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Wednesday, July 31, 2013

Elder Bowler's new least for the next 6 weeks!

5631 Blue Lagoon Lane Hilliard, OH 43026

Hilliard, OH

Hey mom :) 
Glad everyone had a good week. Calvin wrote me. He's struggling but I tried helping out a little bit. Crazy that Alec is finally leaving. It's weird.. Sucks I won't see him for so long but I guess that's how it all plays out!
So yeah like most people know I got transferred after 8 months in Westland, but like Mike said I didn't go far. Actually I just went to the neighboring ward. Hilliard. So I've been in the area plenty of times before and I was like in a daze when I got my new assignment. We got quadrupled in. So the previous two missionaries (Elder Campbell and Elder Wright) got doubled out and my companion and I (Elder Monahan) were doubled in and there were two other missionaries who were doubled in as well. So we split the area in half and it's already the smallest area in the mission. Westland didn't even get four missionaries... It's weird and I don't know what they were thinking. But I'm still in a bike area... go figure, but It's good. I like it. We get a car maybe? I dunno? But the area is practically dead. And my companion and I have been running errands getting everything put together. It's been exhausting. It's definitely different and kinda stressful getting doubled in but I'm glad I knew the area and some of the members before. I will definitely miss Westland though. I saw a couple families on Sunday and it sucked cause I wasn't "their mishery" anymore. (The Billings daughter calls us that haha) I talked to Jaycee on sunday and she was so cute. I got a picture of her before I left but she is precious. The Hilliard ward is good though. They're sensitive about us being a burden and some have thin skin. But it's all good. We're doing our best to get the area up. Elder Monahan has only been out for four and a half months and is District Leader and Senior companion... Ha I felt like crap at first but I guess it's what President wants. He's definitely the go get it guy and dominates a lot but it's good. He's a good kid. and we'll get along fine. He's definitely more into the work than Pebbs was so that's good I guess. I just feel inadequate and like I could have done a lot better. My companion does a lot better job than I have so it's something I'm working on but It's nothing to fret about. It's good learning. 
We haven't taught much since we're trying to build the area up. But we were able to teach one less-active girl name Abbey. We met with her Thursday, Friday, and Saturday and she left back home to SLC Saturday night. She was staying with the Nydeggers (her sister who's in our ward) and is now heading to Malaysia to get her brother from his mission. We helped her get back to getting her testimony and called her out on the fact that she has a testimony and she knew it. She was just trying to find excuses to not believe. I'm excited for her. She'll do great things if she doesn't go back to her friends in SLC. CHOOSE YOUR FRIENDS WISELY. They have huge influences in your life. which is mostly where she fell off. It's been a super busy few days and I haven't been this exhausted for a while. I hate the beginning of transfers cause it's always sooo long.
Other than that I don't have a whole lot to write about. We tried seeing some members the bishop wanted us to see and also to visit LA/PM families. We had one who was less active and just so lost. Took up drinking again and she showed us her empty wine bottles (she was drunk and emotional when we showed up) but it was just really sad. her life was just so broken and a mess. but she never lets people in and she showed up just for sacrament yesterday and hopefully she can start getting her life back. This morning we went to the Bishop's store house to help out. Our ward was short people so we went. It was fun. Elder Monahan's old ward was there too and we talked to them and it was good. So there is a girl I went to school with and she went on to play volleyball for the USA team and her coach was in my comp's old ward. She was an Olympic gold medalist for V-Ball so I had her send a shout out. haha small world in the church. :)
Well I think the pics explain themselves. just a couple for this week and also a few that Sis. Billings sent from July 4th :) they're upside down soo... yeah... K love ya keep in touch!!
Elder Derrek Bowler

I also forgot to add that the Nydegger's son Myles who is like 3 is so cute. I'm his "best friend" but he can't remember my name. We hit it off the first time I got in the car. He just started talking it up with me and he is a funny kid. Anyways I just had to throw that in there :)

Transferred after 8 months...

