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Monday, February 10, 2014

February 10, 2014

Hey Errybody,
Glad to hear no one died driving through the snow. Driving in snow is like one of my favorite things. haha and LUCKILY we finally got a car after the Winter Olympics thingy last week. BTW that was pretty good. I mostly just enjoyed talking to my mission friends and everything like that. The games were kinda lame and it was super packed. They had 6 zones in one gym. So it was super congested.(also I finally got the pants.) So anyways. After that we got a car and it's pretty nice. Tuesday night to Wednesday morning we actually had a MASSIVE snow storm hit. Like 8 inches. Which isn't a lot but people out here do not know how to drive in snow. I'm from the desert and know how to do it... But this winter has been the worst one Ohio has had in over 22 years. So it's just relentless and I'm ready for the seasons to change! haha There was a thin layer of ice on top of the 6 inches so everything (cars included) was closed in a thin sheet of ice. But I'm just glad we don't have to bike in all this. Cause we got another 3 inches yesterday and none of it is melting. So it's crazy.

This week wasn't too bad. The people we've found over the past couple weeks aren't progressing so we're just weeding through them all. This area has been different. I'm still trying to figure out the best way to help these people but nothing is quite working yet. We've met a couple new people this past week but we'll see how that all goes! All of our appointments everyday have fallen through except for a few. It was kinda ridiculous. But yeah. We now have a new week ahead of us to make it better. The past couple weeks I've been in a weird funk and I'm not sleeping well... Well I haven't ever felt rested since I've been on a mission. But this area has been a little worse. I called Sis. Nilsen and she just said it could be from stress. Which would make sense. I don't even recognize that stress is even there. But when I think about it. I can see it.
We went on a 24-hr exchange with the Zone Leaders. I spiked them with Ex-Lax.... Haha it was too easy. I also got E. McC a couple weeks ago and that was pretty funny. I know it's horrible but hey I had to use it eventually. It was a Christmas Present! :P I think karma came back at me though cause I got a Cold from Sat-Sun and now I'm just getting rid of it. But it's worth it. I got a onesy pajama thing from the Olingers in Huber and I wore it on exchanges and it was pretty funny. It's a cow. Literally. I'll have to send pics but it's the greatest thing ever haha! 

 We taught Tim Jennings and He relapsed with alcohol and was drunk when we went to teach him. He's actually really funny when he's tipsy. But Yeah. We're trying to work with them still. It's just a weird situation. I think the only highlight from this week was that we were able to get Rochelle to church. And it snowed a bunch and the roads were horrible and they almost canceled church AGAIN! but luckily it all worked out. She's been to a service somewhere else before and said it was boring and etc. (Which is understandable) but she actually enjoyed it and it took a lot of effort to get people to progress here but it was worth it. Our other gators we're working with just let life get in their way and it makes it difficult. We tried knocking on Fran's door last night and she's still there! But I think we upset her cause it was late and something might have happened. I'm just glad they're still in town.... Hopefully things start working out again there! I love and miss you all. This past week hasn't been eventful at all but it's whatevs. Just same old same old. Love ya!

Elder Derrek Bowler

Layer of ice on the car...

"Still fresh"

Sunday snow...again

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