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Monday, June 24, 2013

Another Baptism!

Hey Mom,
Thanks for writing, Mike tells me what you guys say on FB too haha so yeah anyways, to address your questions. Yes I would get the coat you got me for Alec. It helps a ton. It helped a ton during the winter cause out here it's like way bitter cold and easily got below zero degrees out here. So it'd be perfect for where he's going. And it works just fine on a bike. I'm glad Dallen's doing great and Alec and also that Ashton enjoyed EFY hopefully that'll be something he can always reflect on! Ha I did make Beecher Burgers. Not as good as his but it my first attempt at trying it like Beecher :) Couple of them messed up but they turned out pretty freakin delicious! I didn't get a receipt with the shirt. I don't think at least. I didn't see one at all. I wanna thank you for the letter you wrote with it though and also the e-mail dad sent. Both helped a ton! I also enjoyed the broadcast actually. It was cool to see and I'm hoping it helps with member work in this area. It'll be interesting to see what happens! Especially with the Facebook.

So I guess I'll start with Lex haha K so I know what you said is true. I'm not all brokenhearted about what happened. I haven't been in a while. Lately it's been weird but just random thoughts will come and they're only positive ones. Just how she was a great girlfriend and did a freakin ton for me and I'm forever grateful for that yeah I miss her. I know I messed up but hey It's all part of learning so now I know what not to do in the future. I wasn't myself and yeah definitely struggling with things in the gospel which was weird cause I never have before. So I think the Lord let everything fall apart so that 1) I didn't do more damage especially to Lex with her being on a mission. Cause she was acting different and so was I so it wasn't a good combo to try and serve the lord like that. and 2) it fully "forced" me to dig deep and fix things instead of waiting and hoping around. So it's been good. I've grown more and just like Grandpa Steurer, My mission took off after it. I know that whatever happens happens and whoever I end up with will be the right one. I still rely on god for that. I'm not worried about finding someone. Ha to be honest I'm totally content with not knowing. I've changed a lot with "always having to have that security" cause since this whole time everything (not just Lex) has been "uncertain" So it's been good for me and I'm learning lots from all this even though I still have rough days and don't give a crap about somethings. But hey I'm human. Most the time I get worked up and bottle things in and just need to vent and then I'm just fine after that and can move on. So maybe I should just write it down then throw it away. Only problem is is I don't like writing too much :P haha Oh well. I'm trying to be the best man I can be and I still have long terms goals in the church believe it or not. But I'm going to try to be the best husband and father to whoever I end up with and whatever kids I have. Ha Lexi is a good goal to shoot for and she's always pushed me to be better so with her needs and expectations I think shooting for that will help me to become the man I want and if it's not her then it's fine I'll still be a good husband and father :) Whatever happens and I know the lord knows what's right and what I need too. So I look forward to seeing what the outcome will be :) I still have all my goals and intentions and plans that I did before the mission and whoever I end up with will be the one I share that with. Like I said previously I've had a couple experiences that help me to keep going even though some days are harder. But hey the gospel was never easy. It wasn't easy for Jesus Christ. It wasn't easy for Old Testament people, It's definitely harder in today's world. but it 's possible, and God has promised his help.  I know that I will never be perfect here on earth. Ha shoot. Look at Boyd K Packer. He says he's still learning. Some days I just wanna say forget it it's too hard. Or what is all this for? When will things get better? But I don't quit. and I think that's all the Lord needs to help get me back on track. Which is sometimes the greatest battle. But I've learned that the little things are definitely some of the greatest tools. And aids. Even though I've heard some crazy things about this church (even true facts that the church doesn't deny) It hasn't changed much of what I believe. I know that men aren't perfect and they had to work out some things as they were learning a long with trying to make things work. The spirit is still felt when I talk about the basic foundation of what I teach. I just gotta do it. Well get better at it. It's been a long nine months but I've learned a ton that I don't think I'll go back on. I wrote Beecher (you'll get the letter sometime this week) Saying how sometimes I look in the mirror and just seem different. I don't see the "twinkle" I thought I once saw. and My face looks different. haha I can't tell if it's being tired or having bad headaches or if it's me getting older or what haha I dunno but I'm trying to get it back somehow. I'll have too ask God how to do that one. :P but it's interesting. It's also really weird cause we have a couple kids we're teaching (like Hayden,15 and a new one we got yesterday Spencer, 14) and one kid in our ward who I love Xavier Brown (13) who Look older than they are.. It's crazy and what really throws me off is comparing them to the boys.. haha They fall where Dallen and Ashton do! haha it's so weird... Also hearing Ashton's voice deeper on Mother's day doesn't help either hahaha
