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Tuesday, July 22, 2014

July 21, 2014

Whole zone on some rocks.. haha
Hey guys!
Sorry to hear the Priest activity sucked haha but it builds character and those are the ones you'll never forget. But it's also weird Ashton and Zach are now the oldest at the campouts. Soon we'll be having Bowler reunions but with just us.. That's a weird thought. So I don't have too much to say today but they're were a couple things I wanted to say. First off. I am doing my best to finish strong. And I will. I don't get trunky just excited and then I keep up the work. We're actually trying different things now to get the ward helping a ton because we have found like 2 people the past 3 weeks and quite frankly I'm getting a little sick and tired of knocking on people's doors especially when no one is home nor answers. So we're trying to work with the members who we know are having missionary experiences and then have them bear testimony about it and have them get the rest of the ward excited. Cause the ward is super supportive but as for finding and teaching people here it's a little slow. So the ward trusts us which hasn't been the case with recent elders and so we're excited. I want to leave Beavercreek in a solid pattern of finding and baptizing through the ward and personal efforts. So hopefully that'll happen, I got 8 weeks to make it count! It is a little weird to wrap my head around the fact I'm almost done, Nana and Grandpa are done and other things are happening. It almost doesn't seem real and I don't think it will till I'm on the plane. Which is good cause it'll help me. So there are definitely days when I am dragging butt cause my body feels like it can't take much more. (I'm surprised I'm still functioning some days) haha like I said, it's gotta be the spirit helpin me out.
So in other news. Richard and Tina are doing well. We talked to them about baptism a little more and answered some questions. We're just trying to help them have a spiritual witness that these things are true, but they just have a hard time even reading the Book of Mormon. If they got baptized though that would be a sweet miracle cause the ward hasn't had a baptism here in over a year and a half or something like that. But it'll be good. We're still working hard with them.
Also. I now have a new companion as of 5 o'clock yesterday. His name is E. Ryan Baldwin and he's from Loveland, Colorado.. So Wendy, What ward are you in?? haha E. Bullock had to clear some things up so he flew home today. E. Baldwin has been out a transfer and a half. So I guess I'm kinda training him for like 2 weeks..? His trainer was a joke and it's interesting. Hearing him talk is like De ja vu cause it sounds almost IDENTICAL to the beginning of mine. But he's a lot more chipper now that's he's here which is cool. We'll get a long great. haha it's funny he has a girlfriend and he's saying the same stuff I did about Lex, Like It's not like she's a distraction I just miss her type thing. haha and now looking back I missed Lexi more than I convinced myself I did. But he didn't have the crazy psychic blow that I took, but it's just funny and President told me I'll most likely just die here. So there's like a 2% chance I'll get transferred hahah but yeah. So it'll be good and I'm glad I go home soon and will be in Salt Lake (hopefully soon.. I don't know what the Lord has planned)
I went on exchanges this last week with E. Simkins (he is one of the funniest kids I've ever met hahaha I love the kid to death!) but yeah. I tried to help him plan and figure out new finding Ideas for their area and I just passed the crap out. Like I was gone... that happened with E. Bullock too. Haha missions.. they catch up to ya!... then again. I get up at 5:45 to try and get a good workout started around 6:15. I made a super annoying alarm with me singing in falsetto to "wake up" haha it's rich... Well. I included some pics from this last week and our Zone fun day today at this nature place here. It was very green and made me wanna hike the narrows! Love and miss you all!!

Elder Derrek Bowler 

E. Peterson. Me. E. Bean. E. Jones. (Go fight win)

People ruining the pic with Petey and I

Able to finally get a cool one with Petey :)

Exchange with E. Simkins and the pic he took of me when I crashed haha

Last goodbye to E. Bullock till go home

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