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Monday, May 13, 2013


Ok so I know I just like talked to you guys yesterday but not much has happened that's different but here are the pictures from this last week. So one is this condom dispenser that supports abstinence till marriage which was funny then the following few are of a photo day we did. The ginger is Elder Cornia. And the big one is Pebbles. He's also on the couch and then Elder Barr is the small one in the group one. Sorry a couple were dark. Then We have our Monster wall. and then Mike's alcohol that he got rid of which was super cool. He threw out his chew too! and then there's this pond we tried fishing in and there were cute little ducklings! and then Pebbles fishing :) so yeah. Other than that not a lot has changed in the past 24 hours except the fact that Pebbles is the only person who can manage to get chocolate cake with icing on our brand new carpet we had laid down today. We weren't even home for two seconds and pebs managed to do that some how... I got it out but it actually doesn't surprise me that that happened haha. Ok I'll write more next week when I'm back to only emailing.. Mom you can just write what you want for this week on the blog. K love you guys!! 

This is Amy talking...we were able to talk to Derrek yesterday, probably longer than we were supposed to, but it was SO needed for all of us and I hope he doesn't get in trouble.  I know it will carry him that much longer.  It was great to hear his brothers laughing with him and it just seemed like old times.  Scott and I were able to have great spiritual talks with him and he just seemed really at peace and healthy in the sense that yes, he's not perfect, but he knows he is doing his best and trying to really love those around him and figure out what the Lord would have him do.  He told us a funny story about his companion "Pebbles".  We asked him why they call him "Pebbles" and he said when his companion first came into the field, he was talking about how he wanted to become a professional body-builder and idolizes the "Rock".  Then they started teasing him that he had a long way to go because he was at the "Pebble" stage.  So, the name stuck and he's known as "Pebbles".  His comp likes it and thinks it's funny.  They joke that he will get him and bulk up and become a pro-wrestler, like the "Rock" and he'll have some reference to "Pebbles" in his stage name.  I think it's a great story.  Here are all the pictures he sent in the email this week.  Enjoy...

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