Columbus Ohio Temple

Wednesday, May 22, 2013

Service with a Smile!

Hey Mom, Thanks for writing and for getting that stuff for me. I might need like 5 pairs if you don't mind.. The humidity and bike area are not good friends.. It's bad.. ha the sweat doesn't evaporate like it does back home it just keeps coming. My allergies aren't too bad. I can still function. A shot wouldn't be bad but I could survive without one. K first off.. I can't believe Chris is getting married! That's just so crazy... You'll have to send pics. And I'd love to see the video of Jack too! It's family and it counts. And also why did Mike say to call? Like to talk to him? I just told him to ask you about tithing and how it's helped you guys out. K so about Gospel Principles I get a text at 9:30 saying we're teaching the class so I just took it on and did it. Of course there were a ton of people. I prolly repeated myself often but oh well at least I got whatever point across haha. So this past week has felt like a long one and a fast one. Our numbers were better this week and we were able to do service for a couple people which helped my sanity cause knocking doors sucks after a while. So a week or so ago we were walking back from somewhere and found that older lady to do service for Debra. (I don't remember if I wrote about her before or what) anyways, Wednesday we planned to help her out and of course she wasn't there. So we just rode around on our bikes. I found some dinky dirt jumps and hit those for a couple minutes, It was fun. So we rode around the neighbor hood just looking for service we could do. We talked to a guy sitting on his porch, He didn't want service but said we could come back this week to talk with him. (I shared a little about the restoration and stuff) then after we talked to a lady (Nicci) riding in her wheelchair going to pick her daughter up from school. We offered our service and she accepted. So we came back a half hour later and I weed-eated her lawn and Pebbles started to pull weeds. Then after I finished I started pulling weeds while talking to Nicci. I can't remember what I asked her but I just started talking about her and her family and how long they've lived here etc. Then I brought up the gospel and basically taught the restoration and invited her to learn more and also extended baptism and she said "yeah if I knew it was true I could get baptized again" So that was cool. So we'll be going back to teach her this week. We were able to have a lesson with Tiffiene this past week at the church. We just read from the BoM and helped her to know how to get a testimony. Which was one of her questions. So hopefully that helped! Then we had a lesson after that with Ray and Colleen and we went over the Plan of Salvation. It'll be interesting to see where they go just cause they're an older couple. But I invited baptism again and they both agreed if they knew it was true. So that was good. Then we had a lesson with Mike that night. We went over the Baptism interview questions. Then put him on date. It was a way good lesson and Pebbles bore a really good testimony and I know Mike felt the spirit that night. So the next day his friend brought some stuff up that kinda shook him up a little. Which is probably good for him cause it'll help him be more solid that this is really what he wants to do. Either way If he gets baptized he'll be solid cause he know all the Anti and Non-Anti Stuff. Which is good. He claims he's an "Investigating Investigator" which is very true. So he is still going to go through the Interview with President so that'll be good. Saturday was a decent day. We were able to go back and do service for Debra. Members from her church were there to help too. So it was good. They were really good people. Pebbles and I just tilled her garden and cleaned it up and put a fence around it. It was fun, I enjoyed it! Also that night we had to be witnesses for Robin (the member from Haiti) and his fiance to get married! She was finally able to make it to the States and then they got married. And now she is one of our investigators. She doesn't speak English though, But she speaks French and Coreal (sp?) it's the language in Haiti. So I'm glad our new ward mission leader went to France for his mish. We had a lesson there last night which was really cool cause it was in English and French. She's definitely a golden investigator which is way cool. So we'll see how she progresses. I can't judge it since I can't understand her haha but I have pics of their wedding so you guys can see that. Sunday we did a lot of riding around. We made B-fast for Mike and headed to church then after had lunch and went to teach Nicole Snedeger's kids like we had an appointment for and we were running late and biked 2.5 miles in 15 minutes. Ha and it was hot and humid of course. So they weren't there, Which sucked cause we were dripping sweat cause it doesn't evaporate off your face. So yeah.. We decided to go over to the Blake's house (Part Member family) and I invited John to learn more. He seemed a little "eh" on the subject but I was bold and invited him to learn more. So we'll keep in touch with them!. I'll have to post pictures tomorrow cause I forgot my cable. But anyways.. Oh yeah and on Saturday Night we peppered sprayed Pebbles. Which was pretty funny. I'll tell more about that when I send the pictures along with it haha. This kid will do most anything... Except clean up after himself and know when the right time and place is for things. But it's still going good. K I'll talk to you later! Love ya guys! Elder Derrek Bowler.


