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Wednesday, July 31, 2013

Hilliard, OH

Hey mom :) 
Glad everyone had a good week. Calvin wrote me. He's struggling but I tried helping out a little bit. Crazy that Alec is finally leaving. It's weird.. Sucks I won't see him for so long but I guess that's how it all plays out!
So yeah like most people know I got transferred after 8 months in Westland, but like Mike said I didn't go far. Actually I just went to the neighboring ward. Hilliard. So I've been in the area plenty of times before and I was like in a daze when I got my new assignment. We got quadrupled in. So the previous two missionaries (Elder Campbell and Elder Wright) got doubled out and my companion and I (Elder Monahan) were doubled in and there were two other missionaries who were doubled in as well. So we split the area in half and it's already the smallest area in the mission. Westland didn't even get four missionaries... It's weird and I don't know what they were thinking. But I'm still in a bike area... go figure, but It's good. I like it. We get a car maybe? I dunno? But the area is practically dead. And my companion and I have been running errands getting everything put together. It's been exhausting. It's definitely different and kinda stressful getting doubled in but I'm glad I knew the area and some of the members before. I will definitely miss Westland though. I saw a couple families on Sunday and it sucked cause I wasn't "their mishery" anymore. (The Billings daughter calls us that haha) I talked to Jaycee on sunday and she was so cute. I got a picture of her before I left but she is precious. The Hilliard ward is good though. They're sensitive about us being a burden and some have thin skin. But it's all good. We're doing our best to get the area up. Elder Monahan has only been out for four and a half months and is District Leader and Senior companion... Ha I felt like crap at first but I guess it's what President wants. He's definitely the go get it guy and dominates a lot but it's good. He's a good kid. and we'll get along fine. He's definitely more into the work than Pebbs was so that's good I guess. I just feel inadequate and like I could have done a lot better. My companion does a lot better job than I have so it's something I'm working on but It's nothing to fret about. It's good learning. 
We haven't taught much since we're trying to build the area up. But we were able to teach one less-active girl name Abbey. We met with her Thursday, Friday, and Saturday and she left back home to SLC Saturday night. She was staying with the Nydeggers (her sister who's in our ward) and is now heading to Malaysia to get her brother from his mission. We helped her get back to getting her testimony and called her out on the fact that she has a testimony and she knew it. She was just trying to find excuses to not believe. I'm excited for her. She'll do great things if she doesn't go back to her friends in SLC. CHOOSE YOUR FRIENDS WISELY. They have huge influences in your life. which is mostly where she fell off. It's been a super busy few days and I haven't been this exhausted for a while. I hate the beginning of transfers cause it's always sooo long.
Other than that I don't have a whole lot to write about. We tried seeing some members the bishop wanted us to see and also to visit LA/PM families. We had one who was less active and just so lost. Took up drinking again and she showed us her empty wine bottles (she was drunk and emotional when we showed up) but it was just really sad. her life was just so broken and a mess. but she never lets people in and she showed up just for sacrament yesterday and hopefully she can start getting her life back. This morning we went to the Bishop's store house to help out. Our ward was short people so we went. It was fun. Elder Monahan's old ward was there too and we talked to them and it was good. So there is a girl I went to school with and she went on to play volleyball for the USA team and her coach was in my comp's old ward. She was an Olympic gold medalist for V-Ball so I had her send a shout out. haha small world in the church. :)
Well I think the pics explain themselves. just a couple for this week and also a few that Sis. Billings sent from July 4th :) they're upside down soo... yeah... K love ya keep in touch!!
Elder Derrek Bowler

I also forgot to add that the Nydegger's son Myles who is like 3 is so cute. I'm his "best friend" but he can't remember my name. We hit it off the first time I got in the car. He just started talking it up with me and he is a funny kid. Anyways I just had to throw that in there :)

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