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Wednesday, August 21, 2013

Hey Mom,
So haha this week was pretty lame sauce. Not a whole lot happened cause we are both gimps. Not really, Monday and Tuesday we did nothing cause Elder Monahan, So we did nothing till we got a car. A cute little red Toyota, haha we switch days driving so it works out. I think for this last week I'll just go through the days cause it'll be easier that way. Nothing to eventful happened to really report on so I'll just do that haha
So Wednesday we had specialized training. It was pretty good. They talk about the same things practically every time so it's nothing to great. I finally got one of the best planners haha. I won a thing of carmel hahaha. :P I talked to President about a couple things. We talked about how I'm doing and also about the companionship. Apparently I've come close to leadership and training but It's my morning schedule that messes it up.. Whatev. I don't really care. Some morning are rough and I'm in pain. I talked to Sis. Nilsen about my back and so I might get hooked up with help there which will be sweet. So we'll see.   E. Monahan did the same thing so President just told us to get along and get the work done. So at this point we were both tired of each other and just putting up with one another. Then we went to the store and Monahan got pissed at something so we talked and then eventually everything got layed out on the table. So things are better now that we worked it out. We're still complete opposites haha, but things are at least a little better.
Thursday is when we went to the doctors. E. Monahan got his foot and hand checked out. Had to get an X-ray. Which was just frustrating and an exhausting process but he's totally fine. I got my nail hacked up. It was the weirdest thing.. I got pictures and a video of it. I can't believe how much nail he took out! haha I was freaking at what he was doing to my foot! So it hasn't given me too many problems which is good. I'm just hoping infection doesn't ever kick in. So we'll see. Then we were both wiped after that and took it easy but guess what? So it was the same doctor that gave me the allergy shot and on the way when Mike told you about my Raptor sitting there, Yeah so this time I took pictures! Best part of my mission! haha well almost :P but I was so happy haha no one except a couple people truly understand how I felt hahaha.
Friday we did exchanges and I had Elder Young. He's just fresh out of High School and 18 haha I like him a lot. We only taught one lesson cause we had a ward event that took our whole night so we got a new gator. Janet. Not sure how solid she is cause she bailed on our appointment last night. So whatever. It was good for Elder Young though. I think I helped him? I dunno we stayed up till one in the morning just talking. I shared a lot of the beginning of my mission and the things I went through and how I felt and now that I've been out for almost a year I've done a lot of reflecting and I told him how just over time it get's easier to put up with the struggles of a mission. And how I gained a testimony and how it was so sweet to have it in my life way stronger than it was ever before. So it was cool. I've definitely grown a lot through out this experience.
Saturday we exchanged all the way till 8 at night, but in the morning we helped move the Nydegger family. Which was pretty depressing. We showed up late cause they decided to start ealier but we just hung out with Miles and enjoyed that. I love that family and will miss them. Especially my best friend Miles haha. We left a present in one of their boxes so they'll see it when they're unpacking. :P I took E. Young to try a couple places. We tracted clear out in the middle of no where and wasn't successful so and on the way back we found another abandoned house so of course we checked it out! It's on the same road that farm was on! So I'll include pics of all that :) That night we called Abby because she was back from her trip in Malasyia, I don't think I spelt that right.... Anyways, she is so much different than we met with her! Her testimony is back and it's so strong it's so sweet. Even though she's a member hers and Mike's are my favorite "Conversions" I loved working with all those I did. But these two were different somehow. But it was cool. I love less-active work just as much as non-member work.
Sunday was good. We got Prince to church. He's doing good. I hope he starts progressing faster and gains his testimony quick. We haven't been able to really talk with him too much this last week. Just contact him on the phone or something, but as far as I'm concerned he's good! His baby got allergies so he called us about that. We keep him in our prayers. Other than that not a whole lot has happened.
As for everyone else. I'm glad to hear things are going well. I wish Alec would write back. haha It's Alec though so you can't really expect too much haha but also for my birthday I couldn't think of anything really. Either just money and I can get some stuff. I'll take a couple ties from Italy ;P *cough* *cough* ;) Or money for a watch from nixon or something like that. I dunno other than that I can't think of anything. I'd also like to take Mike out to lunch somewhere to slowly repay him haha. I just leave it open to the floor. :) K Love you guys! Send some pics if there are any to send! Write back!
Elder Derrek Bowler.
P.S. So the reason I look like I'm stoned is cause I've been sick all week. I've lost my voice a couple times so it was fun teaching. but it's all good. I still get out and do what I can. Yesterday I was so exhausted and my arms were achy. But I'm good. I took care of myself :) K love ya!

Elder Bowler and Elder Young

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