Hey Guys :)
So first things first. After almost 8 long months, I'm finally getting the boot out of Westland. It almost doesn't seem real because I've just been there for so long and it's weird to think about living somewhere else now. I'm totally calm about it and I'm not worried. Well mostly for who my next comp is gonna be. I just want someone who's cool and fun and works hard and will help me be a better person. I personally am tired of being around dudes 24/7 but hey it's all good. Elder Cornia is getting the boot as well. He came into the area same time I did. He's a Zone Leader now and is going into English work and he is not happy about it. But I was talking to him a couple weeks ago and said English work would be good for him to feel like it's worth being out here. I'll miss that kid. He's one of my greatest friends I have. We're like old war buddies haha. Elder Barr is training now and so is Pebbs. And Pebbs is District Leader again haha hopefully Westland continues to grow after I leave. It's been a great area to me and I'll miss it. I'll miss the ward too and the people I got to meet. I actually got a picture with Russel (the cerebral palsy guy that I love) cause I thought I might get transferred. And also Justin Wagner. A less active we brought back into activity. I wanna get one with Mike and the Billings hopefully today. Gosh I'm just sad for leaving this area. Mostly the people. Our teaching pool is pretty dang empty but yeah. There are some great memories here that I'll always cherish here. But I'm excited for what lays ahead.
So I can't believe Alec leaves next week. I'm so proud of that kid. I can't say that I've loved being a missionary but I am so proud of him. Out of all the things I miss the most Family is definitely at the top. I can't imagine what he'll look like after it all. I won't have seen him for three years when he comes home. And if Calvin comes around and goes I have a good chance of not seeing him for probably 4+. And Chris is married... That's just freaking weird. I don't even have words for that. Haha Side note. When I got the wedding invite I didn't know who the return address belonged to. Erekson's? I didn't know who they were. But the city was Hooper Utah... I have never heard of this town until I met Elder Garner.. I'm sure everyone could imagine what my first thoughts were. But I opened it. and realized it was Chris. haha
K since we aren't really teaching anybody I'll just talk about our recent converts. So Joe, Mike, Rosemirlene (haven't seen her in a while :/) and Hayden are all doing really well! The light in all their lives is so apparent and I love seeing it. Joe is a ward missionary and I love the guy. I never taught him but always talk to him. And he hooks us up with Monsters haha it's sick :P We talk drums all the time and it's awesome. Mike is doing really well. I will greatly miss him even though he may not think so. I have loved working with him and now he holds the Aaronic Priesthood and is Priest's Quorum Adviser. He'll do great at that and he has good friends in the ward and I can't wait to see him progress and how much more of an amazing guy he becomes. Hayden is a stud still. His ego is bigger than anyone I've ever met haha. But He just said if it wasn't for me he probably would have given up on joining any Mormon churches. Cause the old missionaries basically bailed on him. But it was all meant to happen at the time it did. Justin Wagner is now becoming more and more active. He just got called as the Teacher's Quorum Adviser and he'll do good at that. Hopefully He'll continue to progress and get the Melchezidek Priesthood, Marry some girl and get sealed. Same with everyone I taught. Joe's already married but I can't wait to see him sealed to his family. And hopefully It'll all work out to where I can go watch them and also Mike get his endowment's. I'll almost be done with my mission by then. (Crazy!) but we will see how it all plays out by then!
Not a whole lot happened this past week. We talked to a cop who has only been in America for 2 weeks. He's from Croatia (next to Italy) and was a cop in Venice before coming out here. He took a Book of Mormon and it was just cool. All of our set appointments that we had this past week fell through which sucks but it's just part of what we do. We had Specialized Training on Tuesday and it was almost identical to District meeting last week... I learned a couple new things. Just like questions to ask people to help them out and etc. President is doing fine. He is still recovering. He was readmitted to the Hospital last week and they thought it was internal bleeding. Crazy how even Mission President's still go through trials. He's still leading everything. His AP's do everything basically. I don't like one of them but he goes home in a few weeks. So it's all good. It's weird how there are now more missionaries who are "younger" in their missions than there are that are "older" I'm getting into the "old" age. and I still have a long time left. I'm excited to see what growth is in store. It's not going to get easier but I'm used to it.
Sorry the letter isn't too long. I can't think too clearly right now and did the best I could. I'm glad to hear everything going well :) Don't worry to much about the chapstick and shirt. I'll survive :) I'll try to send the shirt back when I can. Thank you though for everything you guys do :) and for writing. Love you all! I'll write more Monday.
Elder Derrek Bowler
PS Like I said there is a pic of

 Justin and Russel. And also of this weird green spider that was on our porch :)

