't get pictures! Well I did kinda when we split wood for the Wamplers and then I didn't when we went back and did some more demo work on the Jackson's home. I decided to be a scrapper and try to recycle some copper wires. haha why not. But being from a family of construction workers I couldn't help but laugh at what the previous owner did to their house. He took a lot of shortcuts and made the place really unsafe. Like using cardboard squares to cover a hole to the outside and hide it with exposed fiber-glass insulation... It was interesting. So pretty much Friday and Saturday was all service, which I didn't have too much of a problem with cause it broke from the monotony. We also found a couple other people. Like Cynthia. Who's kinda in a sticky situation with her husband. So we're gonna play smart with that one... Umm I did Zumba for the first time today. Haha I'm surprised I could keep up but sometimes I was a little off beat. Prolly won't be doing that again but it was a fun District activity. I'll get pictures next week. Oh also. I gotta say that the Cross' (Our ward mission leader and his wife) Are pretty much some of the most amazing people I've ever met. They're really inspiring and they've taken such amazing care of us it's unreal. So we got pictures with them so I could send them home but yeah. Other that not much happened this week. It was pretty good and I know I'll finish my mission strong. Which is cool cause I remember thinking when I was 6 months out that I would prolly be so burnt by the end. But I'm not. I can't believe Nana and Grandpa are coming home. I'm excited to see them soon I think Lexi comes home this week which is weird too cause it's already been that long.... Time flies when you're serving the lord I guess! But I'll send some pics from this last week! Also we went on exchanges with the zone leaders and one of them (E. Moore) flew out with me and has never been on a bike so I took him to the farthest possible spot to work for that day. haha I wish I knew that was gonna be the day is was gonna be 96 degrees and 80% humidity.... haha Yeah. I was a little sweaty. But such is life on a bike. :) K love you all!
Elder Derrek Bowler.... OXoxoXXooxx (Nacho)

Longest Bike Ride Ever :)



Tuesday, July 22, 2014

July 21, 2014

Whole zone on some rocks.. haha
Hey guys!
Sorry to hear the Priest activity sucked haha but it builds character and those are the ones you'll never forget. But it's also weird Ashton and Zach are now the oldest at the campouts. Soon we'll be having Bowler reunions but with just us.. That's a weird thought. So I don't have too much to say today but they're were a couple things I wanted to say. First off. I am doing my best to finish strong. And I will. I don't get trunky just excited and then I keep up the work. We're actually trying different things now to get the ward helping a ton because we have found like 2 people the past 3 weeks and quite frankly I'm getting a little sick and tired of knocking on people's doors especially when no one is home nor answers. So we're trying to work with the members who we know are having missionary experiences and then have them bear testimony about it and have them get the rest of the ward excited. Cause the ward is super supportive but as for finding and teaching people here it's a little slow. So the ward trusts us which hasn't been the case with recent elders and so we're excited. I want to leave Beavercreek in a solid pattern of finding and baptizing through the ward and personal efforts. So hopefully that'll happen, I got 8 weeks to make it count! It is a little weird to wrap my head around the fact I'm almost done, Nana and Grandpa are done and other things are happening. It almost doesn't seem real and I don't think it will till I'm on the plane. Which is good cause it'll help me. So there are definitely days when I am dragging butt cause my body feels like it can't take much more. (I'm surprised I'm still functioning some days) haha like I said, it's gotta be the spirit helpin me out.
So in other news. Richard and Tina are doing well. We talked to them about baptism a little more and answered some questions. We're just trying to help them have a spiritual witness that these things are true, but they just have a hard time even reading the Book of Mormon. If they got baptized though that would be a sweet miracle cause the ward hasn't had a baptism here in over a year and a half or something like that. But it'll be good. We're still working hard with them.
Also. I now have a new companion as of 5 o'clock yesterday. His name is E. Ryan Baldwin and he's from Loveland, Colorado.. So Wendy, What ward are you in?? haha E. Bullock had to clear some things up so he flew home today. E. Baldwin has been out a transfer and a half. So I guess I'm kinda training him for like 2 weeks..? His trainer was a joke and it's interesting. Hearing him talk is like De ja vu cause it sounds almost IDENTICAL to the beginning of mine. But he's a lot more chipper now that's he's here which is cool. We'll get a long great. haha it's funny he has a girlfriend and he's saying the same stuff I did about Lex, Like It's not like she's a distraction I just miss her type thing. haha and now looking back I missed Lexi more than I convinced myself I did. But he didn't have the crazy psychic blow that I took, but it's just funny and President told me I'll most likely just die here. So there's like a 2% chance I'll get transferred hahah but yeah. So it'll be good and I'm glad I go home soon and will be in Salt Lake (hopefully soon.. I don't know what the Lord has planned)
I went on exchanges this last week with E. Simkins (he is one of the funniest kids I've ever met hahaha I love the kid to death!) but yeah. I tried to help him plan and figure out new finding Ideas for their area and I just passed the crap out. Like I was gone... that happened with E. Bullock too. Haha missions.. they catch up to ya!... then again. I get up at 5:45 to try and get a good workout started around 6:15. I made a super annoying alarm with me singing in falsetto to "wake up" haha it's rich... Well. I included some pics from this last week and our Zone fun day today at this nature place here. It was very green and made me wanna hike the narrows! Love and miss you all!!

