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Wednesday, July 31, 2013

Transferred after 8 months...

Hey Guys :)
So first things first. After almost 8 long months, I'm finally getting the boot out of Westland. It almost doesn't seem real because I've just been there for so long and it's weird to think about living somewhere else now. I'm totally calm about it and I'm not worried. Well mostly for who my next comp is gonna be. I just want someone who's cool and fun and works hard and will help me be a better person. I personally am tired of being around dudes 24/7 but hey it's all good. Elder Cornia is getting the boot as well. He came into the area same time I did. He's a Zone Leader now and is going into English work and he is not happy about it. But I was talking to him a couple weeks ago and said English work would be good for him to feel like it's worth being out here. I'll miss that kid. He's one of my greatest friends I have. We're like old war buddies haha. Elder Barr is training now and so is Pebbs. And Pebbs is District Leader again haha hopefully Westland continues to grow after I leave. It's been a great area to me and I'll miss it. I'll miss the ward too and the people I got to meet. I actually got a picture with Russel (the cerebral palsy guy that I love) cause I thought I might get transferred. And also Justin Wagner. A less active we brought back into activity. I wanna get one with Mike and the Billings hopefully today. Gosh I'm just sad for leaving this area. Mostly the people. Our teaching pool is pretty dang empty but yeah. There are some great memories here that I'll always cherish here. But I'm excited for what lays ahead.
So I can't believe Alec leaves next week. I'm so proud of that kid. I can't say that I've loved being a missionary but I am so proud of him. Out of all the things I miss the most Family is definitely at the top. I can't imagine what he'll look like after it all. I won't have seen him for three years when he comes home. And if Calvin comes around and goes I have a good chance of not seeing him for probably 4+. And Chris is married... That's just freaking weird. I don't even have words for that. Haha Side note. When I got the wedding invite I didn't know who the return address belonged to. Erekson's? I didn't know who they were. But the city was Hooper Utah... I have never heard of this town until I met Elder Garner.. I'm sure everyone could imagine what my first thoughts were. But I opened it. and realized it was Chris. haha
K since we aren't really teaching anybody I'll just talk about our recent converts. So Joe, Mike, Rosemirlene (haven't seen her in a while :/) and Hayden are all doing really well! The light in all their lives is so apparent and I love seeing it. Joe is a ward missionary and I love the guy. I never taught him but always talk to him. And he hooks us up with Monsters haha it's sick :P We talk drums all the time and it's awesome. Mike is doing really well. I will greatly miss him even though he may not think so. I have loved working with him and now he holds the Aaronic Priesthood and is Priest's Quorum Adviser. He'll do great at that and he has good friends in the ward and I can't wait to see him progress and how much more of an amazing guy he becomes. Hayden is a stud still. His ego is bigger than anyone I've ever met haha. But He just said if it wasn't for me he probably would have given up on joining any Mormon churches. Cause the old missionaries basically bailed on him. But it was all meant to happen at the time it did. Justin Wagner is now becoming more and more active. He just got called as the Teacher's Quorum Adviser and he'll do good at that. Hopefully He'll continue to progress and get the Melchezidek Priesthood, Marry some girl and get sealed. Same with everyone I taught. Joe's already married but I can't wait to see him sealed to his family. And hopefully It'll all work out to where I can go watch them and also Mike get his endowment's. I'll almost be done with my mission by then. (Crazy!) but we will see how it all plays out by then!
Not a whole lot happened this past week. We talked to a cop who has only been in America for 2 weeks. He's from Croatia (next to Italy) and was a cop in Venice before coming out here. He took a Book of Mormon and it was just cool. All of our set appointments that we had this past week fell through which sucks but it's just part of what we do. We had Specialized Training on Tuesday and it was almost identical to District meeting last week... I learned a couple new things. Just like questions to ask people to help them out and etc. President is doing fine. He is still recovering. He was readmitted to the Hospital last week and they thought it was internal bleeding. Crazy how even Mission President's still go through trials. He's still leading everything. His AP's do everything basically. I don't like one of them but he goes home in a few weeks. So it's all good. It's weird how there are now more missionaries who are "younger" in their missions than there are that are "older" I'm getting into the "old" age. and I still have a long time left. I'm excited to see what growth is in store. It's not going to get easier but I'm used to it.
Sorry the letter isn't too long. I can't think too clearly right now and did the best I could. I'm glad to hear everything going well :) Don't worry to much about the chapstick and shirt. I'll survive :) I'll try to send the shirt back when I can. Thank you though for everything you guys do :) and for writing. Love you all! I'll write more Monday.
Elder Derrek Bowler
PS Like I said there is a pic of

 Justin and Russel. And also of this weird green spider that was on our porch :)

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