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Tuesday, October 1, 2013

Sept. 30, 2013

Hey Mom!
I'm so glad you had a happy birthday!! That sounds like a ton of fun and yes I'll do the picture thing. and YES I'd love to have a "kit" for teaching. I do pretty well with kids and have a couple things I use, but I'll gladly take anything I can use! I would think it was just those Elders cause most people either do or don't have a problem with teaching kids. It just depends on if you can handle them or not. But that'd be awesome :)
I don't think Mike has his blessing yet or not. But he's doing good. I still keep in contact with him. I love that guy. He does a lot for all he can and it's just cool to see him with situations :) So Glad you got the pictures from the Fowler's and I have too taken a serious picture it's just rare ;) Stupid ones are more fun :) We were over there just hanging out. We watched 17 Miracles and kinda just goofed around :) it was fun! Thanks also for getting that stuff out to me. The sidebag thing is like the gayest thing I've ever heard. Plus I'm on a bike.. Those two don't go together, but thanks for helping out with that anyways. I'm good on shoes. Mine are good and Mike is fixing the broken one.
So this past week was actually a pretty good one. The work is finally picking up here in Hilliard and the ward is getting more and more missionary minded. I've loved the ward even before that but it's pretty freaking sweet. This ward is prolly my favorite that I've served in because all of the people are so great. I still love Westland and such but just select people. It's just good all around.
So I'll just go through the week :) So Last Monday was pretty hectic. We were busy and had a double dinner with the Shurtz family and then right after we had another one at the Matsoso's. They were both really great and they're sweet people. I was just so full! haha then after we did family home evening at the Fowler's. It was pretty spiritual and I don't even remember what was said. It was just a good lesson and I hope it helped them cause they need it. Tuesday we had a surprise specialized training and that was pretty good. Most of what's said is just repeated over and over but I still learn a couple things. I don't really remember what all went down from 2-6 that day, We did exchanges for a short little bit and I was with E. Young. He's still a boss and we taught an investigator E. Young and Monahan found. Jibson. He's pretty solid but I doubt I'll have anything to do with him. but we all had dinner at the Rhees' they are a super sweet couple. He's super funny and chill. We went and played soccer with the ward afterwards (we had Prince show up) K I swear, I still hate soccer. And I swear I was better when I was in that little league crap in Vegas. Haha but it was good. I do well on defense cause I'll just attack the ball but as soon as I get it I don't know what to do with myself.. Prince was surpisingly good though so that was cool. Wednesday we had a couple good lessons. We talked to the Sanabria's for a couple hours and printed out copies of Jesus. We went over to Elder Martin's home (He works with Family History) but that was pretty good. He was the first temple president of the Columbus temple so he has a bunch of marble from it. So we all have a little piece of it :) We had dinner with the Steele's that night and that was pretty good. But it went over a bit so it shot our night basically. But we went over to Meijer's and printed out pictures and we made a big one of Monahan and I for E. Park. and Mike met up with us and helped us deck out the other Elder's apartment cause they were gone on a 24-hour exchange with the ZL's. It was funny, and we had a good night there. Thursday was hectic. I had the dentist that day. (I don't know if Sis Niu called you but that was just such a waste and I'm sorry) But before that we helped the ZL's move a member in their ward and since they're a tripanionship Cornia took us to the dentist. Well after that we had to figure out how to get Cornia back cause his comps had a lesson and it was just crazy. Anyways long story short we did a spontaneous exchange and I went up with the zl's and Monahan went with Park and Young. It was good. We saw a couple people. Knocked on people's doors and they answer just baked out of their minds. It's funny haha then we saw a less active member for a bit. That night we wrestled. The last time I wrestled was with Wheadon. My stamina was so bad. But I wrestled Bishop and he's a light short kid who somehow got me in the sleeper hold and I almost passed out. haha but I tapped. Then their greenie decided to wrestle. So I eventually wrestle him and he's this 250 pound Phillipino kid who's just solid.. I won though after a double leg lock. I was so burnt out on all sorts of energy.. but yeah.. that was fun but President just like chewed all the leadership out for that haha sooo yeah... Friday was good and relaxing cause nothing happened. Elder Niu needed our help to drive some new 2014 Cruze's down to the body shop to get hitches and that was fun cause I got to drive one alone and so did Cornia.. They're zippy little cars. Like Go-karts. I wanted to race Cornia but we didn't :P then we get back and it was supposed to be weekly planning but Bishop pushed Cornia and I to wrestle which it was our first time. It was fun cause we're like dead on even. In strength, height weight. Even body type, and we both had no clue what we're doing. So the first time he got me in this weird headlock and I tapped cause my neck is already bad enough and Bishop just destroyed it the night before. but we went again and I won with a leg lock. We both cranked on each other's legs cause it was a double leg lock. It hurt but was fun. Oh and the other Elders had a crazy experience. Remember that dude that knocked on the car window when I was with E. Young forever ago and just bashed hardcore with us. Well after the Hilliard Elders taught a lesson to a gator he knocks on her door and goes off about us and tells her we're evil etc etc. Then she tells him to screw off and leave and then he follows the Elders to bash with them! It was nuts! People are so stupid and think they're doing such good! but they're not. Saturday we had the AP's blitz our area for a little bit. and that was good. I went with E. Nielsen who graduated a year before I did at SC and also worked at Ford in STG. Small world! But that was good. We talked to a guy we knocked in before. And he went off on us and it was just nuts. Apparently E. Kujanpaa (now an AP) said I'm going DL next transfer and everyone's pushing for it and I don't want it. Leadership is so dumb out here. I just wanna help others without worrying about stupid titles. So we'll see. It's dumb though and I don't like it. But yeah. We talked to one of Emily's friends on Saturday who wants to get back in church. She's really responsible and cute and only 19 but hanging with such a bad crowd. She just helps others and you don't see that too much. Her name is Stephanie and I guess has a lot of problems too but we'll fix that. The gospel will help. Sunday was really good. Church was great. We got Prince and Emily there (I made them Omelets) and I bore testimony about the gospel. And expressed my love for the gospel and ward members. Then like a couple kids in the ward said really simple things that just got me all choked up. Like how missionaries are awesome and fix peoples spirits. I dunno it was just tender cause It was a soft moment for me. We get back and E. Monahan takes a long nap. but We had dinner at 5 with the Rynearson's. He's from STG too. Then Omer comes with us to teach Stephanie at 6 and that was really good too. Then we stopped by Prince and Emily to wish Prince a Happy Birthday (he's 20 now) then at 7 we saw Liz and Tommy. They're doing good. We're going out with them again this Friday. Then after that at 8 we went to the Fowler's and that's where you got the pics from :) haha I have pictures I need to send but never have time cause it takes so freaking long for it to happen. anyways. I'll get them out eventually. Sorry! Thanks to all those who've written! I love and miss you all! Church is True!
Elder Derrek Bowler

having a good time at the Fowler's house

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