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Tuesday, December 3, 2013

November 25, 2013

Hey guys :)
Ha I just had Deja Vu. But dad, Thank you so much for that. That is exactly what I needed to hear so I can help this person. It helped me too cause I've still wondered the little detail ones. So thank you!
So tomorrow is transfers and we haven't recieved our calls yet. I'll try and get on later today when I find out but I'm not too sure cause we're so busy. I hope I don't get shafted before the holidays again like I did last year. But I'm just trusting God on this one. There are times where I feel I'm going and times when I don't.. I don't have much time today either which sucks but it's how it goes at times. We had a pretty good week this past week. Last monday the Cindrics took us to this Japanese Hibachi steak house where they cook your food in front of you. Like Samuri 21. It was way cool and a special treat. and before that we had a Zone-Day fun day where we got together and played free for all dodgeball and basketball and had hot-dogs and such. It was pretty fun actually. We have a good zone.
Tuesday was my official 14 month mark. Which is crazy cause I'd never thought I'd make it to 4. Time is just flying by. But on Tuesday we did service for a non-member guy. Mowed his lawn and cleaned out his gutters.. I got on top of the roof and did that and I was trying to get this stupid plastic baseball out of the hole that guides water to the ground. This thing was a pain and what made it even worse is that I fell off the roof cause my foot slid off the edge and my body followed.... Ha Jk. I didn't fall but that'd be a cool story if I did. The baseball part is true though :P We have a lot of great people in this ward. A lot of cool families. We had missionaries down for a 24 hr exchange and E. Alger (the guy that was we E. Monahan and I when we lost the phone. he's in a picture I sent) was with E. Chhay and I and it was a good day. He used to serve here and we went and saw people that he used to teach and know. We went and saw Bro. Bristow.. K this man is a champion. I love this man so much. He's like my Grandpa out here... haha Kinda dresses like Grandpa Steurer too.. Pretty funny. But he's done so much for us this past week it's incredible. Tuesday he took us to Fazoli's for dinner. Wednesday he drove us all over the zone to a District meeting in Springfield and then across it again to Piqua for a baptismal interview. And then Saturday he took us all they way to Mt. Vernon which is a two hour trip one way so E. Beverley could help out with a baptism. (he used to serve there) Oh and he took us to Texas Roadhouse on saturday and made us incredible dessert cause he's great at baking... Just remarkable.
So for sake of time I'll try and finish this up here shortly. A lot of our investigators have kind of hit this stand still point and I feel with Robert and Angel I messed that up because I asked him to crush his cigarrettes. :/ it sucks so I'm going to try and apologize again and all that. But Sammi is doing well. and we're also teaching Diana and our back door neighbor Genevieve. A lot of these people have big walls to climb before baptism and it's definitely a trial of my faith. It's weird that the times I'm working harder and trying to be better is when things hit a wall. Opposition in all things right? but when I didn't give a crap about my mission I was able to pull in baptisms. I think God does that to keep me going.. Cause the baptisms helped me keep going and now the personal trials keep me going surpisingly. Interesting how things all play out. I'll try and send a few pics from this last week. But I'm doing good. I had to take the day off yesterday cause my back was seriously done for. It was a slow process but Saturday and Sunday it was just shot. Like pinched nerves with knotted muscles and bones.. Not fun. I was like in tears from the pain. but I hung out with this sick family in the ward the Huntingtons who live right across the street while my comps did missionary work. It was a good day and I was able to finish out last night. I was doped up on pain killers I got so I was numbed out... ha It was good. We also went over the the Cindrics last night. So that was good. Friday we went to Springfield for an exchange. That was good. There are so many missionaries who have been out less than 6 months. Like 2/3 of it. We have 234 missionaries and 81 are sisters.. It's nuts. I don't know anybody anymore! haha OH! So this past week we had stake conference and we went to the Adult session and the General session on Sunday. There was a good push for missionary work. It was cool! President and Sister Nilsen were there and spoke and also the temple president and his wife. It was really good. I learned a lot about a lot of things. from contention to missionary work to letting the little things in life bring us down just as water can get into the little cracks of a rock and destroy it. We need to seal our hearts and minds from the adversary so he can't destroy us. It was good but I don't have much time. Sorry this letter kinda sucks! but whatever :) nothing to eventful happened. We are slowly getting our gators to the next step. I just hope to stay to see some of the cool things that should happen soon. Like the Lewis family has a friend named Cindy who's catholic but wants to ask us questions and is in the perfect situation to teach. So next Monday we're going over. Hopefully I stay. If not whatever. I love and miss you all! Ps mom thanks for the money. I bought the insoles but I think they made things worse and were more like a foot pain thing rather than back so the Huntingtons are gonna help me out get the hard orthotics I need to readjust my back. So just a heads up. I took the pads back and I'm just holding on to the money. So fyi. Thanks!! And I still haven't found time to do the I'm a Child of God thing yet. So I apologize..
Elder Derrek Bowler.

Hey Guys I'm letting you know I'm staying in Huber Heights!! I'm excited! Love ya guys!

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