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Sunday, December 15, 2013

December 9, 2013

Hey Guys!
So thanks for the update on everything. I feel I have a lot to say but so little time. Because I got sick and we started the day late today. (I turned into a squirt gun last night at 12:30 and a fire hose at 2:30 this morning. Real fun.. and now I'm just cold and achy and the bitter Ohio winters aren't helping haha I'm good though. I'm hoping it's just a little 24hr flu) But anyways. I wrote down things that we did each day to try and remember a little bit.
Last Monday was pretty fun. our little district went bowling and that was pretty fun. It's been so long since I've gone. Brought back good memories. I have pictures of that. Also we had dinner at the Lewis' and talked to her neighbor Cindy which went really well! We struck her curiosity so we're going to follow up with that soon.
Tuesday I went up with Huber Heights 3 (E. Montgomery and Cook) it was a pretty decent. My comps had Zone Leader council so I had to get dropped off with them. They don't get along. E. Cook is still pretty fresh and is gonna snap soon. I feel bad for him. It's like me and Garner. After I got back we went and saw Chris and Shannon. They are a part member family. They live in such a nasty living condition and they have kids who just grow up in this mess. It's sad. They have a Daughter with Down Syndrome who's name is Alex. She's 6 and reminds me of Amber Graves. Just a younger blonde version. The way she talks and bosses us around is just like my buddy back home. It makes me miss Amber haha. That night Mike came down to see us. It means a lot that he does that. I miss being in Westland hangin out with him and Pebbles. haha glory days.
Wednesday we had Zone Meeting and Monahan had the bright idea to have us sing the EFY medley for the Mission Christmas Devotional the next day.. Surprisingly it turned out really well (the next day) But we had a 24hr exchange and Monahan came with me and E. Spaulding. But Spaulding crashed hard from his pre-workout he took and slept. So Monahan and I just talked. It was actually pretty nice. It's just crazy the things we went through. Same with looking back through my whole mission. I only have 9 months left. That's so weird to me. It's just crazy.. haha Anyways. When Spaulding woke up we went and saw the Olingers. They went and got us these dang good ribs and we had a good little talk. It's kinda frustrating cause most the people that were progressing all hit this stand still. And I feel it's almost my fault for a lot of it. It has just been weird. Cause like there are days where I just feel like I failed and my weaknesses are just dragging things down and I just fail as a missionary. But I know it's just part of life. So I deal with it just fine. It's just weird cause I'll get thoughts similar to Alec of just feeling unworthy when I fixed things, and actually in the middle of thinking that I had the words of Dad's blessing when he ordained me an Elder. When he said "The lord paid for you and your weaknesses and your sins.. He knows you. Let him take all of it from you." and I realized a lot of what I do is I have a real hard time forgiving myself and being ok with myself because I sometimes fall short of personal expectations or expectations of others. So that's what I've been doing is trying to let the Lord take each of my problems. The times I have a hard time in life is when I'm doing things by myself. Like the beginning of my mission where I was doing everything I could think of but things were getting worse, but I was doing it all alone and God was prolly up there like "I'll let you try and figure it out yourself but it's easier if you ask me... But I'll wait." And that's just how it happened haha. So yeah. I've had those thoughts a lot recently. It's a fun little battle haha. It's great though cause I'm growing tons. Even when I feel I'm not.
Thursday was good. We had the Mission Devotional and it was good. Sis. Nilsen talked about going home and how your mom is the first person you hug (Which I was already planning on that btw ;P) But she related it to God's children coming home to him and giving him a big ol hug. And how missionary work is that ticket home essentially. So that was a good day. And thank you guys for the letters I received then. Dad. I know you feel like you don't have much to say because Mom takes care of it but I treasure the words you say. They always come at the right time so thank you a bunch for that. I loved all the letters. Oh where the heck was Ashton's?? haha oh well. :) I love you guys!
Friday we spent all day moving into our new apartment in the middle of a snow storm... Real fun.. It was across the street luckily but still cold. Then after we had to clean our old one which was way gross cause missionaries had been living there for 10 years. So we called the Sisters and also the Cindrics and they were awesome and came to help. :) Then we were gonna have our ward Christmas party but that got cancelled cause of the snow. It snowed like 6 inches and the roads were super slick. It was kinda fun in a sketchy sorta way :)
Saturday we finished sorting out our apartment and then played B-ball with Genevieve and her BF Josh at the church. Jennifer Elrich came and it was fun. We played PIG and then talked to them. Genevieve got a confirmation of the Book of Mormon. Which is so sick! It just sucks cause she's in the weirdest situation. With marriage and stuff. And they move soon so I don't think she'll get baptized here. Josh is super Agnostic/Atheist and has a million questions. He came to church on Sunday and during the 3rd hour we answered a bunch of his questions in the kitchen. We also had dinner at a members home. The Amburgy's we'll say (they all have like different last names..) but that was fun. We did the chubby bunny challenge and I got 20 of em in my mouth. And then we dressed up in a bunch of funny outfits and took pictures. So as soon as I get them I'll let you know :)
Sunday was alright. Church was long.. but it was good. We went to the Pierce's home to pick up goodies to deliver to our gators. So that was good then we had dinner at the Huntingtons house. That was fun. But I think their food is what made me sick. We didn't get a chance to watch the 1st Presidency Devotional. :/ oh well. But yeah. Last night is when I got all sick and blew up everything. The 2:30 Explosion was the worst cause I initially had to crap (diarrhea) and before then I knew I had to throw up but couldn't so I felt bloated and nauseous and couldn't sleep. I woke up every two hours or so. anyways. I clogged the Bathtub up because the toilet was already occupied haha. Then I spent the next half hour trying to unclog it and wash it out and it just wasn't happening so I just left it and Bro. Bristow had some drain cleaner and was so nice and helped us out this morning. So yeah. I'm just taking it easy today. So that's it for the most part. Nothing too eventful this past week. I'll try and send pics next week cause I don't have time but I love and miss you all! Thanks for the prayers and support!
Elder Derrek Bowler.

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