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Sunday, April 13, 2014

April 7, 2014

Hey guys!
First off thanks mom and dad for your emails. I'm trying to do better at all that. I hate feeling like a robot so I'm not really one. Just feel like I'm going through the motions at times. Which isn't all that great either. I think a lot of it is just me beating myself up cause I just feel I haven't reached where I thought I would be at this point and just trying to deal with people and situations that I don't want to deal with. But that's the wrong way to look at it I guess. Conference helped a ton actually. I have been looking forward to it for a while now cause all the questions I've been having have just been weighing me down. But I got a little pick me up so things should start getting better. Hopefully soon. This area has just been a little difficult. Which happens from time to time. There were a lot of talks that I likes. Saturday and Sunday morning and also Priesthood sessions were amazing. I got a lot from it all and can't wait to go through and study it all in more depth! I loved both of Elder Uchtdorf's, Elder Hollands, Elder Hallstroms, And the man who spoke about The olympic athletes. That one answered much of my questions.

 So pretty much this past week was transfers and conference weekend so not a whole lot happened. We did have some pretty cool lessons though. And things in the ward are moving forward. Our bishop is actually really missionary minded. it's just trying to help the ward feel the same way. There's only 45 active members basically and I think the task scares and stresses them all out. But our ward just finished a 40-day fast and things have already started to roll forward. So that's cool to see. Dwayne is solid. He is probably the hope for this area that everyone needs. He studies so in depth and wants to dig into the Book of Mormon. He came to Priesthood session and got so much out of it! It was very cool to see. We also taught Donny Brown. His dad is a less active member and Donny is a child of record but never got baptized. I think he's in his 30's. But a car fell on him and drug him for 30 feet and left his bottom half paralyzed. So he's in a hard time right now. But we were able to go over there and hopefully can start helping him. I'm trying my best to focus on others, and at times it's hard cause I think we all feel we need to be right ourselves in order to lift another. (which we do but I feel like I constantly need more improvement. So I sometimes miss the mark.. I'm learning haha) but yeah. Things are starting to pick up and I'm trying to always better myself. It was great seeing everyone at the transfer meeting (I went cause E. Beverley went home) but I got to see Mike and all my mission buddies :) So that was cool. I'm also really glad the sun is shining a lot more! haha I miss the warmth and the sun and heat. (humidity can still be forgotten but I'll take it for the time being haha) I hope all is going well with you guys and know I love and miss you all and try my best to make you all proud. Love ya!!
Elder Derrek Bowler. 

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