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Sunday, August 17, 2014

August 11, 2014

So I don't have much to write but these past couple days have been interesting. We've been doing a crap load of service. We were asked to help some lady move out of a rental house she just got cause there was a heroine addict. That was a ridiculous move. There didn't have a ramp for the truck and so we lifted everything like four feet up into the truck and it was pretty much E. Baldwin and I lifting it all. It was ridiculous. She even took the fridge... haha I'll have to go into detail when I get home but yeah that was just frustrating. But other than that not a whole lot is happening here. It was a rough week. But things are lined up pretty well for this week so hopefully it goes well. I am pretty much just looking forward to this Saturday. It'll just be Mike and I all day long. E. Baldwin will stay here to work the area. I'm so stoked. Mike is pretty much a legend around the mission haha. So that's cool. I really don't have too much to say. So I think I'll just send pictures. Do you have things all lined up for a home coming talk in STG and all that jazz? Just Curious. Luckily there have been some people that I've met that I might be able to start net working to get a job hopefully. I'm just trying to get some things worked out so I can hit the ground running. Richard and Tina are doing good. Tina now has a testimony and it's really cool. She's pretty much just waiting for Richard to get one now haha. So that's good. Richard and Tiffany are doing good as well. We met with them yesterday. They're pretty cool. I dunno this last week I feel like my brain has been shutting down but it's coming with age! Dang Alzheimers! Welp.. I'll just send some pics! Love ya!
Love, Elder Derrek Bowler   


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