Elder Derrek Bowler 

E. Peterson. Me. E. Bean. E. Jones. (Go fight win)

People ruining the pic with Petey and I

Able to finally get a cool one with Petey :)

Exchange with E. Simkins and the pic he took of me when I crashed haha

Last goodbye to E. Bullock till go home

July 14, 2014 - Week 95 (according to Derrek!)

Just a little rain!
Hey Mom!
So This past week wasn't too shabby! We didn't have too much going on. Just a lot of bike riding and tracting and trying to do missionary work! Lot of rain and Hot humid days! haha We finally decided to take the long super hilly bike ride to the far corner of our area a couple times. Twice.. That bike ride sucks... haha I hate hills. (Can you tell I ride downhilll Mtn Bike?) haha either way. That wasn't too fruitful. But the one way we took had a super sweet scenic way. So that made it worth it! (kinda!) 
We got a chance to have interviews with President Daines. Both President and Sister Daines are amazing! I'm not gonna lie. I'm a little bummed I won't get to know them too well. But I do know President and Sister Nilsen were the ones that I needed. Either way. It's still kind of a weird though. But President Daines brought up a way to help me not plateau. And he used Ether 12:27 where it talks about weaknesses. Now I've always used that scripture and know it really well. But I never looked at it in the light of physical and spiritual progression. As in actually asking the Lord to show me what I need to work on next. So that was kind of cool cause I'm trying hard to not plateau and keep growing. But it's sometimes hard when not a whole lot is happening! But I'm actually doing really well!
 Umm... Honestly.. I don't have too much to write about.. Which is a first. Because I usually do. But Richard and Tina are doing well. We had a pretty good dinner with them at the Bishops home and had a good lesson. (The Spirit is sooo different at a members home..) and that was good. We're trying to really figure out what they need next. For one they need to realize the key factor of the Restoration and the Priesthood Authority. So we're working on that. But They're doing pretty well. They've come to church for the past 3 weeks and that's good. They still have a hard time getting much out of it just because of their granddaughters so we're working on that. Saturday we did like 9 hours of service between two projects. haha. It was good cause it was a nice break from the monotony we've been in. The first project we did demolition for a member who's moving in soon. So we tore apart their basement from mold and such. And that's when I stepped on a nice fat nail and it went pretty far in my foot. So that was fun. Nothing special. And they got us Pizza for lunch. It was really good and I pounded four pieces of this deep dish pizza only it wasn't filling at all... Then we go and help Richard and Tina with laying some cement for these stairs they put in the backyard and we got more pizza from that. Funny thing is though. It was the same exact pizza. Like 100% Identical. and I pounded another 5 pieces of that.. Yeah It was a fun little binge haha. I'm actually mad I didn't get pictures of any of it cause that was like the most eventful thing that's happened. And we also talked to this older Korean lady and taught her and her American husband a little about the gospel. It went alright but she LOADED us up with sooo much food... Like two full take out boxes of brownies. Half a German Chocolate Cake and 3 sweet melons... haha I'm glad E. Bullock eats most of it before I ever get a chance to. I can't do sweets too much anymore. Unless it's Ice Cream. So that was kinda funny. So yeah. That's pretty much it. Mom if you wanna ya know... Send me a care package. That'd really make my week! haha Some gum would be grand. Maybe some Oldspice Lionpride Bodywash.. Deoderant. Airheads... A letter from everyone? Just throwin out ideas :P haha Welp. I love you all! Hope you have a great week!