**The first picture is from Mike (the "Investigating Investigator") while Derrek was teaching Gospel Principles class on Sunday.  Mike is great and gives me the inside scoop with Derrek when he sees him.  I feel spoiled :)

Hey mom so these are the promised pictures. The library was closed yesterday so that's why I'm here today. So the pictures are of this Silent auction the youth had to raise money. I forgot to talk about it but it was pretty cool. The cookie flowers was one of the items to bid on. Then there are pictures of pebbles after he got pepper sprayed. Which was really funny. And then the picture of Robin and RoseMerlin (The french speaking lady from Haiti) with us and also with Bishop Donovan (doesn't he look like Mr. Clean?) haha anyways there ya go! love ya guys! and I forgot to give the address but it's 5050 Open Meadows Drive apt#8 Columbus, Oh 43228. 

Monday, May 13, 2013


Ok so I know I just like talked to you guys yesterday but not much has happened that's different but here are the pictures from this last week. So one is this condom dispenser that supports abstinence till marriage which was funny then the following few are of a photo day we did. The ginger is Elder Cornia. And the big one is Pebbles. He's also on the couch and then Elder Barr is the small one in the group one. Sorry a couple were dark. Then We have our Monster wall. and then Mike's alcohol that he got rid of which was super cool. He threw out his chew too! and then there's this pond we tried fishing in and there were cute little ducklings! and then Pebbles fishing :) so yeah. Other than that not a lot has changed in the past 24 hours except the fact that Pebbles is the only person who can manage to get chocolate cake with icing on our brand new carpet we had laid down today. We weren't even home for two seconds and pebs managed to do that some how... I got it out but it actually doesn't surprise me that that happened haha. Ok I'll write more next week when I'm back to only emailing.. Mom you can just write what you want for this week on the blog. K love you guys!! 

This is Amy talking...we were able to talk to Derrek yesterday, probably longer than we were supposed to, but it was SO needed for all of us and I hope he doesn't get in trouble.  I know it will carry him that much longer.  It was great to hear his brothers laughing with him and it just seemed like old times.  Scott and I were able to have great spiritual talks with him and he just seemed really at peace and healthy in the sense that yes, he's not perfect, but he knows he is doing his best and trying to really love those around him and figure out what the Lord would have him do.  He told us a funny story about his companion "Pebbles".  We asked him why they call him "Pebbles" and he said when his companion first came into the field, he was talking about how he wanted to become a professional body-builder and idolizes the "Rock".  Then they started teasing him that he had a long way to go because he was at the "Pebble" stage.  So, the name stuck and he's known as "Pebbles".  His comp likes it and thinks it's funny.  They joke that he will get him and bulk up and become a pro-wrestler, like the "Rock" and he'll have some reference to "Pebbles" in his stage name.  I think it's a great story.  Here are all the pictures he sent in the email this week.  Enjoy...

Wednesday, May 8, 2013

Words taken to heart...

Hey Guys!
So I know it's only been like 5 days since I've last written but alas I'm sure you all are wondering how those 5 days were! So to be honest I can't really remember specific events that all went on but I'll just start writing and we'll see what comes to mind eh? So mom I might have you talk to Mike about tithing or first I'll just show him what you said in this little email you wrote. But He's getting closer. He's trying to bring "normality" to my life haha I appreciate it but sometimes he pushes the line. It's not a big deal at all haha He makes us all laugh. I'm glad I get to stay another transfer but then again I'm not. It's exhausting here but I just gotta keep pushing strong. He keeps trying to make "deals" with me like 5% tithing and he'll get dunked. He keeps going for May 18th.. I'll have to start using that to my advantage haha but I want him to get a testimony first. He probably already has one but just needs to exercise faith. We just had Stake Conference yesterday and it was broadcasted. It was really good. I wish Mike could have been there. But President Uchtdorf said a little thing about tithing. That it's not about the money. But it's about faith. He also said something else that I liked. He mentioned the importance of setting goals. Temporal goals and more importantly spiritual goals. The lord will always take care of us not only spiritually but temporally. Also Elder Gay spoke and mentioned 3 things we need to ask ourselves... I can't remember them. They're on my wall on a post-it note.. I'll have to write it down later... Sorry :P Yesterday we had a lesson with Tiffiene. It went well. She's still caught between her BF and God.. It's like one of those relationships where they know it's not healthy to stay with each other but they just can't leave. Like how Lauren kept going back to her D-Bag of a BF in STG. Just not bad like that. but she's doing good. Sister Rosenvall also gave her the "Chastity" talk after we left which is nice cause I personally don't want to teach a girl that. Other than that. Not a whole lot is different. Pebbles' Birthday was on the 4th which was pretty fun. We tried to make it a good day for him. The Spanish Elders bought him a green kid plastic gun and grenade (he wants to go into the military) it's pretty funny. He still acts like a little 12 year old sometimes. It'll be interesting to see him in the military. Not where I'd see him going but whatever works for him! We also to him to lunch at Steak-n-Shake (delicious burger chain out here) and Mike came and later that night we went to Mike's house and it was pretty good! I've been talking to Calvin. He's doing good. His mind seems to change a lot when things don't work. It'd be easier for him if he looked for god's help and maybe also read his patriarchal blessing sometime soon. I'll keep working with him. I talk normally with him but sneak in things dealing with God and the Church and all that. And my mission also. So hopefully in the long run that helps him out! But yeah! other than that there isn't a ton going on! Sorry I don't have more to write about but yeah I guess it was one of those bland weeks. Oh so on Friday when we did weekly planning for some reason I felt to put one baptism and confirmation for this week.... Ha we have no one on date or anyone planning on it.. Looks like we're exercising our faith and hopefully a miracle works out!! I have no clue what's gonna happen haha but I felt that I should put that down! We'll see what happens! Oh and Mom could you send out stamps? I could use some if you don't mind. And I just remembered it's Mother's Day this Sunday!! So when I get things all figured out I'll let you know when to expect a call!! It's already been 5 months since the last time I've called. It's crazy. Welp! That's it for now! I don't have any pics either this week! Sorry!! K love you all!
Elder Derrek Bowler
PS. That's lame Alec's call hasn't even been sent out yet! You'll have to keep me posted on that!

