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Monday, August 26, 2013

Still growing!

Hey Mom! 
So first off HAPPY BIRTHDAY DAD!!! I hope it's a great one!! I sent Alec an e-mail so hopefully he gets that today or if not he'll read it next Monday. I talked to Calvin also, He's not gonna worry bout God for a while. Which is totally fine. His choice. He'll come around though. I pray for him often. That's sweet about that baptism! We're progressively getting closer to one. Prince and Emily (our most solid gators now) have a lot to go through but the change that's come is freaking epic. We have to marry them (well bishop will) which I think will be sweet to have done that on my mish. I'll talk more about them in a bit.
This past week hasn't been any more special than the one before. It's gone by fast but looking back a lot has happened. Not like entirely missionary wise (we had doctor's appointments and chiropractor stuff [frick yeah!]) we have done a ton of exchanges, and we're doing two more this week, and I'm going to the other areas.. So it'll be hectic. This last Wednesday President came in during our district meeting and then basically called us all out (mostly E. Park for slacking as a trainer) So it was crazy. We all were told to step up and President and Sister Nilsen did say some things to me that helped "inspire" I guess you can say to do a little better. I'm no where near a good missionary or the perfect missionary. Ha I know that. But I also know how far I've come this past year. I know I sounded dramatic and pathetic at the beginning cause it didn't seem like a big deal but it did to me. And for me to overcome what I have personally is probably one of the coolest things. I got to talk to Mike this last week on the phone which was great. I was good talking to that guy. He helps me out too. I've come a long way. E. Young told me that the Zone Leaders (Cornia and Bishop) were gonna recommend me for leadership to shape up or something like that. Ha I'm not (mission) leadership material. I do better helping one on one, Sharing what little insight I have. I did that with E. Young and apparently helped him out. So that's cool. but I don't want that other crap at all cause I don't wanna deal with more people than I do. It's different dealing with someone when you love them or go out of your own way to help others than to say "here, get along with this kid" or something like that... I dunno, I'm rambling haha.
Anyways. Monahan got sick and we took a day off. We had two Chiropractor appts that is like an hour and a half drive total. Clear to the boondocks it seems haha. It was good though I enjoyed it and my back got worked on which is nice. We have an appt this Friday so it's nice. He's a member and helps missionaries out for free. (doesn't do the best job since it's free but hey I can't complain) We went on exchanges and I got Elder Park. He's a good kid. I like him and a lot of people judge quick with him. He opened up and has gone through a lot. This was before District meeting and I gave him a couple things to work on. I get to go with E. Young tonight in their area and then E. Bishop on Wednesday in Hayden Run.. Yay...
Last week lesson wise wasn't the best. But we had really powerful ones with Prince and Emily. Prince opened up some deep internal battles he goes through with God and Satan and we gave him a blessing and it was pretty powerful. He's doing great now and He and Emily read the Book of Mormon and Pray every night. And the night we gave a blessing he opened up randomly and the first scripture he read was EXACTLY what he needed to hear! It was so sweet! They did a chapel tour on Saturday but I didn't go cause I was babysitting E. Park. E. Monahan and I switched shifts to get E. Young out and working. It was nice. I got to read and do some thinking. I also read that book Lexi made for Christmas. I love it. Thanks again to all those who wrote in it! But I got to go out and work with E. Young a couple times this weekend. Anyways. I'm doing well. Becoming more aware of who I am and how I want to become and the mission is definitely becoming a part of who I am and helping in a lot of ways. Even when I want to just take a break and say forget it for a couple days It's still a good thing. I'm becoming more thankful everyday for this decision to serve. I gotta go! I don't have much time today! Love you all! Read Alma 13-14; and 17-18. Sweet scriptures!!
Elder Derrek Bowler (Elder Bowler #1) ;P
PS most the pics are from a metro park we found! pretty cool stuff!

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