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Wednesday, October 3, 2012

Update from Derrek...

Well I know today isn't my P-Day but I feel I need to just let you guys know what's happened just yesterday since I've last written. So I'm still kinda struggling with the same things but last night (tuesday) we have another devotional, and Elder and Sister Ellis spoke to us, and The Lord is telling me to stay. Their talks (along with Holland's) Is telling me to stay and endure till the end. I have no clue what the Lord has in store for me or who is out there, but I'm trying to exercise as much faith as I can that my prayers will be answered and I will gain a testimony so I can teach the people of Ohio, I'm trying to have faith that the Lord will help me to be happy and to help me acheive the desires of my heart, (the whole feel thing and such {I care about that cause I want to better love people in my life, especially the people of Ohio}) But today I went and talked to the psychiatrist and he suggested some anti-depressants, and Omega 3 (fish oil basically) to help with the way I'm feeling and to hopefully get some motivation and desire and to also help with the numbness..... I hate fish, but I told the Lord that if this is the problem and what's holding me back from progressing in the way I need then I will take whatever I'm given. But just know that I'm hanging in there and I'm doing progressively better. Thanks to all for the support and love you give, I appreciate it and I love you all!! All the newbies are coming in again and I swear it was yesterday that we had newbies and it's already been a week... time seriously flies when you look back... feels like eternity when you look forward... like I said, days are long (and kinda fast) but the weeks fly. I love and miss you all!  (10-3-12)

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