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Wednesday, July 30, 2014

July 28, 2014

Ward Mission Leader and his wife

Eskimo Joe's :)
So Hey thur. So my address is 3867 Jodie Dr. Apt D Beavercreek, OH 45431. President pretty much said I'd be staying here till I die so it's prolly safe to assume that's a good place to send stuff. 
So to be completely honest. I'm pretty tired to write in great detail the things of my heart.. haha but a couple cool things did happen this past week. We had a super cool lesson with a member's friend Brent. He works with Bro. Ellsworth. So this past week things finally lined up to meet him and teach him the restoration. It was cool for everyone there. Brent said he's pretty interested and to also see the spark it lit for the Ellsworths was cool too. So hopefully things get better there. 
We also began teaching Tiffany. A girlfriend of a member. Richard Wampler. I like going over to their house. They are a really great bunch of people. And we also did a butt ton of service and I'm kind of mad I didn't get pictures! Well I did kinda when we split wood for the Wamplers and then I didn't when we went back and did some more demo work on the Jackson's home. I decided to be a scrapper and try to recycle some copper wires. haha why not. But being from a family of construction workers I couldn't help but laugh at what the previous owner did to their house. He took a lot of shortcuts and made the place really unsafe. Like using cardboard squares to cover a hole to the outside and hide it with exposed fiber-glass insulation... It was interesting. So pretty much Friday and Saturday was all service, which I didn't have too much of a problem with cause it broke from the monotony. We also found a couple other people. Like Cynthia. Who's kinda in a sticky situation with her husband. So we're gonna play smart with that one... Umm I did Zumba for the first time today. Haha I'm surprised I could keep up but sometimes I was a little off beat. Prolly won't be doing that again but it was a fun District activity. I'll get pictures next week. Oh also. I gotta say that the Cross' (Our ward mission leader and his wife) Are pretty much some of the most amazing people I've ever met. They're really inspiring and they've taken such amazing care of us it's unreal. So we got pictures with them so I could send them home but yeah. Other that not much happened this week. It was pretty good and I know I'll finish my mission strong. Which is cool cause I remember thinking when I was 6 months out that I would prolly be so burnt by the end. But I'm not. I can't believe Nana and Grandpa are coming home. I'm excited to see them soon I think Lexi comes home this week which is weird too cause it's already been that long.... Time flies when you're serving the lord I guess! But I'll send some pics from this last week! Also we went on exchanges with the zone leaders and one of them (E. Moore) flew out with me and has never been on a bike so I took him to the farthest possible spot to work for that day. haha I wish I knew that was gonna be the day is was gonna be 96 degrees and 80% humidity.... haha Yeah. I was a little sweaty. But such is life on a bike. :) K love you all!
Elder Derrek Bowler.... OXoxoXXooxx (Nacho)

Longest Bike Ride Ever :)



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