K so I came back to finish what I forgot yesterday. But I just wanted to write those three things I was talking about! Aight so it's 3 questions to ask ourselves about our conversion and where we are with things. And remember this is me summarizing and sharing what I got out of it and isn't word for word what Elder Gay said. 

1: Am I looking at things as they really are? Satan is able to deceive us and mimic God and the things that can be believed as "spiritual" but God will and has promised that he'll make the truth and what is from him manifested to us and God and Satan both have temples where we learn. They both want us in they're temples. Look for what is from God and what is from Satan.

2: Am I prepared to learn the lessons of Gethsemane? Christ did the will of the father for each of us and followed the commandments that the father gave him. Are we willing to do the father's will in our lives? Do we seek his guidance and help and direction? Is doing whatever God would have us do our top priority? We need to attain a "mighty change of heart" we do this by following the promptings of the spirit and seeking that guidance. It reminds me of the talk given by Elder Christofferson (sp?) Where God knows what he wants us to be. And he is the gardener and we should seeks his help.

3: Am I prepared to lose my life to save it? He gave an example of when he was called as a mission president and one of his old co-workers called him up and told him of a business deal that was incredible. He was in Africa on a terrible road and just after wondering why he was there the car rolled 3 times and everyone in the car was fine but him. He almost lost his arm and he goes on to say that the doctor that was helping him saw his badge and recognized the church and all the tools that that doctor had where because of two senior missionaries a few years earlier who helped him out which because of that his life was saved and arm spared. Now for me personally I've always loved helping people out and did it without thinking. And when everyone in the freaking mission would repeat this over and over again while I was struggling with what I was it messed with my head because I could not understand it. It made no sense and it still doesn't. It's like one of those paradox's. But I know I feel better when I selflessly look for others I can help. I still like helping people and I think it's easier for me to look at Christ's example instead of trying to logically figure out that equation. But as we look and more importantly pray for ways we can help others, they will come. And by naturally being selfless and loving to others we may affect people years down the road we will probably never ever meet till we're dead.

Granted I know I still have a lot of work to but I just wanted to share that with everyone cause I know it can help someone else out there. Mike and I were talking to each other via text last night till the early early morning about some things and I won't mention what they were but I think I finally know what I can do to help him. Oh and P.S. for all those future missionaries out there. Don't rush through the lessons to try and "mark" it off the list. That's what E. Peterson did and it doesn't help anyone receive the spiritual witness and confirmation that they need. It just turns into Bible Study. Which is okay but it just won't bring the meat and why we're truly there. So yeah Mike knows the stuff better than I'm sure most members do. But the knowledge that the things he goes through in his life and has gone through can all be taken care of through the Atonement of Jesus Christ, isn't fully there. Whether he thinks so or not. But there is great peace from our savior. And through Faith, Repentance, Baptism (or afterwards the Sacrament), Receiving the Gift of the Holy Ghost, a Enduring to the End. That joy and peace can be in our lives no matter what trial we go through. And that's my testimony. Hope this helps! Love you guys!
Elder Derrek Bowler.