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Monday, July 22, 2013

Hayden's baptism

Hey thur!
I can't believe Chris is getting married though... It's weird we're all getting to that stage. I still feel like I'm in high school. I always remember missionaries seeming so old. Like 25-28 and I don't feel that old at all. haha it's pretty weird. But anywho. I'm at that stage and soon I'll be in Chris' shoes and so on and so on. I can't believe I've almost been out a year now. That's just crazy to me. It feels longer but still. It's weird. 
So about the weather. Yeah this week has just been crazy. I didn't see the tornado touch down or anything. We were in the apartment when that all happened. I was actually up in Hilliard on exchanges with Elder Wright. and when we pulled in the complex and parked the wind moved the whole car and we got out and watched the storm. Lightning was striking right in front of us and the storm was right over us. The lighting was not much further than when it hit the two kids in STG junior year. So not gonna lie but I was a little scared haha. :P it was crazy what that wind did though that day. We went to Kroger and tried to get gas (everything was shut down and power was out, 20,000+ people in Franklin county) and so we just sat there and watched 7 firetrucks drive down towards I-70. It was crazy. and earlier on that Tuesday. So the day before the tornado Pebbs and I got caught in really random heavy rain walking towards Mike's. We had about a mile and I gave my umbrella to some random chick who got caught in the storm and needed it more than I did. (rain was coming from behind and I was already wet. I had two so it wasn't a big deal) Hopefully she'll remember that haha two wet dudes in shirts and ties in a rain storm. :P it was nice. the only thing out here is that it didn't cool off. And now this week is supposed to be in the 90's and humid. Ha great. But it's cool. I don't mind it too much. Just hate the muggy feeling. 
So we did in fact have another baptism and yes it was Hayden. It was cool. I got to do the baptism so that was cool. There were a ton of people there! He's a great addition to the youth in the ward. He gets along with practically everyone. and has made (according to his dad) huge positive changes. Which is exactly what the gospel does. No one really recognizes how much the gospel can help until people accept it in their lives and let the blessings come. God's not going to give em if we aren't doing our part or don't want them. I look at Mike and all the other people I've been there to help baptize and just I can see the light of Christ in their eyes. Especially Mike's. I'm going to really miss that guy when I leave but I know it won't be forever and I'll be back to hanging with him when it's all done. P.S. He has always been crazy funny and witty and now he's making mormon jokes and being witty that way and it's seriously one of the funniest things. It cracks me up! anyways back to the baptism. I messed up the prayer and had to dunk Hayden twice. I said Commissioned BY Jesus Christ. Instead ofOF. my bad haha. It still counts the same and either way he had a huge smile on his face :) He's a stud. I just hope he stays strong and continues in the gospel. He doesn't live in the most promoting environment for gospel standards. But that's why social media is great. :) So this last week I can't report on a ton of things. Not a whole lot happened here this week. I did go on exchanges up in Hilliard like I said. Elder Wright is a good personal trainer. So he helped me get a couple good workouts in. They have a ridiculously nice gym they go to. So I'm jealous there. Not a whole lot of teaching went down this last week. Our teaching pool is now empty basically since we dunked everyone in it ;P haha so it's been good. This area has been a lot better to me than I thought it would be when I first got here. If I end up staying another transfer. I wouldn't mind. I'd like a change to learn new things but also I like the ward and the area here. It's been good here. Time's gone by fast here and also slow some days. Next week is transfers (crazy!) So I won't write till Wednesday. But Yeah I don't have much to write! I learned a little more of who I want to be and all that. but for some reason the headaches and all that just slow me down. Dumb right? So I'm guessing it's my neck. Mostly or also something in the apartment. Cause When I was on exchanges I haven't felt that good in a while. I was also able to focus on everything like my brain used to handle. I kinda know why but I don't know how to do it naturally. Sooo yeah.. I love you all and thanks everyone for your support. So the pictures are from the baptism. Me and Hayden and then also one with Me, Hayden, Campbell, and Pebbs. and then two from that same day we saw the Civil War Murial, There was another one on the other side, My camera just died last time :P . And PS. if you have a spare SD card I could use another one! Thanks!
Elder Derrek Bowler

On a side note - Derrek's Mission President had gone in for surgery to remove a cancerous tumor.  The surgery went well, but a week later he fainted and they linked it to some internal bleeding from the surgery.  We have been told he is doing well and just trying to recover.  All of this is going on and President and Sister Nielsen are still doing everything they can for the missionaries.  They are amazing and caring.   

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