Monday, July 22, 2013

Hayden's baptism

Hey thur!
I can't believe Chris is getting married though... It's weird we're all getting to that stage. I still feel like I'm in high school. I always remember missionaries seeming so old. Like 25-28 and I don't feel that old at all. haha it's pretty weird. But anywho. I'm at that stage and soon I'll be in Chris' shoes and so on and so on. I can't believe I've almost been out a year now. That's just crazy to me. It feels longer but still. It's weird. 
So about the weather. Yeah this week has just been crazy. I didn't see the tornado touch down or anything. We were in the apartment when that all happened. I was actually up in Hilliard on exchanges with Elder Wright. and when we pulled in the complex and parked the wind moved the whole car and we got out and watched the storm. Lightning was striking right in front of us and the storm was right over us. The lighting was not much further than when it hit the two kids in STG junior year. So not gonna lie but I was a little scared haha. :P it was crazy what that wind did though that day. We went to Kroger and tried to get gas (everything was shut down and power was out, 20,000+ people in Franklin county) and so we just sat there and watched 7 firetrucks drive down towards I-70. It was crazy. and earlier on that Tuesday. So the day before the tornado Pebbs and I got caught in really random heavy rain walking towards Mike's. We had about a mile and I gave my umbrella to some random chick who got caught in the storm and needed it more than I did. (rain was coming from behind and I was already wet. I had two so it wasn't a big deal) Hopefully she'll remember that haha two wet dudes in shirts and ties in a rain storm. :P it was nice. the only thing out here is that it didn't cool off. And now this week is supposed to be in the 90's and humid. Ha great. But it's cool. I don't mind it too much. Just hate the muggy feeling. 
So we did in fact have another baptism and yes it was Hayden. It was cool. I got to do the baptism so that was cool. There were a ton of people there! He's a great addition to the youth in the ward. He gets along with practically everyone. and has made (according to his dad) huge positive changes. Which is exactly what the gospel does. No one really recognizes how much the gospel can help until people accept it in their lives and let the blessings come. God's not going to give em if we aren't doing our part or don't want them. I look at Mike and all the other people I've been there to help baptize and just I can see the light of Christ in their eyes. Especially Mike's. I'm going to really miss that guy when I leave but I know it won't be forever and I'll be back to hanging with him when it's all done. P.S. He has always been crazy funny and witty and now he's making mormon jokes and being witty that way and it's seriously one of the funniest things. It cracks me up! anyways back to the baptism. I messed up the prayer and had to dunk Hayden twice. I said Commissioned BY Jesus Christ. Instead ofOF. my bad haha. It still counts the same and either way he had a huge smile on his face :) He's a stud. I just hope he stays strong and continues in the gospel. He doesn't live in the most promoting environment for gospel standards. But that's why social media is great. :) So this last week I can't report on a ton of things. Not a whole lot happened here this week. I did go on exchanges up in Hilliard like I said. Elder Wright is a good personal trainer. So he helped me get a couple good workouts in. They have a ridiculously nice gym they go to. So I'm jealous there. Not a whole lot of teaching went down this last week. Our teaching pool is now empty basically since we dunked everyone in it ;P haha so it's been good. This area has been a lot better to me than I thought it would be when I first got here. If I end up staying another transfer. I wouldn't mind. I'd like a change to learn new things but also I like the ward and the area here. It's been good here. Time's gone by fast here and also slow some days. Next week is transfers (crazy!) So I won't write till Wednesday. But Yeah I don't have much to write! I learned a little more of who I want to be and all that. but for some reason the headaches and all that just slow me down. Dumb right? So I'm guessing it's my neck. Mostly or also something in the apartment. Cause When I was on exchanges I haven't felt that good in a while. I was also able to focus on everything like my brain used to handle. I kinda know why but I don't know how to do it naturally. Sooo yeah.. I love you all and thanks everyone for your support. So the pictures are from the baptism. Me and Hayden and then also one with Me, Hayden, Campbell, and Pebbs. and then two from that same day we saw the Civil War Murial, There was another one on the other side, My camera just died last time :P . And PS. if you have a spare SD card I could use another one! Thanks!
Elder Derrek Bowler

On a side note - Derrek's Mission President had gone in for surgery to remove a cancerous tumor.  The surgery went well, but a week later he fainted and they linked it to some internal bleeding from the surgery.  We have been told he is doing well and just trying to recover.  All of this is going on and President and Sister Nielsen are still doing everything they can for the missionaries.  They are amazing and caring.   

Monday, July 8, 2013

Another Baptism on Saturday!

