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Tuesday, May 6, 2014

May 5, 2014

Hey Ma.
So I don't have much time at all today. We had a pretty decent week. Yesterday we helped someone move so we gave up pday time for that. It was good. It was for Whitney and I'm hoping she gets active again. This past week we lost contact with Dwayne for a week. Which always happens it seems but he called us Sunday morning and says he was studying more and has questions and wants to sit down and really talk. Which I'm glad cause it was a huge relief. So hopefully that all works out smoothly and goes well. We've been doing pretty good here. We had interviews this last week and those were good. Nothing too special. Umm. yeah. haha Nothing really too eventful happened this past week. I'm doing good. Still learning and doing the best I can. :) Next week is transfers and OH that's right. Elder McCullough got his Visa so he'll be leaving the 13th two days before transfers. So I'll end up with someone new. I'm not sure if I'll stay or go but whatever. :) And We get to call this week so when I get more info on that I'll let you guys know :) K love you all! Miss ya and thank you for all you guys do! Hope you start feeling better! I had a brutal cold that knocked me out for once haha. It was good cause I got to rest for a bit. But it was weird. It's crazy green here again. Spring came and went super fast. Last year it lasted longer. But time is flying now but I still feel like I have a year. When I only have a few months left... It's just the weirdest feeling to me haha. And E. Cornia goes home next week and that's tripping me out cause it's already here! Man I remember feeling I couldn't possibly make it 41/2 months cause that was too long and now I have less than that left! just weird... K Love ya!! Talk to you Sunday!! :D 

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