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Friday, September 27, 2013

September 23, 2013

Hey Everyone!
So this past week has been a decent one. Not too much went down but it feels like it's just been absolutely hectic, anyways. I'm glad things are going good though back home. It's been weird lately cause there are days when I want to do missionary work but then I somehow just lose the drive and get all relaxed and it's just a weird little cycle. It's not that I don't do it, but more just don't care as much. Then again this area is difficult. But the good thing is is that I feel I'm being molded still. I think that since the area isn't as booming as I'd hope I lose the drive maybe? Dunno. We have actually been doing work but I guess not like tracting and stuff like that. We've been working with families in the ward and less-actives mostly. So it's good. But yeah. Sorry to start things off like that. But things are good really. Just getting that off. So! My high from the temple lasted a couple days. We had exchanges on Wednesday and E. Park came here. I feel bad for the kid cause he has a ton of problems. He tries hard and usually I try to help but this time I just stayed quiet. I had to run errands and stuff so we did and saw a couple people, I dropped all my pants and short sleeve shirts to the Millers (sweet members in our ward) cause Sis Miller is good at sewing! So she did all my pants (which all had holes or the seams were falling out) and she sized my shirts so they fit better :) They move soon but they're way cool. I would love a wife that's like her personality and such.. But yeah. The exchanges and everything else is burning me out a little. E. Monahan is still kinda the same. He's over most of this already. I think he blames me for "bringing him down" to where he is. I've been doing a lot better and caring more about the little things cause I know it helps me personally. But he still slacks sometimes and gets frustrated about it and prolly thinks it started with me. I dunno. I can't read the kid and frankly don't even care a whole lot anymore. I'm on a path personally and doing better personally and I know that and so does God and that's all that matters. So yeah :)
Prince and Emily are going through an interesting time. We played basketball on Thursday and found out Prince decided he was gonna get married and is trying to be sneaky with it and he was the one who wasn't sure about it and so we got super excited cause they're getting closer and have come so far. We just gotta find out more of Prince's past cause we're not sure if he needs to repent to the law for some stuff. So Saturday he drove us to a baptism in E. Monahan's old area of a 430 pound lady he helped taught. It took four missionaries to dunk her. It was crazy.. Took em three tries to get it. But anyways. Things seemed to be fine there and we were gonna go over and make breakfast and head to church. But Sunday morning Prince went on a temper tantrum and texted us and bailed and was saying stuff about Emily and how she doesn't believe it and she's not used to it etc. So we thought she bailed (which we found out today she didn't) so we were gonna try to go over after Church but got caught up with meetings and such. Then Emily texted us saying she doesn't know what to do about Prince. Just it's overwhelming. haha It's been a lot of back and forth stuff and we haven't been able to see them really in like a week for a lesson and get all on the same page.. It's just crazy. So we're figuring that out! And then there is a family in the ward we're working with and there's like a ton of drama and stupid crap there that's crazy and hectic. So we forget to meet with people cause we get caught up with others and it's just crazy.. But we're working on sorting it all out and it's slowly getting better.

The ward is starting to love us and do some missionary work so it's getting a lot better there. We had a good dinner last night with the Snow's and they invited some Catholic friends over and we had a good casual dinner that might progress here soon. I told him about Mike and it caught his interest. So we'll see where it goes! It'll be exciting and hopefully booming soon. We just gotta do our part and the Lord will take care of the rest! I don't have my pictures with me today so I apologize for that. But yeah. Thank you all for your prayers and thoughts. I appreciate it a ton! I don't have much else to say but yeah. I'm doing good and still growing. :) Love and Miss you all!
Elder Derrek Bowler.

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