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Monday, May 19, 2014

May 19, 2014

Hey mamma!!
So I'm not actually in Dayton. Dayton itself and everything west is in the other mission. But Yeah I'm in good ol Beavercreek. and Back on a bike. which I don't mind too much! It's not all that bad. But my new comp is E. Bullock. He's from Draper, UT and has been out for a little over 6 months. He's a stud. I was actually praying a couple days before getting transferred that my next comp would just be a bro. Someone who I can get along with, Be myself, hardworker so that we can just tear it up and do well. So I got E. Bullock and I already love the kid. We have quite a bit in common which makes things nice and I think we'll do well here in Beavercreek. So we got Doubled in. My 3rd time now. They closed our part of Big Walnut Creek so now that ward is back down to two sets of missionaries. Which I think is a good thing for that ward. But I actually miss it there. I don't miss the work too much cause it was just a constant cycle of people flaking out but the ones we got to build relationships I miss greatly. So it's a good area and I'm grateful to have served there. So I think God has a sense of humor cause I was talking to E. Blalock (back in BWC) about how he was gonna step up and be a DL and he just said nah Imma be doubled into Beavercreek with a duck. But lo and behold I got doubled in, luckily not with a duck. Although that may have been cool. But this area is pretty dead to say the least. It's always been a harder area. So I also think we're here to pick it up! Which is what I'm excited to be doing! We've been getting to know the members here and build simple trust with them and just serve them at every opportunity. Actually this area is REALLY nice. and for once I don't have any ghetto. It's almost a weird adjustment because I have a harder time talking to White people than I do Black people. In the hood everyone will talk to you no prob. They just never go anywhere. In the upper class part of the spectrum. Nobody will talk to you. So I think a lot of the work here is gonna be through the members. Most are here for the Air Force at Wright-Patt Air force base so it's actually a pretty big ward. When we first got here we had two RM's come pick us up from the transfer meeting, Duffy Young and Tony Aleccia. Duffy just got home from Brazil like a week or two ago and Tony got back from France in January I think. They're pretty funny. But super missionary focused (surprising huh? :P) but we never received our keys so our first day here we stayed at the Young's home to try and get our grounds. Pretty hectic and we got a tour of our area. So Since then We've just been trying to visit the members and less-actives. And all that. It's been pretty good and I think we'll get the trust back quick. The apartment has absolutely no food, Like literally it had two ketchup packets. A half thing of peanut butter and a bag of Jolly Rancher jelly beans... The Elders before got shipped out a couple weeks ago. One went home for medical reasons and the other just got Emergency Transferred. So they cleaned everything. We don't even have a teaching pool so we just got dropped right into the dead of it! But We're gonna pick it up, missionaries in the past kinda messed things up and just didn't want to work. But this isn't the first time this has happened to me. So I'm excited to see what the Lord is gonna do with us here! The members though are amazing. They seriously have helped us a ton. They jumped on board to help us get some food and I took before and after pictures of the fridge and pantry to show the difference. So now we just gotta keep the trust and build it with other members. The WML and his wife Bro and Sis. Cross are amazing!! They are so great And I think things will start to roll quite nicely with the ward. It's a little overwhelming and stressful sometimes just cause it's a different kind of missionary work then I'm used to so gimme a week or so and we'll have it figured out. But I am grateful to be serving here and the things I get to learn!! It's all just part of the routine now. :) I'm doing really well though. Growing every day and my testimony is deepening a lot. I'm so grateful for the people in my life who have truly blessed it more than they'll ever know. Those that I've met out here whether they by Gators, Members, or Missionary and those that I have back home who are still there for me in my life and have stuck through with me and even the ones who moved on. I've still been blessed from that and all it I'm eternally grateful for. I love this gospel. I love my Savior and brother. I love my father in heaven. I am grateful for the testimony that I have and all that it does for me. Thank you all for your prayers and support. I don't have a lot to write but just know I'm doing really well. I love and miss you all!!
Elder Derrek Bowler

PS I'll try to send pics soon! Either today or next week :) 

PSS. This past week was interesting. It was weird saying goodbye to Cornia for a time but I'm glad he's able to move on and progress now. It's like losing a family member sometimes not gonna lie. But it's all good. It's just cool the relationships you build out here.

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