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Thursday, April 3, 2014

April 2, 2014

Hey Mom,
Thanks for the update. So To be completely honest I don't have much to say. It starts to seem like every week the same things just keep happening. This past week we were actually blessed a little more with people to teach and everything. Actually the one cool guy we found was Dwayne. He related super well to the Restoration and actually quoted the scriptures we use to us! That was sweet. And we also helped move a family that are really cool but not super interested. We're just trying to figure out what to do here to actually get people to progress. This past Sunday all of our gators bailed on us and I was walking around with a bag with egg yolks and chopped veggies and meat to make omelets haha and the member we had with us just took us back to his place and I just made omelets for them there. So. Transfers are also tomorrow. E. McC and I are both staying which will throw my record off a little bit cause Since Westland every area I've been in I was only in for 3 Months and I haven't had a companion longer than 4 1/2 months. and that was Pebbles. So To be honest, I'm a little bummed. This area is burning me out and It's hard not seeing more success cause I just feel like I'm wasting my time and I'm just not really enjoying myself... But Imma keep working hard and start to try and make it more fun. Hopefully this next transfer things pick up! But anyways. Oh Tim is in Jail and that was depressing and everyone else just tells us they don't want to be mormon. They'll listen but that's about it. I also think the 3 sets of missionaries are burning our ward (It's a friggin branch) and so we taught 5th sunday lesson and I don't think that got anyone excited. We're trying our best to tell everyone that they don't have to do the things they usually think of when they hear "Missionary Work" Just be a friend to people around you and just talk about the gospel in super simple ways like "I enjoyed myself at church this past sunday" and then people will ask and if they ask questions then you just tell them "well I have two friends of mine who actually talk about this stuff all the time, we could do dinner or something and I'll invite them over" or you can just invite your friends to activities.. But Everyone is comfortable and don't want to do anything. Which is understandable. So We're constantly trying to find new ways to switch things up cause not much has happened over the past 3 months it feels like. Sorry if this email sounds a little negative. I'm just a little frustrated but it's just a part of my learning and that's what matter most. I love you all. Thanks for helping me out always. How's Alec doing? Tell the family I love em all! I'll write more on Monday! :)
Elder Derrek Bowler.

PS- The weather is getting better. We were scrimping on miles so we had to bike and we always seem to pick the days when the weather sucks haha. We had a total white out snow storm last week and then yesterday it got to 75 and so it's crazy during spring. Nothings really blossomed yet. But it's getting close. So That was interesting. And we also went on exchanges and met the weirdest people. I even witnessed a drug deal that was less than 5 feet away from us haha. Freaking nuts.... but yeah! And I also was able to pay my ticket the day before I got a warrant for my arrest!! haha We had to go downtown cause I didn't have the extra money to pay online! Such is the life of a missionary! Also mom. If you could put a little extra in with the Excema lotion so I can get personal items that would be great. Love ya!!

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