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Tuesday, October 29, 2013

New Area...

Hey Mom,
So I don't have much time once again. So I'll try and make this as quick as I can. Since I last wrote not too much has happened. It's been a good couple days though. The ward here is like beyond missionary minded. They're really a great bunch of people and I think I'll fit in just fine. I just gotta find the balance between it all cause it's exhausting at times. Dad, Any suggestions? Like with the perfectionism balance type thing? Cause I could use some advice. Also, Mom. I'd like to hear that story thing you talked about a couple letters ago.
So I'll just touch on a couple things. First. We went and tried to see the Lewis family (members in the ward) and we asked her about her neighbors. And they just moved in the past three or four months and already know like most of her neighbors really well. It was cool cause we got the scoop and got a couple potentials from her. They're a cool family and they built this house out of cardboard boxes that held all three of us and her two kids. It was nuts. I have pictures so I'll try and send them next week. So that day we went and tried her neighbors and then we see her 7 year old son Nathan with his little rain boots and his Book of Mormon and asked if he could come tract with us.... That was prolly the coolest thing I've ever seen! He was just talking about all his friends and how he invites them to primary and etc. It was cool to see that. Also. It is really fun having an Asian as a companion. We went and tried a member's neighbor after finding out the neighbor was from Cambodia (or around there) and that's where E. Chhay's family is from. So we knock on the door and it was soo funny watching two Asians who have thick accents try and talk to each other. The guy didn't know much English but E. Chhay was so funny. He asked the guy where he was from and then said, "Awesome... I love talking to.... Asians?..."  He just took a long pause to think about what he wanted to say and it just sounded so funny with the situation.
There is a family we're working with here. Robert and Angel. They're such a sweet family. E. Chhay found them before we came but it's been cool to get to know them. They have a good desire but Angel just needs to get work off on Sunday's so she can come. They're also not married so we're trying to get them to pray for a date.  I also got to see the Fowler's at church yesterday, cause that's their brother's ward and they came for the primary program.
Anyways, I think that's it so far. If I think of anything else I'll write in next week. Thanks for your email mom.  Oh, and  the beds out here are horrible and technically I don't really have one right now. I crash either in the hammock our apartment has or on the floor. So just let me know on that one! K love and miss you guys!
Elder Derrek Bowler 

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