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Friday, June 21, 2013

a couple weeks ago (6/3/13)

Hey Mom!
Thanks for what you said and for writing. Glad everyone is generally doing well. It's cool to see the person Alec has become recently. Calvin is still Calvin and takes things personally. But one day he'll get better. Also I know that I had bad days, and I know not even Lexi could help with some things. I've always had to fight my own battles and I do look back and look at how far I've come. but things got weird over time looking back, especially getting closer to my mission which was frustrating but it's true. I'm glad Alec is doing better bout that than I did! But I don't know what it is. I just feel different. Like I'm not "me". There are some days where I just lay and think who am I and what makes me "me" so I've been doing some deep thinking lately over the past couple weeks. But I'm trying to dig deep and really find that out and I'm on the path to doing that. Which is good. I know each day is different and sometimes a new battle. But I keep fighting day by day. Which I'm surprised at how I've had the strength to keep going. But things are good. Allergies have been kicking my butt... That's probably what's making everything worse. I run out energy and patience when I'm so miserable. haha It's bad out here. I've had a lot of help from people out here and I've tried a ton of different meds and eye-drops and switching from contacts to glasses throughout the day so I'm surviving (I've lost both contacts while riding my bike haha it was fun for the challenge there hahaha). Anyways last week not a whole lot happened. We had interviews this last week. They weren't too eventful. They had workshops going on while President would take missionaries in to interview with them. The workshops were good though. Wednesday I had Elder Campbell from Hilliard with me. He's so burnt out with his companion... I feel bad. I know I couldn't handle Elder Horsley but E. Horsley tries. Elder Campbell is a stud!! I would love to be his comp sometime! We went and picked up a former investigator. His name is Hayden Allen and he's 15 years old. He is such a cool kid.. Super nice which is surprising cause his home life isn't the best environment, But we got him to church and one of the young men (Xavier Brown who is probably my favorite kid in the ward) was awesome and took Hayden under his wing and Hayden really enjoyed it. We have to go through the lessons again with him which isn't bad at all. It'll help him be more solid in the long run. We weren't able to have a lesson with Tiffiene this last week. I'm praying things are going okay there. Mike has his interview with President today so I'm hoping that's going well. Whatever happens is what needs to. I'll always love the guy whether he gets baptized or not. He's definitely grown a ton whether he thinks so or not. We fasted for him yesterday and that'll help with whatever needs to happen. We also were able to meet with Rosemerline on Sunday. They really are the most interesting lessons. We mostly just say a couple things and Bro. Smith teaches it. She's golden so I'm not too worried about her. Her husband (Robin) wants her to have this crazy strong testimony and spiritual experience cause that's how it was for him... But she's already so spiritual so it'll be different he just has to get that through his head. Also Sunday I bore my testimony which I haven't for a while. It was one of those awkward "no one's getting up so I will" kinda things. Even though I hate getting up in front of people. It wasn't anything super powerful or spiritual but just simple. There are some things with this gospel that I can't deny, granted I question them sometimes but I think that's just to keep myself in check, but even after all the anti that I've heard I've recognized that when I hear that stuff it doesn't sit well and I know it's not from God. Mikes disagrees to some extent because "That's all I've ever known" Which is partly true. I've learned more and had my testimony tried a lot more than back home. But I've been able to really find more out for myself really what I believe. I know this gospel changes people. It doesn't matter what you believe. This will add more to your life than you think. I'm trying each day to really know my relationship with God and trying to see his hand in my life. Some days aren't easy but I still make it. I was talking to Elder Cornia a couple days ago and he asked me if I could go back and start over would I go on a mission. I responded if I knew that I would have to go through what I did I say heck no. I'm grateful for the people I've met, the places I've seen, and the experiences I've had. I don't think I'd want to do this again till I'm fartin dust and where Nana and Grandpa are and I probably won't be the guy who wishes I was back on my mission. But I know it'll be worth it in the end and the more I'm out here I know my testimony and faith increase even when it doesn't seem like it, and I know I will be always be grateful for making this decision. Some days I just don't feel that way ;) . I gotta do better at recognizing things so I'm working on that. I just don't have the energy but I'll keep working on it. Love you all! Miss ya too! 
Elder Derrek Bowler.
PS. The pics are me with this awesome turtle I found walking in our parking lot of our complex (don't worry I let him swim in our tub [it was cute haha] and then I let it go) and the other is of this awesome Crepe I made and had to take a picture of it. We had it for dinner with our Ward Mission Leader who served in france. Other than that I don't have a lot! K Love ya guys! 
PSS. Thanks for the pictures and the quotes. I really appreciate you for doing that mom! 

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