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Thursday, March 6, 2014

March 3, 2014

Hey Erryone!
So mom don't feel bad. You guys I don't think can ever fail me. I just feel bad cause I understand your situation and I don't want to make it worse. I can wait and everything that's no problem, The stupid contacts thing was such a fat headache... I'll talk a little more about that later.
So it's interesting to me how missions work. Sometimes you have really amazing weeks and others you just wait to end. Sometimes the work progresses really well and other times you hit a wall and wonder "what more could I do?" This past week was one of those ones where everything falls through and you're stuck starting over...
So needless to say most of our days were scrambling around trying to visit people see if any were interested or solid etc. Pretty much cleaning up our teaching pool. We find a decent amount of people. Only problem is that it is brutally difficult getting past the Restoration.. We had a good lesson with Tim (I have these Motivational CD's to keep me going on the rough days they're pretty sick) But we listened to that with him to kinda get him pumped to start progressing. That's been a battle in itself. So we're workin on it. Every other lesson we had planned fell through with him cause he has to help his cousin. So it's understandable.
Everyone else isn't really progressing too quick. Most are out of town or working or something. I think Thursday is when E. McC and I drove down to Huber Heights to try and get the contacts.. Yeah that was obnoxious. Totally got denied to even get my eyes checked and to have it cost extra was ridiculous. So I just called E. Beverley, Spaulding, Cook, and Donaldson and we all went to Steak N' Shake for lunch. It was good seeing them. I also got to see Bro. (Grandpa) Bristow. So that was good.
Wednesday I did the District Meeting. It was alright. Nothing special. Like I said. Leadership is overrated but needed I guess. It just doesn't mean anything missionary wise. I did have Mike help me out. It was great seeing him. I miss serving around him. haha But Over all I think it went okay.
Friday, Saturday, and Sunday were all pretty rough days (where all your efforts feel wasted and you just sit back and think... What the heck just happened? haha). Everything fell through and most of our gators we just dropped. We did find a decent amount of people. But pretty much this is what happens when Missionaries are left to find through their own efforts. Guys save the missionaries heartache and help em out. It really doesn't take much more than being a friend to someone and just inviting them. You don't need to teach the gospel to them. That's why there is missionaries. Just take care of the social conversion and be a friend. It really helps us so much and I'm so grateful for the members who sacrifice their time to help us out. There is SO much joy when one participates in the converting power of the gospel. When you guys see that change in someone you care about. You will see a different sense of Joy. and increase in your own testimony. Seriously. I'll bet my left... finger on it. hahaha I think Dad will pick up what I was gonna put down. Sniff what I stepped in. ya know. haha :P
So I gotta jet. But In short I'm glad this week is new so we can start over. We got hit with a snow storm yesterday and yes Church was cancelled for the 3rd time. We were able to get sacrament still at a members home which helped a TON! But I don't have much to say this week. Things are still going good. I would still love to hear your testimony/conversion stories. So That'd be sick. And I don't think I ever got the P90X so that's a bummer. Oh well. K Love you all! thanks for the constant love and support!!

Elder Derrek Bowler

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