So moving on! This week we're having another baptism! Rosemerline is getting baptized :) I'll prolly do the baptism again which will be cool. but we'll see how it all goes. She's I guess the only "Golden" investigator I've ever had. Mike was super solid and I've definitely put more effort in helping him which is rewarding. With Rosemerline haha we don't do much. I'm glad she doesn't have any problems or concerns! or else it'd be different! but she does ask questions and Bro Smith does a good job at answering them and she doesn't have a problem. She is getting better at English and she also reads the Book of Mormon a ton. Prolly more than I do. hahaha is that bad? :P Oh well :) It's cool and we're excited for her. Hayden is a stud. I love the kid! It was funny cause actually this morning I got a text from him saying "good morning babe". And I laughed cause I at first thought it was for someone else (He talks about girls a lot :P) so I sent back "Morning sweetie ;) was that for us?". and he sent back "haha I  just thought you would get a kick out of calling you that you dummy." and so on. It was pretty funny! He's excited about getting baptized and it'll be way good for him at this age. Especially that no one in his family is mormon. Well an uncle who hasn't been to church and is a felon. His dad is Christen and Mom took the lessons but will never get baptized, but they all support him and want him to find a church that he knows is right and he knows this one is :) so it's way cool and I'm excited for him. Mike is doing well. He still helps a ton and we still keep frequent contact with him. He's changed a lot and I can see it. It's cool haha he still swears and all that (which to me just makes me laugh cause he's funny) but now he catches himself and says whoops sorry. and then will say some molly mormon saying. Which is even funnier hahaha. I dunno, it just crack me up. He's witty though and Pebbs (more than anyone else) just throws huge softball lobs for Mike. It's so funny. Oh Speaking of Pebbs. This last week we gave Rosemerline a blessing cause she's not feeling the best (makin sure things are right now cause she's expecting and at first things didn't seems right) So that all went well and she's doing better now. So it was super quick. like under 10 minutes in and out. So we get back on our bikes and I'm getting everything ready and Pebbs is just singing away at his black soul music (actually it's mine cause Lexi burned a CD with it on it) and He loves that music. So anyways I'm used to him just singing all the time. He has 4 songs he chooses from. but anyways side tracked.. He's just getting all into it and I look over and about 20 feet down the walkway of their house there's a black lady sitting there watching her dog turned around with her hand over her mouth and I saw it and just started to laugh so hard. hahaha he stopped and asked why I was laughing and the lady was like "don't stop now" and I said "that's why" to Pebbs. So we tried to make it a teaching moment and she's had missionaries talk to her a little bit before (give pamphlets.. etc.) But now for round two. I was telling this story to the Priesthood on Sunday (yesterday) and used the story and then tied it into proof that even we have moments like everyone else where we're just watering a seed or planting one. Which is what people need no matter what. So don't be afraid to be nice, friendly and try to share the gospel. cause any effort made is counted to god. And one day will be her time to fully investigate the church and decide. And then Bishop (he's a funny guy) asked Pebbs to share the song with us (he shared his testimony of what I just said by saying [which was actually what I was gonna say so it worked out] but if you're afraid to invite your neighbor or friend or anyone you've felt you don't want to break trust or friendship. Go up to them and say "hey, I wanna share something with you and before I do I just want to let you know that no matter the answer it won't change the way we feel or think about each other and our beliefs. I just wanna share something with you that has truly blessed my life" and if you do it out of love no friendship will fall because the Invitee will feel it and appreciate it no matter what) anyways. back to the story. Pebbs sang the song for the priesthood body and I was laughing cause it brought up the memory and he did a pretty good job I must say. :P anyways. That's all for this week! Love you all and hope all continues to go well. Thanks for your prayers and support.
Elder Derrek Bowler
Ps. The two pics are from the MOTAB concert. with the original C4 (It was an exhausting day so that's why I look like poop) but it was good to see Coughlan and Foster. and also Miles. Actually I'm pretty bummed because Elder Coughlan and Foster are now in the Cincinnati mission :( oh well I'll definitely keep in touch with them! K love you guys!  

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