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Sunday, January 26, 2014

January 20, 2014

Hey Guys,
So to be completely honest here this past week was one of the hardest ones I've had so far on my mish. I was close to snapping multiple times and was just over everything. It's like really boring here cause I don't really talk cause there is nothing to talk about. Like I said. Polar opposites with my comp (He got after me for chewing gum at the store....) But I had some fun and got him to believe I got a tattoo. I don't know if I told that or not... Anyways. The end of the week was a lot better than the start of it. This past week it seemed like everything just hit at once and it was a fun little trial. But I'm growing from it and this next week looks a lot better and I don't feel as stressed. Church was definitely needed. Even though everyday as a missionary is based around "Church" actually going to Church is a huge sigh of relief and gives me a great recharge. So going through the days.
Monday was alright. Besides just being stressed from trying to figure things out and still make it fun and enjoyable my body decided to have some Eczema on my neck that started to get sore and hurt. (It got worse later on) I also threw up again that morning. but Pday was boring. Just sat around.. but anyways when we went out to work we went and tried a potential who lives in our complex. They let us in and the Husband (who had a lazy eye and I couldn't tell where he was looking) just bashed with us and talked smack on the BoM and it just pissed me off cause he's from Ghana and I couldn't understand some of his questions. He was right in his doctrine he just didn't have all of it. So after walking out of that and having them invite us to their church we went and tried a couple people with a member. No one was really home. We tried a PM/LA family the Oldfields. Such a sad situation they live in. I don't know how they do it. They're neighbor pulled us aside and told us to watch out for bugs there. (Bed Bugs and Lice prolly and roaches and everything else) So we talked to them, they want us to teach their 8 year old daughter before she gets baptized this summer (She'll be 9 by then) but yeah we're gonna prolly start that up soon and it'll help maybe get the dad interested as well. After we went to the Lotti's house. They're active and we just went to get to know them better. We had dinner with them on Thursday which was pretty good.
Tuesday I woke up and my neck had started to pus pretty bad because the spots on my neck got infected somehow. Prolly rubbing against my collar and what not. But we're on bikes for a while and it's been pretty cold so we bundle up but I think with the frustrations of everything it was just that small thing I normally wouldn't have minded that was just about to push my last button kinda thing. We rode around and tried to meet some people on our list. We went to the top left part of our area and met Kenny Cooper. He's a cool guy. Talks a lot but he's cool. I found a bed bug on my sleeve when we left and that put me in paranoia mode for a little bit. We also got to meet the Kohrman family. They're super sweet. I love going over there. We went like 3 times. Twice for Dinner cause we didn't have any! It was good. But They're little boy Dexter was eating mulch and thought it was the funniest thing. We biked back and got picked up from dinner. On the way back I think someone stole something cause a ton of cops whizzed by and they had the helicopter out. So we ate at the Whiteheads. That was good. Then Bro. Booth (awesome member) Came with us to a lesson with the Jennings. The other Elders gave us Tim Jennings (he's not a member) but he's super sweet. Overcoming an addiction with alcohol. so I'm excited to help him out with that. The whole week we've tracted a lot and tried to find. So we got a lot of potentials. Just not a lot of gators.
Wednesday was prolly the hardest day, It was just one of those days where everything just kept happening. Even for E. McCullough.. I woke up not feeling to well and my neck was really bad. I have a picture of it. But we had Zone Meeting. Which was alright. I found another bed bug on my jacket when I went to clean my neck off. I called the Doctor and he told me to get some antibiotic ointment and put that on. So a the pus stopped and things settled down. I just gotta get rid of the eczema now. But yeah. After lunch we went and got the stuff at Giant Eagle. Tried to find some gloves for my comp. And we rode to try a couple people. It was cold and pretty wet. When it snows here the streets get all slushy and then they freeze. So yeah. Nothing too eventful.
Thursday was a little harder. It snowed that day. We went to the hood to go and work and we tried a couple people. There were a couple funny experiences with crazy people we met. But We got a couple good potentials. On is a Jehovah Witness. So that was pretty cool. We're teaching her tonight. Thursday I slipped on Ice 3 times in like 5 minutes. Which falling wasn't a big deal. I've crashed a bike a ton so it wasn't bad. It was just so annoying that it kept happening! The third time I just threw my helmet and walked home. We weren't to far. I wasn't using my bike cause my bike was down. Luckily that night a member fixed it up. But yeah.
Friday. We had weekly planning. We did comp inventory. I told E. McC he needs to relax and just be himself. Cause I can see that he isn't and he doesn't know the balance between it all. So yeah. Friday was a humbling day after it was finished. I was stressed about everything and trying to figure out how we're gonna get this area up and running. While we were biking we got a good potential and we said a little prayer and the little 2 year old boy was holding my hand (People pray in circles here) and after the prayer he wouldn't let go. I'd say bye then he'd just grad my hand. I Just thought it was cute. Then as we were riding a school bus pulled up next to us and there was this little girl who I waved too. (Normally they don't wave back especially when I'm all covered up) but she paused then Waved and smiled. She will never know how much I needed that. That gave me just a little to keep going. Then at night I was writing about it in my journal and usually kids just love the missionaries. I don't know why. But my theory is because we are his representatives. And for these little kids to not have that in their lives I wonder if they cling on to any source of that light they just left. Then I wondered if the little girl saw Christ riding a bike in the snow just trying to share his message. That was the turning point of my week. It was humbling and helped me a lot. I don't have much time. But the rest of the week went well. We got some good investigators and church helped me a ton. This week looks better and I'm glad it's a new start. I love and miss you all. Have a good week everyone! one day I'll send pics!
Elder Derrek Bowler

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