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Saturday, July 6, 2013

Playing in the rain!

Hey Erryone!
So, this past week has felt fast and long at the same time! Looking back a lot has happened So Monday nothing happened.. Tuesday, I think the only real eventful thing that happened was our lesson that we had with Hayden. We talked about the Holy Ghost and how it affects us in our lives and helps us and how it's different before and after baptism. The kid is a stud! He is definitely becoming a better kid because of the decisions he's making. Wednesday we helped a member (Bro. Chapman) take apart his shed and move it to another part of his yard. K that thing was heavy... And it was humid. So good thing I don't have a problem too much with sweating ;) But it was cool to do for him. He didn't have much help and he's actually the new Elders Quorum President. He's a good guy. Later that night we had dinner with the Billings (my favorite family in the ward) and Bro. Billings took us fishing after it at this really cool spot. The greenery was beautiful on the river and we actually just missed the bites because of the storm. So even though I didn't catch anything (I know surprising) I really enjoyed it. It was relaxing and peaceful and helped in more ways than I thought it would. Fishing back home sucked cause It wasn't like natural water fishing. It was the ponds by our house and I swear all the fish liked Alec and Dallen more than me. I just caught malaria from the bugs hahaha but I enjoyed fishing on Wednesday. Thursday we didn't have much to do. because most of the day was taken up with Elder Campbell coming to our area for the week. So we had to go pick him up and help him with getting Elder Wright (our DL, his companion) all situated. He got surgery on Thursday so we're covering two areas right now while he's out. Hilliard and Ours. It's been fun. I like Tripanionships. They have a car (2013 Ford Fusion) which is super nice. Ha I forgot what it's like to use a car it's been so long that I've been in a bike area! But a couple hours after we got Campbell we had dinner with some members (The Skousens) and then helped the Rassmussens load up their truck to move! I've moved a ton of people the past couple weeks! ha good thing I've had lots of practice :P I'm doing pretty awesome at Tetris with all the stuff. Thanks Dad for that one ;P Friday was a good day too. We met with Hayden again and taught the Big 3. Chastity, Tithing, and W.O.W. He understands it all, and has no problem living it. Hah he is a little conceited though and it's pretty funny. Thinks he's such a ladies man :P hahaha So Chastity might need a review on. But I don't worry about him at all. I just told him to keep it in his pants and be smart. and all the other things of course ;) We later had dinner with the Aspery's The recent converts that moved in a couple months ago. We had some more Thai food. I swear.... It is soooo goood!! I love her cooking. We've had some really good meals lately. It's awesome! I feel bad for Cornia though. Ha he's getting sick of all the Mexican food out here. Most of it is just bad meat and crappy cooking. It's not what we're used to with Cafe Rio and Bajio and all that. I was telling him he needs to go to English work. I think he'd do a lot better there and progress a ton there. So we'll see what happens. I keep praying for him. Saturday we had another baptism! So I lied when I said I was going to do the baptism, I received revelation in the shower. haha not really;) but that morning we helped a family load and unload all their stuff up in the Hilliard ward and that took basically our whole morning. It was pretty exhausting. But it was good. It's a good workout. And actually the past two moves we've helped with other members from the ward were there to help instead of the past 4 moves I've done where it was just us who showed up and maybe one other guy haha. Great fun that is! anyways. As I was showering thinking about RoseMirlene and the baptism and the thought came to let Pebbs do the baptism. I was thinking that I jumped in and didn't allow Pebbs to decide if he wanted to or not. I later found out that he's never baptized anybody on his mission before so I'm glad I told him to do it. RoseMirlene was confused cause she still thought I was gonna do it. She said she prayed about it after we discussed it and in her dream she saw Pebbs and I. So I ended up doing the Confirmation. She definitely had such a sweet spirit and just this glow. So it was really cool. It was peaceful. and the crazy thing is is that there was a HUGE storm going on outside during it. Lighting struck close to us and everything. So after the baptism and all that we go outside and the whole parking lot is flooded pretty bad and Elder Campbell parked in the middle of this lake. haha So we went out and played in it and those are what the pictures are for this week basically :P so so far it's been good. Mike's doing good as far as I can tell. I prolly put a lot of unnecessary stress on him cause he just wants what's best for me. Which I appreciate but yeah. We haven't had as much contact this past week with him lately which I don't like. But we're going over tonight and Wednesday. I'm hoping we can go see Red, White, and Boom for the 4th of July on the 3rd... haha but it's this big show Columbus puts on and it's supposedly just incredible. So we'll see what goes down! I'm doing progressively better each day. Also any ideas of how to get rid of all these Sinus pains? With all the storms coming and going it's just not been fun on my face. But I survive. K Love you all! 
Elder Derrek Bowler.

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