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Wednesday, September 4, 2013

Staying in Hilliard

Hey guys :)
So I'm sure everyone is curious with transfers, E. Monahan and I are both staying another transfer in Hilliard. Which I was shocked... Everyone kept telling me I was gonna train (I'm kinda glad I'm not) but I missed like a day of morning schedule.. So that's prolly why. ha I don't even care cause my body needed it cause I was running out of gas. So it's all good :) I'm not gonna lie but it's a little bittersweet that I'm staying in Hilliard. It's just such a dead area and is so small, but it'll work out. E. Monahan and I talked a little and I let him know some things and I think this next transfer we'll get along a lot better. Which will be good. They took our car away so that's kinda a bummer. I don't mind bikes at all. I feel more productive. but it was nice to have a car cause the gym we got to go to and also for groceries and errands. So we'll see. Oh and real quick.. Backpacks are no longer aloud so I need a shoulder bad or just something small. I hate shoulder bags so I don't even know if I want one but we'll see. I'll let you know. :)
 Once again there isn't much to report on with the work wise. I've seriously gone on so many exchanges I don't even know what's going on with my area anymore haha. Apparently Prince is gonna take more work than we thought. They've been on vacation in Virgina this past week and so we haven't seen him in a bit. But he has a huge addiction to Weed and it's bad that he'll need medical help for it. But he has the desire and hopefully willpower to overcome it. I know it's possible. But he's been smoking it since he was 8 and smokes an ounce and a half a day at about $150 a day too. So it's crazy but I know he can do it. I'm glad we still get to work with him but now it's gonna take a lot of work. Micheal Bowens is doing well. He's hit a couple walls with himself personally. but we're able to help him so it's cool working with him. I got to see Mike today, we met up for lunch which was awesome. I miss that guy but I got pictures of that so that's sweet. :) He's doing good as far as I'm concerned. I haven't had the chance to talk to him too much but yeah. Pebbles is leaving Westland which sucks. I seriously love that kid a ton. I hope Mike handles that well. But I'll write more on Monday I don't have much time today which sucks but I'm doing well. I'll send pics on Monday and you can add this email with that one. I hope everyone is doing good. I love and miss you all!
Elder Derrek Bowler

Ok so basically we found more time and I don't know what else to write. But I'll just send pics. I'm sure most have seen that we went to lunch downtown with Liz and Tommy. That was way fun and they bought me a record (vinyl) for my b-day which was awesome! Cept it wasn't even the right one... I got the Civil Wars Vinyl but I got Florence and the Machine. So they'll take it back for me. I was trying to find The four Thrice Vinyls but they're super expensive. (in case you're wondering E. Monahan has a record player and we play it all the time. We play old school music like "ain't no mountain high or low and such and also christmas music. and His Bon Iver vinyl that he got with Liz (Steurer) and Tommy :) fun stuff!) but other stuff is just pics from lunch today at this little farmers market and deli. it was sweet. We got to go with a lot of people and eat good sandwhiches :) I also have one of E. Bishop and I in the car for exchanges :) K so I'll write monday! Love you guys!! oh and there's one of this Lambo Diablo that we saw driving! it was dark so hopefully you can see it! it's sick! I have more pics but I gotta get em from E. Monahan so I'll send those Monday. oh and I guess I can tell you that Monday this last week we did exchanges again and I went to hilliard 2 with E. Park. It was alright. I just was way to tired to think straight. haha and Tuesday we spent all day helping the mission office move in a new apartment out in Reynoldsburg that took all freaking day but I lost my tag there cause I threw it down a laundry chute and it got stuck.. So yeah that was funny but dumb. other than that nothing really happened! K love ya!!

Elder Bowler and Liz Steurer (she calls him her brother from another mother)

Yes...Derrek's face isn't for real...I asked!

Elder Bowler and Elder Cornia

Mike with his "chew" and Elder Bowler

Friends forever ?!?

So it's E. Monahan and I going through the car wash yesterday and It's Pebbs and I taking a cute little photo. (his hand is right under my right hand on my side haha cute stuff ;)) and then it's Cornia and I with a baby cow at that farmers market then me and Mike with his "dip" that he tried to fool us with haha :)

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