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Sunday, July 6, 2014

June 30, 2014

Hey Mom!
So No I don't have a problem staying in Phoenix at all. It'll be cool to go support Wes and Jennie. Since Mike was Catholic I'm anxious to go see what a Mass is like! Plus the shopping thing I'm down for haha. I need new clothes bad. Btw. They have really good deals on Nike's here. Just saying. They're like half off at this store. So if anyone wants clothes or ties or shoes lemme know and we can get some home. I had to use the 50 you put in the account for some clothes and food (Eating healthy isn't cheap.) and didn't get a chance to send stuff home. I'll prolly just do that my last transfer or in a month or so. But I'm curious do we have things figured out Work wise or transportation wise or any of that? When is the deadlines for applications for the January semester? Also can we try and figure out some way to do a homecoming talk in St. Geezy? and spend a week there saying hi to family and such? Just curious since I have no clue what's going down yet.
So life here in Beavercreek isn't too exciting. Our pool is pretty dry as well. The only people we really work with is Richard and Tina. They came to a baptism for a neighboring ward (Most awkward baptism ever. The baptism before started to drain the font so by the time this baptism came around it was at knee height. So she had to get baptized three times and on the third time she just sat in the font and laid back..It was brutal to watch. Especially having investigators there) and Richard and Tina also came to church!! (Took us four weeks to finally get someone to church.. Gosh it's brutal!) So I'm curious how this next transfer will be. We do a lot of biking and knocking on doors that don't answer. It's pretty discouraging after a while but I'm trying to hold my head up. It's just a dead area and sometimes it gets hard to want to get up and keep trying. Luckily we have Richard and Tina so we're doing everything we can to get them up and running. She's reading the Book of Mormon and having little "Aha" moments with it. It's cool. Church wasn't the best experience for them. The talks in Sacrament where great but their little granddaughters we're kinda distracting. They talked about conversion and how it's a lifetime process. They just said is was super long and prolly not it's true. It can be long and it's not the most exciting church. haha but you don't go to be entertained.
This past week we also had a lot of people needing our help. Like last minute moves cause no one else in the ward can really help. So in less than 24 hours (Friday night and Saturday morning) we spent like 6-7 hours moving people. Dad, Mom, I'm glad you were really good about moves. Also Dad. I got my tetris skills from you haha. Actually I don't really mind moving people, it's a good work out and it's breaks the monotony of the work but this past week had me in a little funk. But I'm hoping this week gets better. It's weird. I only have one more transfer call left. haha I'm excited but it also feels unreal at the same time. I dunno. It's a weird feeling. But hopefully things start to pick up here cause if I don't start getting busier then it'll make it a little harder these last three months. haha oh well. Calvin sent me a picture of his Tat. haha I can't believe he actually got one. I told him to make it look a little better if he's gonna have one. haha. I'm prolly not helping but lead by example right? haha We'll see how it goes! Love you all! That's really it for this week.
Elder Derrek Bowler. 

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