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Sunday, September 15, 2013

Hey Mom :)
Thanks again for all the birthday stuff. I know you've always tried hard and did your best I was just always a punk with it. And last year was just really weird for me so yeah. I got the box today and a letter from Grandma Nyquist. (Seriously.. She is so amazing and tender. She has done a ton for me and I'm a turd for not thanking her more. I'll write a letter though :)) It was good. I'm glad I got to spend it with Mike and Pebbles and Cornia too (on the 4th) The only thing I think that could have made that day better was if I found some drums to play.. I can't tell you how bad that's killing me.. Ha but all in good time :) I actually got a pair of drumsticks from Michael Bowens. I don't remember if I told you that. But I play with those all the time :) anyways. So This letter is gonna be pretty dull not a lot happened. But I'll write a hand written one of personal stuff I wanna share that you can type and put on (I don't have much time sorry)
So. Monday not a whole lot happened.. I think we did exchanges again. I left to Hilliard to with E. Park and not a whole lot happened. It was like one of those days where I just felt so completely frazzled, But we didn't have a dinner so I called the Billings and they did a little birthday dinner. We had Bacon wrapped jalepenos with Dove meat :) it was pretty good! Tuesday we actually had to help the mission office furnish a new apartment out in Reynoldsburg, which serioulsly took all freakin day. And a lot of it was driving around getting crap from all the storage units and then getting new beds and it was just hectic. Actually it was pretty fun, The 4 Hilliard Elders worked together and the new apartment was sweet! haha so the place had like a laundry chute from the top floor to the basement and we wanted to see if it worked so Elder Monahan through his magnetic badge down to see if it works... but it got stuck to the chute wall. So I had my clip one and hucked it down and that got stuck! So it was dumb but funny. :) I actually got it back today at the Mission Luau we had :) (it was just for accomplishing some goals and they had fun games and such so it was good :)) Wednesday was our P-day so not a lot happened there cept a member who seriously inspires me a ton (and is gonna be an apostle) talked to us and it was a good convo. I'll explain more.. Thursday was transfers and my b-day and we had a decent day planned just nothing went through. We had fun though. E. Monahan woke up at 2:30am and put up streamers which was surprising. He's gotten better. I called him out on how he was acting and he knew it was true cause I wasn't the only one he has been like he has too. He got sick though and was out for Thursday and Friday. And then he ate a peanut on Saturday (I got it from Chad and Julianne [thanks a ton for that you guys!!]) and He wanted to see if he grew out of his allergy... Ha... Nope... It was pretty funny even though he was like dying. So not much happened those two days.. Saturday night Prince and Emily came home from vacation and we went over there and talked. They have such a strong desire but the little things are getting in their way so we're working on that. Other than that our teaching pool sucks. We work with members and strengthen the ones who need it like the Fowler and we try to help Liz and Tommy but we go over and have fun. She is less-active and we're still trying to figure out if we're related but she's also from South Carolina so we'll see? They're awesome though and she made a super awesome dinner for us on Sunday! I should have taken a picture but yeah. I don't have a ton of time so if I get time this week I'll write more and send pics but I'll try and do it in that hand-written one. K? I love and miss everyone! I'm doing well I wish I could get into more detail now but it'll have to wait! K Gotta jet!!
Elder Derrek Bowler

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