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Monday, July 8, 2013

Another Baptism on Saturday!

Hey guys :)
Thanks for writing! Calvin actually hasn't said much about any of that at all. He just talked about warped tour and made me extremely jealous. haha he sent pics which were really cool! I can't wait to hit that up in 14 months! well it'd be longer cause I'll have to wait till the following summer! I'm glad the 4th was good for you guys! We couldn't do anything. Mike wanted to take us to Red, White, and Boom which is like this crazy big firework show Columbus throws on. And we couldn't watch it... Plus having personal fireworks is illegal. I'll expound more on all that in a sec. So with the gym clothes It's not just for workin out. I run out of those clothes cause when I'm in em (like moves and i guess working out) but the sweat makes em gross fast. So I know I have some shirts back home and maybe some shorts.. but I think I took the good ones. The shorts I left are pretty tattered. but if it is too much don't worry about a thing. The hair stuff and chapstick would be awesome though. Last I checked the one in snowflake didn't have it? Not sure. Anywho. So I'm not going to lie here. But this last week was super long in my opinion. It was good and there wasn't a whole lot wrong. It was just long. I think having Campbell made it long and covering two areas. Plus having a car means more driving around and more people to try. and 95% of everyone we tried weren't home. But we did have a good time teaching when we did! It was nice having a car but it tired me out. Plus my headaches have been coming back again :( and that made it rough. Our ward mission leader has an inverted table that he let me borrow for a week (I got it yesterday) but it's helped today a little more. I'm a little stiff but I think I just gotta get used to my back and neck getting stretched out. That's where most of the tension and pressure is which then gives a nice headache! but yeah! :)
So I won't go through each day since most of them had more driving around trying Less-Actives or Part-member families who didn't answer. So I'll just talk about the people we taught and some events that happened. So we taught Hayden twice this week (I got pictures of him too so you can see what he looks like) but we finished the commandments and then on Friday went over the baptismal interview questions which he did just fine on! So he'll get interview tomorrow and then we'll get his program figured out. Then dunk him on Saturday :) it'll be cool. It's cool to see the growth that's come in this ward. It's a very good ward and area and I still can't believe I will have been here for 8 months. Unless I stay another transfer. Who knows? I'll do whatever :) So Wednesday we had Zone Meeting. (to be honest I don't remember much of what was said.) but it was funny though. Pebbs was on one just being a smart aleck but it wasn't like a bad one. haha He's just honest sometimes and it's funny. He asked a question and I can't remember what it was but missionaries in our zone were answering our questions and one of the sisters (Sister Mitchell) caught Pebbles' eye at Zone Conference a few weeks back and he has the hots for her and Cornia, Barr, and I were trying so hard not to laugh because they made eye contact and had a little moment hahaha priceless :) Then I got to go on exchanges with Elder Kujanpaa he came to the Westside and Campbell went and worked in Hilliard so I got to drive :P First off can I just say how much I miss driving? K thanks... It was a pretty fun day. All the appointments fell through but we still had a decent time (I think it's easier when I'm driving...jus sayin) we did get in with a member and got two referrals to try out now so that's good. We also had dinner at Mike's and he made a fantastic meal. We were actually fasting that day and a couple times I thought I was gonna pass out. But we fasted for President Nilsen because he went into surgery that day because the doctors found a cancerous tumor on his kidney and caught it before it spread. So he's doing good now. Just resting, the surgery went very well and yeah :) So I had the chance to talk to a part member family in Hilliard. Get this her name is Liz Steurer... haha yeah... same thought. but she's living with her BF and she fed us Saturday and we went over again last night. I like them a lot and hope they can progress even more :) She said some good advice. that the person I was before, during, and after my mission will all be different with parts carrying through each one. But she said to wait a while when I get home to adjust and find myself again and get used to everything and who I am again. Great. Round two. It'll be good though I liked the advice and it helped me. So we also were able to find another investigator. Myles Fowler. He's a senior of a part member family. He's such a cool kid. So I'm praying he really wants to progress! Sunday all our appointments fell through so we just worked up in Hilliard. Elder Campbell goes back to Hilliard today so it's back to biking and sweating. I almost miss the actual biking though. Sure it's not as efficient but I feel good personally! Thank you for all those who wrote! I love and miss you all. Know I'm doing good and Also I took a lot of pictures. One with Hayden's ghetto chain and then with him and Pebs and Campbell, Also with this Civil War Mural (there's a burial site in our area) and we just found it driving! so that's cool! then one of Kujanpaa, Barr, Cornia, and I after Zone Conference and Some frog legs I ate of the bull frog we caught with Brother Billings on the 4th (the coughing is fake fyi) it was pretty good! and also of this poster I stole from Campbell and put it in our bathroom :P and also of this giant dog that wanted to eat me. There were actually two. I think that's all of them. and I also sent this link to a friend and felt some others might benefit from it! K love you all!
Elder Derrek Bowler.

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