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Monday, June 23, 2014

June 16, 2014

They got caught in a down-pour!  
Hey!! :)
Sooo First off I just wanna say Happy Father's day to dad! I hope he got the text from Mike that I sent to him to forward... haha but adding to your leaving a legacy thing, you, dad, Nana and G-Pa.. well essentially everyone I've been around has left a legacy. I look towards you guys and nana and grandpa and Beecher and Dourous too as huge influential people in my life. Even Steve and Michelle and Rick and Judi left really great impressions and examples for me too. So I'm very grateful for the legacies all of you have left for me. I'm so blessed to have each of you as examples in my life. I was telling dad that a lot of the things he does and says I catch myself doing and saying. The way he teaches me the gospel in a clear and perfect way that makes total sense to me is the way that I try and share the gospel. I know things weren't always easy raising us or anything like that. But I can tell you now it has impacted generations to come. It'll be a huge blessing for my kids in the future and I was even telling dad, I'm grateful that my kids will have you two as grandparents. I wouldn't have it any other way and the older I get the more grateful I become and the more blessed I feel.
So anyways. I'll prolly keep this one short. I always say that but they still seem to come out long... but this past week was to say the least interesting... We've done more biking, more knocking, more street contacting than we've ever done here and it was pretty fruitless. We did run into a lot of fruitcakes however. 3 people tried to tell us we're brainwashed and doing everything wrong and I just looked at the two guys who said that and you could tell how miserable and looney they were. They were older and thought they figured everything out but their doctrine was so far fetched. I just have to sit back and laugh. I wonder what It'll be like for these people when they get to the spirit world and are like "Ah crap.... I was wrong... this now makes sense to me..."  Then the third guy stopped his car and tried to convince us about the whole Grace/Works thing.... I swear no matter how many times I try to explain it to these people they just don't understand. Even when I say that "No we're not saved by works, we don't earn heaven" they still have it stuck in their head that it's different. So it was really interesting. And just saw nasty things that can wait till after the mission haha and yeah. We did find one investigator though which was good. Got dropped by Gevron's wife.. and then we kinda dropped all the others we've found. So to say the least the last week was a battle but it was good. Our mini missionary did pretty good. He was super tired all the time and I think I now understand the whole being sanctified by the Holy Ghost thing. I still don't know how I function some days. But it's good though. We were able to find some potentials this last week so hopefully that goes well this week. But yeah. Not too much... It's getting hot again though which is lovely.. you desert folk don't know what you're missing hahaha. We're pretty well taken care of though.
So the longer I'm on my mission the more I understand about what it means to be a missionary. And a lot of times it's sad/frustrating to see when people either don't see what that entails or what's needed or when they forget it. Now. I know that when I get home life will be pretty busy. But the thing is just being there for other people and strengthening them in the gospel is missionary work. Just being the savior's hands for someone that truly needs our help, our personalities, our friendship, our love to bring the light and love of Christ into that person's life more fully and clearly. The gospel is so simple and a lot of times we're the ones who make it difficult. We're the ones who looks at things as "Too hard" or "too much" when in reality. God and Christ are there to make it too easy and too light. Yeah we have to maybe change some things and most of the time that's a very hard and scary thing. But once we're on their team, we see with renewed eyes what it means to be a disciple of Jesus Christ. and it's one of the most joyful feelings in the world and when we just allow ourselves to take part in that and see what we can do in our life to be more like our Savior. We'll begin to see this day after day. I love this gospel. I love the joy it brings and the trials and challenges that come from being a disciple. It isn't easy. But it was never easy for him. And each time we're out we have him by our sides making it so much easier for us no matter what we're working on.
I hope you all have a great week and thank you for your love and prayers. I miss you all so much. I officially hit 21 months this week and it's a weird feeling. I don't feel this old but I am. And it's a weird/bittersweet sensation. Pray for the weather to not be so humid here in Ohio for me!! Imma need it!!
Elder Derrek Bowler.

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