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Sunday, February 9, 2014

February 3, 2014

Hey Mom,
I gotta keep this short cause we're on a time crunch cause the mission is throwing this Winter Olympics thing today. So Yeah. I'm just excited to see all my mission buddies! I love em! K It blows my mind how old everyone is getting. I don't believe Matthew is 12. Ashton is still 12 to me. Just have him and Calvin go driving ;) that'll help him learn without being hit in the arm 8 million times for slowly creeping forward at a stop sign haha.. Good times. My neck is better. I haven't been able to get the lotion. (Food comes first) But it's no longer infected. It sucked having it. I might be getting the pants today from my previous comps so I'll let you know. It's been like over a year since I've dry cleaned my suits so they is gettin pretty nappy haha. Whatever. It's not forever and the mud splats just shows dedication :P
This past week was pretty good. A lot happened and I can't really recall a lot of the little details. We hit the coldest day this winter this year. -13 without the windchill. A few weeks ago the -40 was with the windchill but the actual temperature was like -5. So yeah. I can now say I've biked through the coldest winter Ohio has had in a long time. Grandpa Steurer... You were right. Winters are very nasty here and St. Geezy sounds real nice. It's cool though. We bundle up and I think the whole frozen boogers thing is pretty funny.
So update on some investigators. Franchesca, Isaac, and Kaley. The JW family. We had a couple really spiritual lessons with them this past week and they have told us they can recognize the Holy Ghost when we are there and when we leave. It's not very often you get that. We've been working hard to get them to church and also on Saturday to witness a baptism. Our week was good until the weekend hit. Then I swear every little thing that we worked for and planned and made calls again and again and again... Fell through. Saturday evening we went to check up on Fran and see how they were doing (they don't have a phone or car. She borrows her brothers if she needs to contact us) but all of a sudden Fran's husband or whatever was there. He's like living in North Carolina or something and from what Fran has told us it's not the best situation which is why she's in Columbus. Fran's face looked scared when we were there and it was cause of him and I did NOT get a good vibe from him and knew he was gonna stop our visits as soon as we left. So Sunday morning. We're getting final plans ready and her husband, Cliff, texts us and says "My Wife will not be going to your church, leave my family alone thanks."........Yeah I punched the wall. haha GOSH! They are so solid. and then right after that all of our other investigators decide to cancel on us.. There are sometimes where I don't like the whole Agency too much. It's for a good cause though. But I felt at peace after I prayed for what to do. They know what they've felt with us and so we'll let things simmer down and go from there. I was thinking about having members just stop by and see how she's doing. Not bringing up church at all. But yeah. Sunday was rough. But we did have a good week. So don't think I'm all bummed out. It just makes me sad that things like this happens. If is wasn't for this one dude they would be that much closer to having the peace in their family that they are looking for. So I'm praying they recognize that and move forward. Each area requires new strategies of how to help it grow because each area is SO different. And has different people. We work mostly in the ghetto. So our biggest thing is finding people who can progress and still be a kingdom builder instead of a welfare project. We've helped a ton of people and found a ton of people but it's requiring new strategies. I'm grateful for the opportunity new challenges bring. Sometimes I feel all sluggish and I don't have my head on straight but other times I do. And I think it's cause I am trying to do things like I did back home and all that was for different purposes. This is Missionary Work. This is different. But the stretching and growth you get is good. And looking back is incredible. I know I still have weaknesses and mistakes. But I don't beat myself about it all. I just recogize it and change tactics to work around it. We had a good lesson at church from Elder Scott's sunday talk "Personal Strength Through the Atonement of Jesus Christ." I challenge all of you to read it because it gives incredible insight on fighting out weaknesses and avoiding Satan's tries at using those to "Lead us carefully down to Hell" I am grateful for this gospel. Yes I still have doubts. But that's normal. I still continually find answers and strength as I press forward, and just do the best I can. That's all God asks from us. Is our best. And like you said mom, If that's just sitting on our butt's all day that's ok. I gotta run but I love you all. I love this gospel and I love my Savior Jesus Christ. I wouldn't be here if it wasn't for him. Things are getting better in this area, with my comp, and also with myself. Have a great week everyone. and remember to stay Classy. ;)
Elder Derrek Bowler.

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