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Thursday, March 27, 2014

March 24, 2014

Hey Everyone!
So I hope everyone is doing well. I'm doing pretty well out here. This past week was kinda rough. I've been thinking a lot about the roll of the sower. And it can be a very hard roll to play. All of the investigators that we had all dropped for the most part or just aren't progressing. We were able to find a couple other people which is a blessing cause we're not completely at a loss. But Sheree dropped us on Sunday after doing some research about Mormons which sucks. I think she'll find her way back though. Tim dropped off the grid again and so we're going to give him a break for a little while. It's been a weird transfer. Cause each week progressively the people just flake out. And I don't think rear ending that guy going 3 miles an hour was a good way to start the week ;) haha but oh well. You live and you learn. Not much I can do except that which is in my control. I'm trying to not feel like a complete failure cause ya know. People dropping can lead to feelings of I'm not a good teacher. And the things I'm not good at I'm trying better to fix those areas. It's been a weird week though. I've been in this little funk and I'm trying to get out of it. We did have a couple good lessons at the beginning of the week. We had dinner with Sam Lee. who is the wife of Jared Lee who is a member. So that was cool. She doesn't like the whole sit down lesson thing or reading the book of mormon or really praying but yet she's come to church every week for the past 5 years cause she's socially converted but doesn't want to give up her lifestyle so she avoids getting a testimony. Or ignores the one she has... I'm still scratching my brain at how to get her to progress.. We also had a lesson with James Hughes. He's an older gentleman and knows a little bit about the church. We had a good restoration lesson with him. But now the hard part is getting in an appointment. Lee Pryor. His Pentecostal church is kicking our butt! They have him so busy over there and he's having a hard time in the "mid-church" phase. He was gonna come to church yesterday but wasn't able to. Which is sad. Yesterday at church everything was focused on Adversity... how appropriate right? It was good. I wasn't able to quite focus as much as I would have liked to. We're doing good. and helping as many people as we can. Yesterday we randomly helped some people move some couches and furniture out of their house cause their being evicted. haha Some real ghetto people but it was cool. I enjoyed it. Made me laugh. I'm trying my best to get out area up and running and being a good leader to help the rest of the district. I gotta do better at focusing on them. We did talk to a couple people though that I felt good about. One was Saturday night. We went to the store to get some cinnamon rolls to make for people and we talked to a lady who has some potential. Her name was Vickie and she was a really nice lady. Then E. McC was gonna pee his pants so we went to the bathroom and there was a guy just chillin in the food court. Only one there and I just decided to talk to him. He was really cool. Claims he's agnostic but I just talked about him and what he enjoyed doing and gave him a card a bore a simple testimony. He's moving up north and actually lives in the Westland ward I think. Or close to it. But that was a cool experience. So not everyday is bad. We have little things that are good but all the big things are what is slipping through. But it's all good. I'm learning lots. OH! we also went on exchanges in the Zone Leader's area and that was interesting... It was a beautiful day around 60 degrees (right now it dropped back down to 27 haha... friggin Ohio..) but we went service contacting in the hood... Not really the best place to do it. We gave some guys a card or two and then turns out it was a drug deal. haha like 2 feet in front of us haha then talked to some drunk rednecks. I also attempted to eat salmon and crab sauce stuff! I didn't finish but I tried it! Grandpa would be so proud ;) haha Then we told the BWC sisters we were gonna blitz their area so they gave us a couple names to try and first door was this like... Schizophrenic Transvestite?... Or something... I couldn't quite make out what she/he was... But anyways that was a funny experience and I couldn't help but laugh cause she like was nice at first and then freaked out on me and it was just surprising. but fun. I love and miss you all. That's pretty much all for this past week. Nothing too special! :)
Elder Derrek Bowler

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