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Saturday, June 1, 2013

Investigators set a date!

Hey Mom and Erryone! 
Sorry it's late. Our P-day kinda got screwy with it being Memorial Day and all that. So I found a way to write. Anyways. Thanks for the e-mail, and I also got the package this week. I'll send back the garments to switch them and also the shirt doesn't fit. It's too big. So I don't know if you want me to send it back, but that's what imma do. K so cats? haha What the heck? They're cute, but I'm not a cat fan. Let me know if a hawk or an owl gets it hahaha sorry it seems funny. Thanks for the update on the boys! Alec would win a laptop. That's good for him.  So anyways this past week wasn't too bad. We have three investigators on date and that's more than I've ever had at one time. We only got a couple investigators last week. But whatevs. So really I don't have a ton to report on or anything that I can really think of. We had the chance to teach the young women about missionary work and how they can be missionaries at home. It's funny that some people get so worked up about how to do that. But the easiest way is to be a good friend and to not be afraid to share why you live the way you do. You don't need to get super in depth or start throwing deep doctrine crap at them cause that's what they hear anyways and they don't understand the basics. You gotta build the foundation before the upper levels. The easiest thing for anyone to do is explain about the BoM (introduction of it) and then bear testimony. Nothing to extreme but why the BoM and this gospel has blessed your life and that it's nothing crazy like what most people hear. And that's usually enough to get the message clear across. And if they're not interested then don't worry bout it. It takes people 7-9 positive interactions with the church to even consider investigating. We also were able to teach Tiffiene up at the church, we went over the Plan of Salvation and also extended a date to be baptized! ha so she's on date now and it's awesome! So pray for her. She needs to work things out personally so hopefully it all goes through well with that! Mike has his baptism interview next Monday. He's still just curious to see where President takes his interview so I won't give a date to you guys just yet. Just know he's getting progressively closer. He's still super awesome as always. We went to the driving range with him on Saturday and that was pretty fun. I sucked it up though! But it was way good. We also put RoseMerlin on date too! Which is awesome! It's interesting cause I can't understand anything she says but Brother Smith (our ward mission leader) gages it all for us. So he says she's a golden investigator so it's cool. Other than that things are going good. Allergies are still kinda slowin me down which isn't too bad. But I have been doing some thinking lately and I still don't feel like myself all the time (Like how I was before the mission all happy and content and all that) So I'm trying to get back to the little things I should do to get that back. Sometimes I feel like it's hard to do that as a missionary. But I'm working on it. I met with Doctor Sullivan this last week also. That was good. It's interesting lately I've just had a lack of desire to keep fighting but I still do. I've had a lot of anti and weird stuff thrown at me. Which doesn't bug me but it's crazy the kind of things you run into as a missionary. So It's good to know that my testimony isn't really affected by the stupid history of the Church that's out there. We have mini-missionaries coming in and I don't feel like having to babysit someone but hopefully that all goes super well that's in a couple weeks. We have interviews with President this next week also. I dunno I've never really loved him. I think my first interaction just kinda put me off. But he's a good guy and a good leader. There's just some things that bug me... haha But that's life! Anyways. Sorry it's not much detail. Just know I'm doing good and all is well. I'm happy the boys are doing good and that you guys are getting work! I love you all and appreciate all you guys do. 
Elder Derrek Bowler

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