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Tuesday, December 3, 2013

December 2, 2013

Hey Guys :)

So thanks for writing... Umm Chris is gonna be a pappy?... That's so freakin weird... Ha I'm like shocked. I still can't believe he's married but that's cause missions have that effect on you... I do need contacts. We were playing B-ball with some recent converts and I got my eye poked out and almost lost one contact. haha it was good though and I saved it cause I'm a ninja. So just let me know when I can go and get that and I'll wait till then. No rush. I'm glad Sam liked my letter. I've been trying to get around to writing people back from ages ago. I'm just so busy. But I'll work on it. I'm trying to get around to writing Rod's family, and Julianne's and the Graves and G-ma Nyquist and everyone else and their dog. haha But yeah. It's on my mind often.
That's crazy about the whole Phoenix trip. Especially with the dumb coyote. Poor kid. He'll prolly skip out next time you guys go somewhere hahah.
So this past week wasn't too eventful missionary work wise. Actually it kinda sucked. A lot of our appointments fell through. And with that and transfers and Thanksgiving. It was just a little less than hectic. But it was good though. I'm still in a Tripanionship with the ZL's in Huber Heights. E. Spaulding replaced E. Chhay and he's from South Carolina. He has a pretty thick accent. He's a funny kid though.
So I'll just run through some highlights from this past week I guess. Since most of our appointments fell through I don't have a lot of stories about that.. But Thanksgiving was decently fun. We played football with the ward in 23 degree weather. That was fun. Cold. but fun. Then we had dinner at the Pierce family. We've never met them until Dinner. But it was good. They had two non-member families over with us and they were pretty cool. We sang. Played Apples to Apples Junior. (Which was kinda dumb cause everyone took it too seriously and I'm over here putting random crap in haha.. Oh well..) But after we saw the Elrich's. They're Recent Converts and prolly one of the coolest people to hang out with. Tory (the husband) Is the one that poked my eye out cause on Saturday we were supposed to teach Genevieve while playing basketball. (Tying the gospel to it) and we invited the Huntingtons and the Elrich's. Well Genevieve flaked out and so we played ball anyways. I need basketball shoes cause I was sliding all over the place. But it was good. Saturday we also went and split wood for Bro. Collins. We went to the farm and used a hydraulic splitter. It was cool and relaxing. A little nippy, but good. I got pics. Also I got pics for the "I'm a Child of God" thing but I think they suck. I'll let you decide though. I just used a picture I had and took them at my desk... But anyways. It's been a nice trial of faith trying to figure out what it is that we need to do to help these people out. Especially our investigators. It's been like a little trial of faith...But we'll get it figured out. Next week will be better though. We already have good stuff planned out for this week. Like Sis. Lewis' Neighbors Cindy and Dave (who came to church yesterday!) So it'll be good. Even on top of two Christmas party's (one for the mission and also ward) And oh btw. We're moving apartments this week. So It's right across the street so everything is the same except the house number. So I'll let Mike know what it is so he can tell you. But I'm sorry I don't have much more to say. It's just kind of a dull week. I've been continuing to work on my little weaknesses. It's a good process and I haven't been stressing too much about it. I sometimes do cause I just worry about it. But I'm trying to beat myself up less and just tell myself things are ok. Just how it is with any aspect of life pretty much. But I'll send pics. They'll tell more then this letter. Welp. I gotta go! I love and miss you all dearly. You're on my mind and in my prayers. Thanks for the love and support from everybody. It doesn't go unrealized just because I'm a slacker and suck at writing people back haha. Anyways. 

Saying goodbye to "Pebbles"

Elder Derrek Bowler

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