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Saturday, August 30, 2014

August 25, 2014 - Baptism!!!

Hey thurr! 
SO! This week was quite interesting but finished off very well! I swear for some reason this past week was just rough. Nothing went quite as planned and it just felt off. I think Satan was just having a little fun with us cause Richard and Tina were very protected this past week. They had their son move in with them and usually there is a lot of arguing and anger but this past week there was nothing. It was crazy. So Satan prolly just took it out on me by throwing me off. But it's ok. I'm used to it! haha So The past week was pretty long, and as I look back it seems last weeks events happened like 3 weeks ago... I dunno this whole mission time thing is just whacked out. anyways. So Tuesday I went on exchanges with Elder Spaulding and that was pretty fun. We talked a lot and it's good to be serving near him again. Wednesday was fun.. Had district meeting then spent the rest of the time in the hospital... My finger wasn't hurting but it just started to look reeeeally bad.. So I was like "better safe than sorry!" So they just said it was a hematoma. (Blood Clot under the nail) No infections, and no fractures. So they just said soak it in Epsom salt water and just watch it and the nail should push out on it's own. They also said drilling the hole was a good thing. I was just dumb and didn't keep it open so that's why it kept getting bigger. So I soaked it and noticed that a little drop of blood was coming out of the hole I drilled. So I was like "Hey sweet, the hole is open!" so I wiped it with a paper towel and that little bit of pressure kinda pushed a little extra blood out from the sides and so I wondered if the whole clot itself was loose so I tested it and lo and behold it was. So I got pics. But I pretty much got the clot out and my nail is looking fairly normal again... But now just waiting for the nail to fall off... It's just been a weird experience and it's annoying how a dumb little nail can cause such a huge problem... Oh well! So Pretty much nothing happened too much but we saw Richard and Tina daily to make sure nothing happened to them. So We worked on that and it was exhausting but paid off. The smile on their faces was priceless. We had lessons at Bishops house and everywhere it seemed. But the Baptism went super well. I ended up baptizing Tina and E. Baldwin baptized Richard. It went great and the next day we had them confirmed and Richard got the Priesthood as well and also stood in to help another person be ordained to a Priest! Bishop Worthington is on the ball and is prolly my favorite Bishop I've served with. I'm very grateful to finish my mission here and also very grateful for the events that have gone on. With two baptisms and Mike going through the temple. He already put a skidmark in his garments which just made me laugh! haha I love the guy to death. But That's pretty much the highlights of this past week! Love you all!! Thanks for your help, love and Support! 
Elder Derrek Bowler

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