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Wednesday, August 21, 2013

Honeymoon over...but still good...

Hey Mom,
So I don't have a ton to write about this week either. Last week was just a long week looking back and quite a bit happened so I'll do my best to get as much as I can out, How's everyone doing? Any big news or anything? Alec? Just wondering.
So I think the honeymoon phase with E. Monahan ended haha. He brought up a bunch of stuff that pisses him off about me. Now that I think about it he's pretty similar to Elder Wheadon. So I stay quiet and try to forget about some things which works cause I'm pretty passive. There were a couple times where I thought I was gonna snap and walk out. I don't know why I have a hard time expressing feelings with guys. It's like a pride thing. I have a harder time working things out with dudes than girls. It's just dumb and I'm tired of dealing with people. but hey it's what I signed up for. For the most part I'm just reflecting on myself figuring things out and then Monahan irritates me then gets pissed of and it's just a fake relationship. We have to like each other cause we're stuck each other kind of thing. and I'm just done caring haha sad but true. So we'll see how things play out. I hit that little mountain thing you talked about dad. Where I try and get burnt out then try to muster up strength again and it's just getting old. I'm trying to figure out a balance.
This week we found four new investigators and one of them came to church. We only taught him once really then came to church and he liked it but it was a lot to take in. We had a couple good lessons but most the time it was riding around on our bikes. We've been trying to build the trust with the members which I think we're there now it's just time for them to get excited about missionary work cause they don't want us to tract their neighborhoods but still aren't doing much to prevent that. So we're working on it. All four of us gave talks yesterday. I think overall it turned out pretty well, Now we just gotta get them individually excited.
I see that Sister Nydegger sent you pics of our dinner yesterday. I love that family and will miss them. Myles the older one tells everyone I'm his best friend haha It's so sweet. I love hanging out and talking to him. Makes my day!
We had a couple fun adventures. One with an old abandoned farm. That was pretty sweet and this one is great. We had dinner with our Elder's Quorum president and we got caught in this giant rainstorm on our bikes and just got absolutely drenched. We showed up at their door and borrowed a towel and gym shorts while our pants dried. It was fun but crazy too haha we couldn't really do anything about it but it was good. pretty fun.
Wednesday we had a 24-hour exchange with the Zone Leader's and I luckily got to go with Elder Cornia. Gosh I miss that kid. It's good I still get to see him every once in a while but not as much as I'd like. Ha it's just hard cause it's like I'm ready to be done but I wanna keep going. and I feel stuck in the middle and trying to let time work itself out. But we had a good time. Had a cool dinner with one of their members. 

I apologize for not having more to really write about. I can't think of anything that's too exciting to write about. Just working on some personal things but other than that things are pretty good. We had a decent week numbers wise but yeah. It's weird splitting such a small area but we're working on it! Love and miss everyone!
Elder Derrek Bowler. 

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