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Monday, October 29, 2012

What day is it?!?

Hey Everyone!
I can't believe it's been another week! Time is all screwed up out here, and Every single day is the same, Sunday's aren't any different either (besides sacrament) but I don't even know what day it ever is anymore either.. Days feel like weeks, Weeks feel like days, You look forward and it feels like an eternity and for me it's like... I've only been out almost two months... Holy crap those were the longest two months of my life.. What doesn't help that fact that I have two years and makes that fact seem like an eternity is that Elder Brooks only has ten weeks left. and Elder Wheadon only has 28.. They basically have less weeks than I have months.. So it's hard for some reason. Probably just because a lot of struggles continue to happen so it's like... I have two years of this... awesome. But I'm still pressing forward so don't worry. So I don't really remember a whole lot of what happened this week. But a couple of cool things that did happen, (my comps are good with the spirit and I just follow along like a lost puppy haha) but on tuesday we were on exchanges and we had an Elder come up with us. And long story short, EVERYTHING that we had planned that day fell through.. It wasn't discouraging at all just more of like. "K cool no one is home" type of thing. So we just were going around trying to find some part member homes, no one answers and instead of going back to the car (like I was) Elder Brooks just starts walking and we turn the corner and there is this lady who is getting out of her car with an arm full of groceries, We asked to help she said no, but we told her about the message we share and asked to leave a blessing on her home. She invited us in and we prayed and then basically ended up teaching the first lesson. Gave her a BofM and a Restoration pamphlet and she was baptized Catholic, raised lutheren and now all of her family just switched to Methodist. But she said she was "church shopping" and lo and behold, We arrive, We're going back tomorrow and she's totally been studying it up and asking us questions (texting and such) so we're excited to see her again. Her name is Stina (steena) and she is single and has a stud of a three year old son named Camron. We've met with a couple of our other investigators and honestly I can't remember when we saw them but they are doing well some are slowly progressing, but we're constantly out trying to find people. We went over on one of the days... (I can't remember what day) but we went over to Tom Fugett's house, He was excommunicated at a super young age (18-19) and he had just recieved the Melchezidek (sp?) Priesthood, and did a little shaka shaka with a lady. So yeah he's like in his 50's now and has been through a lot.. He's had a hard life.. and it could have been different but it isn't but he's a good guy. Has depression (constant thoughts of suicide) PTSD, Anxiety, and has been going to therapy and now his body is crapping out on him too to where he can't get up to do things much anymore. He plays the drums to and has done a ton of concerts around this area. (oh and for those who think I reactivated Adam, I didn't that was all from the Elders before, Colleen is his wife who was baptized my first Saturday I was here which was the first time I've met the two, I'll talk about them a little bit later) But I could relate with tom on a lot of aspects maybe not the same degree or with PTSD, but I was able to be empathetic and he wants to come back it's just really hard and it'll be a crazy long process to get him back in now. like ten plus years or so (according to the bishop) But it's just sad. So back to Adam and Colleen. We've met with them often (they have us over for dinner a lot, like tonight) but they are so awesome and fun to talk with, and their little girls are cute! Madison has as much energy as Davney but also throws more fits. But Collen is definitely going through hard times too. Her entire family just gives her so much grief and crap that she doesn't need (just for being a mormon) She gets crap for having kids (and she's close to her third) That having kids is "Unprofitable" (freaking jerk) and she has a ton of problems with her Dad, He's just mean. And she tries to show her love and tries to do nice things it just always backfires and he's never there and it's just hard and sad. We talked to her about that on Friday (how to love and forgive someone who doesn't deserve it type thing) but yeah she's doing well and definitely fighting through all this. There have been a couple of families and investigators that we've been trying to get a hold of ever since I got here and I've still never met with them, One is a Less Active and her son is (maybe was) investigating but won't come to church unless his mom gets it together, but she always cancels on us (she's an alcholic) but one night she canceled on us and then we went to this previous investigators house just to see if she was still there type of thing (she investigated 5 years ago in Cali. And loves the temple (SLC) and knows the church is true just never went to church, she has been here and investigated a couple months back but the Elders dropped her cause she wasn't keeping commitments. She's a motivational speaker at other churches. Her name is Jacque (Jackie) And she is a true black women. haha holy cow. It's funny though. but we've met with her again like for 3 days in a row. And we got her to church yesterday. It's crazy. but maybe she'll finally start progressing again. There is a lot of work going on here (The mission has a goal of 500 baptisms this year and we're at 394. But we can do it) Also we're told that since conference applications for missions have gone up 700% from 600 per week to 4000 per week. Apparently a ton of girls are going which is nuts, but they can get into doors a lot easier, They don't look like the feds.. but that's crazy. I feel bad for all the Elders who leave home soon. They'll have no one to marry!! but the Elders I came out with are safe on that part cause they all get home around the time we do. It's crazy though.
Well I gotta get going, I love you all keep on writing!
Elder Bowler
P.S. sorry for those who I haven't been able to write back to, I've been crazy busy and haven't had any time besides writing these e-mails. I'm working on it though! Love you all!

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