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Tuesday, June 10, 2014

June 9, 2014

Hey everyone!
So pretty much we've already been in the area for almost a month and it's just crazy to me how fast time is going... It's just unreal... But I also still feel like I have forever left! What a weird feeling. So this last week was pretty busy. Good, but busy. I got up at 5:45 four times this week cause we had so many meetings in Columbus and had to be up there at the butt crack of dawn, and it's over an hour for us to get there. So Monday we had the Mission Leadership meeting and I've already talked about that. Thursday we had Zone Conference (Which was actually one of the best ones I've been to) and Saturday we had to go pick up our Mini-Missionary! So that's going on this week so it's pretty cool. Plus our mini has a mission call (To Frankfurt Germany) Already did a year at BYU and is older than E. Bullock by 13 days.. haha pretty funny. And he was Ward Mission Leader at BYU. So we got spoiled this time...Oh and then Sunday we just had Ward Council super early. So yeah. But on top of that we were still able to find 4 new gators and 3 of those are a family (still haven't talked to the wife yet but we talked to the Dad [Gevron] and his two daughters Brianna [10] and Ga'varrah [8]) They're also from Oklahoma! So speaking of that where is Mansford close to?.... I keep meeting people from OK and I just say my mom grew up there and then I have no clue where it's by. haha
So Just about some of the meetings since that was most of our week. Zone Conference was cool it was different cause President and Sister Nilsen are leaving by the end of the month. So a lot of it was Q&A and they both spoke on some pretty cool things. Sis. Nilsen talked about seeking out spiritual experiences and striving to have life be more of your spirit living in a mortal body rather than having more mortal and natural man stuff. So that was cool. I know it doesn't make sense to you all but it was just like how God wants to give us spiritual experiences and our knowledge becomes more clear and our understanding broadens when we have spiritual experiences. Anyway.. it was cool to see them in a different light and then they talked about the transition with the new mission President. It'll be kinda weird having a new President for such a short while but it'll be cool either way.
So Yeah. We just had a lot of cool little things like that. By the time Sunday rolled around I was so exhausted it was just unreal. haha Just felt like collapsing. I think our Mini is starting to get a feel for it too. After this transfer I will have spent 10 transfers on a bike and if I die here it'll be 12. Nuts... I'm just really grateful for the experience and the growth that's taken place. And tell Calvin and Ashton that the only reason Alec is saying that stuff is cause he's finally realized the things he shouldn't have done. And that everybody's time table is different and the Lord is aware of that. There is a high percentage of missionaries who go through that and take care of it when they're in the field because they can see how unable you are to teach with the spirit with such things. Back home you don't see it as much and it doesn't have the same affects. Alec called me a hypocrite all the time cause I was giving advice about what to do before the mish and I didn't do that stuff until he realized what I actually went through and how I only gave the advice because I didn't want him to have to struggle like I did. It's the same thing. Plus no matter what, that's why we have the Atonement. That's why Christ came down. If it wasn't for him. Every single effort any of us made to be better would make us a hypocrite in most critics eye's. Why? Because those critics don't understand the simple truth that EVERYONE can change and become better, ONLY because Christ paid that price and made that possible. It's only because of that power that I'm where I'm at now and it's something I'm eternally grateful for. So tell that to Calvin and Ashton and tell them that Alec, Me, and everybody else has our weaknesses and problems. And that the best thing for anyone to do is to recognize that and try and support and help. Because if we sit here and call everyone a hypocrite, or a liar, or whatever. Then it doesn't do anything good for anybody and just makes you feel justified for the way you're living. Calvin, Ashton. What I say is true and I don't care what you think. None of us are gonna make it through this life, unless you just try and do the best you can with your own life while trying to lift others around you instead of justify your own actions and point out every single flaw we all have. It's not worth it to do that and doesn't do anybody any good. It's because of Christ that people can be better. and Same for you two. I don't care what anybody says. I have seen people's lives, who are WAY worse than any of us combined, turn around because of this Gospel. Don't believe me? Then try it for yourself and see what it does. And do it the right way. I'm not being preachy. But I hate when people call each other hypocrites when others realize their own weaknesses and try to protect others from the harm and sadness that person felt. All of us can change. I love everyone of you so much. More than you'll ever know. and especially when it comes to family we all need to stick together. I hope you all have a great week! Love you!!

Elder Derrek Bowler. 
Elder Bowler and good friend, Elder Cornia

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