Hey guys :)
Thanks for writing! Calvin actually hasn't said much about any of that at all. He just talked about warped tour and made me extremely jealous. haha he sent pics which were really cool! I can't wait to hit that up in 14 months! well it'd be longer cause I'll have to wait till the following summer! I'm glad the 4th was good for you guys! We couldn't do anything. Mike wanted to take us to Red, White, and Boom which is like this crazy big firework show Columbus throws on. And we couldn't watch it... Plus having personal fireworks is illegal. I'll expound more on all that in a sec. So with the gym clothes It's not just for workin out. I run out of those clothes cause when I'm in em (like moves and i guess working out) but the sweat makes em gross fast. So I know I have some shirts back home and maybe some shorts.. but I think I took the good ones. The shorts I left are pretty tattered. but if it is too much don't worry about a thing. The hair stuff and chapstick would be awesome though. Last I checked the one in snowflake didn't have it? Not sure. Anywho. So I'm not going to lie here. But this last week was super long in my opinion. It was good and there wasn't a whole lot wrong. It was just long. I think having Campbell made it long and covering two areas. Plus having a car means more driving around and more people to try. and 95% of everyone we tried weren't home. But we did have a good time teaching when we did! It was nice having a car but it tired me out. Plus my headaches have been coming back again :( and that made it rough. Our ward mission leader has an inverted table that he let me borrow for a week (I got it yesterday) but it's helped today a little more. I'm a little stiff but I think I just gotta get used to my back and neck getting stretched out. That's where most of the tension and pressure is which then gives a nice headache! but yeah! :)
So I won't go through each day since most of them had more driving around trying Less-Actives or Part-member families who didn't answer. So I'll just talk about the people we taught and some events that happened. So we taught Hayden twice this week (I got pictures of him too so you can see what he looks like) but we finished the commandments and then on Friday went over the baptismal interview questions which he did just fine on! So he'll get interview tomorrow and then we'll get his program figured out. Then dunk him on Saturday :) it'll be cool. It's cool to see the growth that's come in this ward. It's a very good ward and area and I still can't believe I will have been here for 8 months. Unless I stay another transfer. Who knows? I'll do whatever :) So Wednesday we had Zone Meeting. (to be honest I don't remember much of what was said.) but it was funny though. Pebbs was on one just being a smart aleck but it wasn't like a bad one. haha He's just honest sometimes and it's funny. He asked a question and I can't remember what it was but missionaries in our zone were answering our questions and one of the sisters (Sister Mitchell) caught Pebbles' eye at Zone Conference a few weeks back and he has the hots for her and Cornia, Barr, and I were trying so hard not to laugh because they made eye contact and had a little moment hahaha priceless :) Then I got to go on exchanges with Elder Kujanpaa he came to the Westside and Campbell went and worked in Hilliard so I got to drive :P First off can I just say how much I miss driving? K thanks... It was a pretty fun day. All the appointments fell through but we still had a decent time (I think it's easier when I'm driving...jus sayin) we did get in with a member and got two referrals to try out now so that's good. We also had dinner at Mike's and he made a fantastic meal. We were actually fasting that day and a couple times I thought I was gonna pass out. But we fasted for President Nilsen because he went into surgery that day because the doctors found a cancerous tumor on his kidney and caught it before it spread. So he's doing good now. Just resting, the surgery went very well and yeah :) So I had the chance to talk to a part member family in Hilliard. Get this her name is Liz Steurer... haha yeah... same thought. but she's living with her BF and she fed us Saturday and we went over again last night. I like them a lot and hope they can progress even more :) She said some good advice. that the person I was before, during, and after my mission will all be different with parts carrying through each one. But she said to wait a while when I get home to adjust and find myself again and get used to everything and who I am again. Great. Round two. It'll be good though I liked the advice and it helped me. So we also were able to find another investigator. Myles Fowler. He's a senior of a part member family. He's such a cool kid. So I'm praying he really wants to progress! Sunday all our appointments fell through so we just worked up in Hilliard. Elder Campbell goes back to Hilliard today so it's back to biking and sweating. I almost miss the actual biking though. Sure it's not as efficient but I feel good personally! Thank you for all those who wrote! I love and miss you all. Know I'm doing good and Also I took a lot of pictures. One with Hayden's ghetto chain and then with him and Pebs and Campbell, Also with this Civil War Mural (there's a burial site in our area) and we just found it driving! so that's cool! then one of Kujanpaa, Barr, Cornia, and I after Zone Conference and Some frog legs I ate of the bull frog we caught with Brother Billings on the 4th (the coughing is fake fyi) it was pretty good! and also of this poster I stole from Campbell and put it in our bathroom :P and also of this giant dog that wanted to eat me. There were actually two. I think that's all of them. and I also sent this link to a friend and felt some others might benefit from it! K love you all!
Elder Derrek Bowler.

Saturday, July 6, 2013

Playing in the rain!

