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Friday, June 21, 2013

two letters in one post :)

Hey Mom!
So thanks for writing and updating me on everything. Glad to see everyone doing well! So I'll talk about Mike and all that in a sec, so I emailed Alec a little about the temple I hope he does well. I don't know which is worse. The fact that I never went through a temple prep class and experiencing it that way or trying to go through with already weird ideas haha. I told him that the temple weirded me out and messed with my view of a lot things but that it's something you will get used to and it's the personal things you learn mostly. I'm curious as to what his experience will be. Allergies have gotten better since the shot. I still feel groggy and tired (which that's been my whole mission soo...yeah) but yeah I didn't have to pay for it cause the doctor dude was a member. So like you heard Mike got baptized. We had a date for him for quite a while like I said, He just didn't want me telling everybody about it yet, so he had the interview and decided to go through with it. He was going to ask Brian, his friend, to dunk him but he didn't know if he was going to be out of town or not, so he asked me to do it. I was a little nervous and he was harassing me cause I wasn't beaming with excitement haha (I don't show a lot of emotion anymore. Too tired to haha) but it was definitely a cool experience. I'm not sure what exactly made him decide to do it but I hope he stays active. Especially after we or I leave. We'll just have to see what happens and hope it all works out. It was definitely a great baptism with a good turnout. Tiffiene fell off date, we haven't been able to meet with her in a few weeks. She's been busy or something and not ready for baptism but definitely knows she will. So I'm sure she'll be an eternigator or something like that. Rosemerline (the one from Haiti) is still super solid. The lessons with her are something else though. I think all I do is just twiddle my thumbs a little. Just kidding. But it's different cause I can't ever get a feedback from her or anything. So all we do is just show up, share the lesson, then bounce. But I'm glad she's golden or else this would be really difficult. Other than that. We haven't had a lot of people to meet with. We have had a mini-missionary for the past week and it's been interesting. He's a pretty weird kid, super shy and I dunno.. It's just weird. President was freaking out on how important this is. Like this is prolly the most important thing that we might do on our mission..  I don't know how it's going to be for Arik (our mini) but it wasn't the best week for missionary work. Pebbles doesn't care about missionary work anymore, I practically babysit the kid...  I'm getting burnt-out on even trying anymore and it has just been a very long process of continually fighting. Ha sorry. It's just been a very long week and I'm just getting tired of a lot of things.  I'll be fine in a few weeks hopefully but I'm still staying in Westland. So by the end of next transfer I will have been in this area for 8 months which is so crazy. I hate humidity.. haha I think that's the worst part. It makes biking a pain but it builds character. And so with me staying I assume I'm staying in the Columbus Mission.. I'm not 100% sure on that but yeah. Also last night was pretty cool. We got to see MOTAB here. It was a cool concert. One of the last songs they did was Come Come Ye Saints, and there was a part that kinda helped me out with all I'm going through and it was "Why should we think to earn a great reward, if we now shun the fight?" So that was cool. Also they did Come Thou Fount. which is one of my favorite songs so that was really cool. Others took pics of it so I'll have to get it from them. Also I'll send pics of the baptism and all that on Monday when I write again. Anyways. I love you all and miss you guys, Thanks for your help!
Elder Derrek Bowler

Hey Mom and Dad,
So I don't have much to write about since I just did on Wednesday. So I think today I'll just send some pictures I have! haha Sorry not much happened that's cool to talk about. Mike got confirmed yesterday though so he's officially a Mormon :) he claims he's Morthlic (Morman/Catholic) haha whatever I'm not gonna fight him but I've definitely seen a difference in his countenance since he's been dunked and that's pretty cool. He said he felt something hit him when He was confirmed. haha I told him he would. He's a great guy... It's really weird that he's a member though. I've gone over so many times with him being an Investigator so haha I'll get used to it though :) So with the pics a couple are from Mike's baptism. One with Pebbs and I and two are with Cornia, Me, Mike, Pebbs, and Barr.  Then there's one of us and our Mini Missionary, Arik. It wasn't a bad week with him but I swear it wore me out haha I had to take care of two people instead of one. But it was good. I hope he had a good experience. I was the only one who cared really but that's how it usually is. Then another is of us with Mike after dropping Arik off on Saturday and heading to Breakfast with Mike. You need to see how much food I ate that day... Holy crap... The omelet was a lot bigger than I thought but it was dang good.. So that was fun. Then the last one is of the Columbus Zone before it got all switched around Thursday. We have 6-8 sisters in our zone now. It's crazy haha So I don't have any pics of the MOTAB concert (Ha i forgot my camera) but as soon as I get them from other people that actually took pics haha. So that's really all I have for today. We had a good lesson with Rosemerline yesterday. Hopefully she will still work on the 29th to be baptized. Tiffiene has been hard to get a time to meet with her. It's been a few weeks. So we'll see it still works out there. Hayden (the 15 year old we're working with) is doing really well. We put him on date for July 13th so he seems excited about that. He reminds me a little of Travis.... I think that's his name (the foster kid we took to school).. Back in STG that lived with Donny (the guy I bought the camera from) anyways he just reminds me of him a little. Great kid though. So we'll meet with him this next week :) other than that things are going well.. I know what I said I was just having a bad day... haha. They come I guess but oh well. I'm doing fine. :) Ok so now Cornia sent some pics from Motab but there's more so I'll send those to. (that was a really cool concert) 

Pounding away breakfast!  

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