Elder Derrek Bowler

Thursday, July 10, 2014

July 7, 2014

Me, E. Peterson, Bullock, and Simkins
So that's fine about the whole job thing. Can I get his email or something to ask him? and it's understandable about the car thing hopefully we'll figure that out. haha I need a break from the bike as a mode of transportation haha. What about a phone? haha We'll figure it out I guess. It's just crazy everything is starting to come fast. I just hope it all works out. Maybe I'll just find a wife who can help out. haha jk

 This past week seemed to go fast but when I look back it seems like events that happened seemed like months ago. So this past week wasn't too shabby. The beginning of our week was super brutal. I hit a wall cause everything like died in our area... and stayed that way for a couple weeks. So it was all just starting to take a toll on me mentally and spiritually and physically and yeah. So Tuesday was kinda alright a lot of our appointments fell through and then just a massive storm rolled in which was not conducive to a bike area. So that day was kinda shot. Wednesday we drove up to Columbus to meet President and Sister Daines. They seemed tired and shell-shocked but I'm excited to serve with them. I'm not gonna really have a chance to develop any sort of relationship with them cause it'll be a "Hi-bye" situation. But they seem really great. I realized something that I never thought would happen but when I thought about the fact that the Nilsens are gone it kinda hit me that I kinda miss them. I dunno. They've helped me and taught me a lot of things that are very valuable to me and the life I want to live. So it's kinda interesting but after that things started to get a little better. I went on Exchanges with E. Peterson in Fairborn and that was pretty fun. I love the kid and I'll prolly kick it with him when he gets home. He gets home a month after Alec. Which is weird... But anyways.. We lost contact with Richard and Tina until Thursday. Which scared me cause I fasted for them last week and I was kinda leery about it cause it seemed the past few times I'd fast for someone they'd drop us. Happened every time in Big Walnut Creek. But it turned out to be ok. We got in contact had a couple decent lessons. They came to church and I hope it was good for them. We have dinner with them at the Bishop's house tomorrow. But a funny story is we got a Foosball Table from Richard and Tina and now our apartment is a cozy little man cave :P haha E. Bullock is really good at it and I get worked over and I'm competitive so I keep playing haha. Another funny thing that turned out to be really cool is we got Ali (one of our gators) to come to church. Which he never plans for anything and he works the night before and gave us permission to wake him up cause apparently it's impossible and so I was like shoot. Challenge Accepted! So we bought him a RedBull Saturday night and right after our regular church meetings we went over with Duffy Young to wake Ali up and I've never had to go to such great lengths to get someone to church. Like honestly. We dragged him out of bed multiple times and he kept going back to bed. He doesn't remember any of it cause he's asleep and then after he finally woke up he's like "oh hey guys!" haha it was funny. So he downed the RedBull and got dressed and we went to the YSA ward cause he's 22 so it worked out. And then after a couple people bore their testimony Ali is like "can anyone go up?" so we said yeah of course! and he went up and bore a pretty solid testimony! It was one of those "Is this really happening moments?' So that was cool. We were also fasting that day and I ended up getting really bad migraine and couldn't stand. So that put me out for a little bit and then last night we went and Talked to another one of our gators Neva to see how they're doing and we met her son who got baptized in 2012 and get this. He went to High School with Pebbles!! haha Small freaking world!! So he's a cool kid. and I'm excited to try and help him get active again. He has a good head on his shoulders and is out here to take over his Mom's contracting business. So yeah. Everything pretty much got a little better at the end of the week and after this last fast I feel pretty good. It was a good recharge and I have renewed energy to finish strong! Only got 2 months left! It's nuts! But here are some fun pics too :) Love you all and thanks for the support! 

