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Saturday, August 9, 2014

August 6, 2014

So first off thank you for the package!! It really meant a lot. And yeah The Ellsworth's family is sweet. Their daughter Mckinnley is the Cutest friggin thing haha. We didn't get a chance to meet with his friend Brent this past week so hopefully we will this week!
So we got transfer calls. We're both staying. Which I figured would happen. It kinda starting to sink in that I only have six weeks left. It's almost unreal. I'm excited to see everyone and it's starting to feel like that time. I feel like when I'm done here I'll be like the football player who gave it his all and just lies exhausted on the field. I'm gonna give it my best these last few weeks. And then I'll collapse hahaha. It's been a cool experience though.. This past week wasn't too shabby. We didn't have any crazy sweet finding stories or anything. A lot of it was just trying to see a list of people that bishop gave us and work with that while trying to find and such. One of the guys we stopped by seeing was reeaally weird. Like we just wanted to come by and say hi and we offered service and such and he was just so thrown off. His name was Greg C. I'll let you know more about him. But after he was just so taken back I told him "I don't know what to say to you, we just wanted to introduce ourselves. I don't know what you want me to say really." hah it was weird cause I couldn't tell if he was gonna like shoot us or something... It was just weird...
Elder Bowler and "Grandpa Bristow"
Wednesday I went on exchanges with Petey we biked around fairborn cause they ran out of miles haha. It was pretty fun. Knocked on a guy's door and he's like "We're Catholic, All the sinners are on the other side of the street ok? Bye!" and shuts the door. haha it was pretty good but we were able to talk to a few people. One of them almost got baptized so they're gonna try to work with her. It's just really cool the bonds you build out on a mission. Like some of my closest friends that I'm going to chill with came from my mission. It's sweet. Just such a blessing and it's a bittersweet feeling it's gonna come to an end but I'm also ready to take on the world! hah

Other than that Richard and Tina are doing good. They were able to meet with the bishop and things are starting to get better. Their lives are gonna get a little crazier here shortly and they're so close to baptism. They are such good people! It's been cool to get to know them. The Sisters in our ward had a baptism and that went really well. Richard and Tina came to that. Then right after Grandpa Bristow was awesome enough to take E. Baldwin and I on a two hour drive to a baptism in Newark. and that was a long day. But he's amazing and I'm very grateful I got to see him again and talk with him. I figured out how to solve a Rubiks cube now so I feel pretty dang accomplished if I don't say so myself! Then we got back and shared a little lesson with the Hansen family cause Jackson Hansen's GF isn't a member but we showed the new Mormon Message "The Hope Of God's Light" It's crazy powerful. So that's a good one. Check it out!

 This past monday they had a special meeting for District Leaders in the mission. So I drove up with E. Jones to the mission home. It was pretty good. But it went all day. Left here at 7am and didn't get back till like 5:30pm. I was really exhausted about that part. Mike also asked me to be his escort through the temple and President told him I could. So that's a really cool feeling. And way better than baptism let me tell ya. It'll be a good experience. I'm excited for him. Welp. Other than that not too much is going on. Just livin it up here in the Creek!
Crazy rainstorm on wednesday Flooded the parking lot!

district fun

Crazy rainstorm...flooding the parking lot

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