Hey Erryone!
So, this past week has felt fast and long at the same time! Looking back a lot has happened So Monday nothing happened.. Tuesday, I think the only real eventful thing that happened was our lesson that we had with Hayden. We talked about the Holy Ghost and how it affects us in our lives and helps us and how it's different before and after baptism. The kid is a stud! He is definitely becoming a better kid because of the decisions he's making. Wednesday we helped a member (Bro. Chapman) take apart his shed and move it to another part of his yard. K that thing was heavy... And it was humid. So good thing I don't have a problem too much with sweating ;) But it was cool to do for him. He didn't have much help and he's actually the new Elders Quorum President. He's a good guy. Later that night we had dinner with the Billings (my favorite family in the ward) and Bro. Billings took us fishing after it at this really cool spot. The greenery was beautiful on the river and we actually just missed the bites because of the storm. So even though I didn't catch anything (I know surprising) I really enjoyed it. It was relaxing and peaceful and helped in more ways than I thought it would. Fishing back home sucked cause It wasn't like natural water fishing. It was the ponds by our house and I swear all the fish liked Alec and Dallen more than me. I just caught malaria from the bugs hahaha but I enjoyed fishing on Wednesday. Thursday we didn't have much to do. because most of the day was taken up with Elder Campbell coming to our area for the week. So we had to go pick him up and help him with getting Elder Wright (our DL, his companion) all situated. He got surgery on Thursday so we're covering two areas right now while he's out. Hilliard and Ours. It's been fun. I like Tripanionships. They have a car (2013 Ford Fusion) which is super nice. Ha I forgot what it's like to use a car it's been so long that I've been in a bike area! But a couple hours after we got Campbell we had dinner with some members (The Skousens) and then helped the Rassmussens load up their truck to move! I've moved a ton of people the past couple weeks! ha good thing I've had lots of practice :P I'm doing pretty awesome at Tetris with all the stuff. Thanks Dad for that one ;P Friday was a good day too. We met with Hayden again and taught the Big 3. Chastity, Tithing, and W.O.W. He understands it all, and has no problem living it. Hah he is a little conceited though and it's pretty funny. Thinks he's such a ladies man :P hahaha So Chastity might need a review on. But I don't worry about him at all. I just told him to keep it in his pants and be smart. and all the other things of course ;) We later had dinner with the Aspery's The recent converts that moved in a couple months ago. We had some more Thai food. I swear.... It is soooo goood!! I love her cooking. We've had some really good meals lately. It's awesome! I feel bad for Cornia though. Ha he's getting sick of all the Mexican food out here. Most of it is just bad meat and crappy cooking. It's not what we're used to with Cafe Rio and Bajio and all that. I was telling him he needs to go to English work. I think he'd do a lot better there and progress a ton there. So we'll see what happens. I keep praying for him. Saturday we had another baptism! So I lied when I said I was going to do the baptism, I received revelation in the shower. haha not really;) but that morning we helped a family load and unload all their stuff up in the Hilliard ward and that took basically our whole morning. It was pretty exhausting. But it was good. It's a good workout. And actually the past two moves we've helped with other members from the ward were there to help instead of the past 4 moves I've done where it was just us who showed up and maybe one other guy haha. Great fun that is! anyways. As I was showering thinking about RoseMirlene and the baptism and the thought came to let Pebbs do the baptism. I was thinking that I jumped in and didn't allow Pebbs to decide if he wanted to or not. I later found out that he's never baptized anybody on his mission before so I'm glad I told him to do it. RoseMirlene was confused cause she still thought I was gonna do it. She said she prayed about it after we discussed it and in her dream she saw Pebbs and I. So I ended up doing the Confirmation. She definitely had such a sweet spirit and just this glow. So it was really cool. It was peaceful. and the crazy thing is is that there was a HUGE storm going on outside during it. Lighting struck close to us and everything. So after the baptism and all that we go outside and the whole parking lot is flooded pretty bad and Elder Campbell parked in the middle of this lake. haha So we went out and played in it and those are what the pictures are for this week basically :P so so far it's been good. Mike's doing good as far as I can tell. I prolly put a lot of unnecessary stress on him cause he just wants what's best for me. Which I appreciate but yeah. We haven't had as much contact this past week with him lately which I don't like. But we're going over tonight and Wednesday. I'm hoping we can go see Red, White, and Boom for the 4th of July on the 3rd... haha but it's this big show Columbus puts on and it's supposedly just incredible. So we'll see what goes down! I'm doing progressively better each day. Also any ideas of how to get rid of all these Sinus pains? With all the storms coming and going it's just not been fun on my face. But I survive. K Love you all! 
Elder Derrek Bowler.