Elder Derrek Bowler

Angry Birds painting on a fence during exchanges

Me and E. Peterson

Me and E.bullock biking through a wooden glen 

Our Foosball table

Fireworks let off right in front of our apartment (Illegal ones that is haha)

Sunday, July 6, 2014

June 30, 2014

Hey Mom!
So No I don't have a problem staying in Phoenix at all. It'll be cool to go support Wes and Jennie. Since Mike was Catholic I'm anxious to go see what a Mass is like! Plus the shopping thing I'm down for haha. I need new clothes bad. Btw. They have really good deals on Nike's here. Just saying. They're like half off at this store. So if anyone wants clothes or ties or shoes lemme know and we can get some home. I had to use the 50 you put in the account for some clothes and food (Eating healthy isn't cheap.) and didn't get a chance to send stuff home. I'll prolly just do that my last transfer or in a month or so. But I'm curious do we have things figured out Work wise or transportation wise or any of that? When is the deadlines for applications for the January semester? Also can we try and figure out some way to do a homecoming talk in St. Geezy? and spend a week there saying hi to family and such? Just curious since I have no clue what's going down yet.
So life here in Beavercreek isn't too exciting. Our pool is pretty dry as well. The only people we really work with is Richard and Tina. They came to a baptism for a neighboring ward (Most awkward baptism ever. The baptism before started to drain the font so by the time this baptism came around it was at knee height. So she had to get baptized three times and on the third time she just sat in the font and laid back..It was brutal to watch. Especially having investigators there) and Richard and Tina also came to church!! (Took us four weeks to finally get someone to church.. Gosh it's brutal!) So I'm curious how this next transfer will be. We do a lot of biking and knocking on doors that don't answer. It's pretty discouraging after a while but I'm trying to hold my head up. It's just a dead area and sometimes it gets hard to want to get up and keep trying. Luckily we have Richard and Tina so we're doing everything we can to get them up and running. She's reading the Book of Mormon and having little "Aha" moments with it. It's cool. Church wasn't the best experience for them. The talks in Sacrament where great but their little granddaughters we're kinda distracting. They talked about conversion and how it's a lifetime process. They just said is was super long and prolly not it's true. It can be long and it's not the most exciting church. haha but you don't go to be entertained.
This past week we also had a lot of people needing our help. Like last minute moves cause no one else in the ward can really help. So in less than 24 hours (Friday night and Saturday morning) we spent like 6-7 hours moving people. Dad, Mom, I'm glad you were really good about moves. Also Dad. I got my tetris skills from you haha. Actually I don't really mind moving people, it's a good work out and it's breaks the monotony of the work but this past week had me in a little funk. But I'm hoping this week gets better. It's weird. I only have one more transfer call left. haha I'm excited but it also feels unreal at the same time. I dunno. It's a weird feeling. But hopefully things start to pick up here cause if I don't start getting busier then it'll make it a little harder these last three months. haha oh well. Calvin sent me a picture of his Tat. haha I can't believe he actually got one. I told him to make it look a little better if he's gonna have one. haha. I'm prolly not helping but lead by example right? haha We'll see how it goes! Love you all! That's really it for this week.
Elder Derrek Bowler.