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Thursday, October 17, 2013


Hey Mom, 
So they gave me a little time to write and update you guys on everything. So they shipped me down to Dayton again. Huber Heights actually (It borders Englewood). I'm with the ZL's again and it kinda frustrated me because President blew everything up. Calling me a Canker? He thinks all we did was party and smoke or something like other missionaries he's dealt with, but the fact is we built Hilliard up. That was a crap area and the ward did not like missionaries. But we built it up and got the ward to love us. and President doesn't think that. So he probably put me with the Zone Leaders to be babysat. Which is totally unnecessary. And I've been trying to figure out what God is trying to teach me with all this because it has just been the craziest and most frustrating past couple of weeks. And like everything I feel I worked hard to do just went to waste. But I read your letter, dad, and it helped. And either way all I have is now. It's not like I was a disobedient missionary. Yeah we saw the other Elders a lot but it was to unify us and the ward with the work. And helping each other out. We were the 4 most random kids that could have been put together and struggled at first but at the end of it we became pretty good friends. So in a couple weeks when everything settles down I want to talk to President again and just try and set things straight. Because it was just out of control and when he's pissed he doesn't let you talk. Sooo yeah. Anyways. I've definitely grown a lot recently that's for sure. and I'm doing my best down here. It's a really good area. So I think it'll help bring back the desire to actually do missionary work instead of dreading it like I have previously. So far I get along great with my companions. E. Chhay (like Chai coffee) and E. Beverley who got transferred in with me. We all have different personalities but it seems to work so far. and I'm trying to stay positive and happy about the situation. But I'm trying to do better at having charity for all those around me and all those I've dealt with. It's a process and it's humbling but "whom the Lord loveth he Chasteneth" and President did bring up a couple good points. I was living beneath my potential and I am grateful because now I have a way to reach it quick. Where I think before it was easy for me to not care as much. It's a fun cycle but it's a good growing experience. And Alec should know that he is not a bad missionary. For some odd reason I got wrapped in stupid crap around dumb people and things just blew up. I don't know why the Lord had it be that way. Maybe that was the only way to get me to a great area quick? I dunno either way. It's for a reason and I'm still trying to figure it out. The area is sweet though. There's no room in the apartment for 3 people. So I'm chillin on a cot for a while. It's old school and ghetto. And as a missionary, It's fun. Fun to be in the ghetto again. I forgot what it really was like. Cause Westland is just ghetto but down here it's for real :) haha it's pretty similar to Englewood and it's bringing back those memories. It's crazy how much has happened since then and how fresh off the boat I was. Grandma Nyquist sent a talk about moving forward with faith and getting out of the roundabouts of life (which came at like the perfect time [at the transfer mtg.] thanks a ton grandma!!) but that helped too with just pushing through the crap and squaring my shoulders and just taking this chance to grow. And I will take responsibility for the things I did, and will fix that. So it'll eventually work itself out.  I love you guys and thank you for having my back. Dad I agree him calling you was somehow inspired because you guys have helped me a ton. 
So the area is cool. It's confusing to get my grounds again. I had it down perfect in Columbus, but Dayton is even more confusing. Plus we're in a car (for once!) and it's harder to get your grounds. Especially when you're not driving. But my companions are good examples and I'm glad for the whirlwind of events that have caused a ton of growth recently. Ha I guess I didn't grow enough in Hilliard. ;) 10 years of growth in 2 right?? alright I gotta bounce. But I love and miss you guys. Thanks for keeping me sane :) my new address for prolly only six weeks? is 5869 Prince Edward Way. Huber Heights, OH 45424 but just to be safe I'd send it to the mission office. Alright. Keeses :)

Elder Derrek Bowler

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