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Tuesday, May 6, 2014

April 28, 2014

Hey Mom!.... and errybody else
Perfect Timing :) So best address is 3158 Balsam Lake Dr Columbus, OH 43219. Transfers are on the 15th of May so I dunno if I'll stay or go but if you wouldn't mind I would love to read that new Brad Wilcox book if you'd be down to send it. If not I can wait... Apparently E. McC got his visa cleared so there's a good chance he's shipped to Brazil... Who knows haha and yeah it was great seeing Mike. He just drove over to our area to come take us to lunch it was fun :) will you forward those pics to me so I can save em? Thanks for working on that package :) haha I've been like a giddy little school girl waiting for it! haha K not really but I'm excited! I am so glad Alec's blog is updated. Imma write him cause I think I know how to help. I sure do miss my bros. I heard from Calvin too. He seems to be doing good. I can't wait to get home to try and kick his butt into gear. Time is definitely going fast now and it's just the craziest thing to me.

Recently like I said I've been working on seeing who God needs me to be and I kinda got stuck but Mike actually helped me out find the solution. So I have had a couple experiences that lead me to believe that God needs me for a big purpose. And I was trying to find this "Big" one answer solution that will just spring board me forward. And I realized something when I was telling Mike this and his answer. So I realized that I'm on the right path. I know I don't or won't have everything figured out now but I was expecting something to just send me flying. And that's not how things are gonna fly. I realized that God knows me perfectly. and Loves me perfectly, Actually my testimony of God's love has grown immensely recently and that's my main focus on helping my investigators. Because NOTHING else matters in religion or church or even the commandments until we realize and understand and KNOW how much God truly and deeply loves us. Then everything else begins to make sense and stops feeling like a burden and is viewed as the blessing it is meant to be. We had the privilege of going to the temple this past Thursday and we got to watch the latest new video. (Bro. Bristow even showed up for a session and that was an extra blessing!) But I love both videos for different reasons. I get different learning experiences from the two combined. In this new one I love how they portrayed God. He has this look of deep concern for our welfare and is constantly seeking and providing solutions for us at every single turn. It was really cool and helped me feel that much closer to my Father in Heaven. I am truly grateful for my Savior, and for a loving Parents both Earthly and Heavenly who truly and deeply love me. I feel it so strong and it fills my heart in was that haven't happened before.
This past week was actually really good. I was able to get out of that little head funk. I still have some moments where it's all cloudy but this past week we were really blessed to see great progress being made here. I guess the biking in -40 degree weather is finally paying off ;) haha and we aren't really doing anything different. But our hearts are a little different and all of the things that are happening are because of God. I'm just regular ol Derrek Bowler from St. Geezy. "And I like to party..." (haha sorry. Hot Rod quote) but I've been seeing more how the Lord is able to use me and my talents to help people here. I've been focusing more on my district and their needs. And in all honestly a DL is nothing special. But I love the opportunity I have to create a closer bond with those I serve along with. To try to help them and motivate them to reach their fullest potential and the things that are happening the credit still goes to God. But I'm grateful he is using me. :)
Dwayne is amazing. He already has a strong testimony and has said "I don't know why more people aren't mormon.." Well quite frankly not everyone can quote the bible like he can and can understand and see how much they compliment each other. He's a testimony builder in multiple ways. How the Lord knows his children and prepares them all (like our GPS' guiding us constantly) and how the Book of Mormon changes lives. So powerfully. I love the Book of Mormon and I know it's true. I've never doubted it's truth and divinity. But I haven't had a chance to truly see the effect it has on the hearts of man. It's helped me in my life time and time again and I continue to receive guidance and direction. I'm so excited for the things my future holds. For the opportunities I will get to have to become the best I can be. And to one day run into my saviors arms and feel a joy like none other as we both walk up to Father. I am excited to see the person who I will marry and to see our lives blessed from all of this and to understand more clearly the love you and dad and Heavenly Father have for me as I take on the role of a parent. I realized something else this past week during a spontaneous Specialized Training we had this past week. It was more like an Intervention but I did get some good stuff even though I've heard most of it before. I realized how much of a blessing my Mission has been to me now and how great of an impact this Mission will have on my life. I don't think any other Mission or Mission President would have been able to provide that opportunity for me. Because no other mission has the kind of ethic my life truly needs. Our mission is the fastest growing and most productive mission on this side of the U.S. and is seeing growth from year to year. President Nilsen is very good at what he does and recently I've started to have more respect for him. I have never brown-nosed or butt-kissed and deliberately avoid that at any costs. But he's taught me a lot, and that I'm grateful for.
We had a pretty good week. Got to go to a mission open house with Dwayne at the mission home to mingle with other missionaries. I got a chance to talk with some new people and got to see old friends. Dwayne is close to the lord and it is ama-za-zing. Sheree is doing good as well. We helped her paint a room this past week and that was fun. Got to know her a little more and talk a little bit with her. Even had a good lesson after we haven't seen her in forever. This district is awesome and such a good group of kids. They're all making great growth and understanding more what it is to be a missionary. We had a huge finding challenge this past week and we set a goal for 15 gators (which is pretty decent for our district. Since finding is harder in some areas) but we shattered that and found 30. It was so cool getting the calls from each area and seeing the growth they made this past week. And we all rejoiced together. Alma 29: 14-16 Dwayne is now on date for May 17th and we're excited for him. He will be a great addition to this ward and wants to help other people cause he feels the Lord can greatly use him. Especially cause he's black. (He said that haha) in his own words he said "I don't know if you know this but I'm black" when he told us about the Lord using him haha. We're making good progress with an eternigator Sam Lee which was awesome to experience and see. Hopefully we'll be able to help her build a relationship that's clear and recognizable with God. I told her to forget about everything about the mormons that stops you from joining because you don't wanna give up you past life and just focus right now on developing a good relationship with God. That matters more than the Word of Wisdom, or the Coffee of the Weed or Tithing. Understanding those things come over time and will make sense eventually. I love you all. I am very grateful for the man I am today and for God's help in getting me here. I love my family more than words will ever give justice to and I love all the friends I have. I especially love those who I have been blessed by out here. My Converts, My fellow missionaries and the members I get to serve along side with. This past week was really good and has helped me to appreciate his area and the work that has gone in it. I love my Father in Heaven and my Savior Jesus Christ and I am truly grateful they never abandon me. Even when I'm being a stubborn little turd. haha I am grateful for the testimony I have and the faith I am blessed with. Thank you all for your help and blessing my life. I am here because of your efforts. Here are a couple fun pics from this past week. Including our Zone at the Temple. :) LOVE YA!!!

Elder Derrek Bowler 

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