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Sunday, April 28, 2013

Joe's Baptism...

Alrighty then! 
Time for the weekly e-mail home I know everyone is just so anxious to hear each week! haha JK. So this last week looking back has taken forever but gone by fast just like every other week it seems. We didn't teach a lot this week, most everything we had planned and set up fell through.  So honestly I don't have a lot to report for this last week. Our appointment with Tiffiene fell through cause her BF freaked out and stopped that. So we're waiting around to see what happens there. They don't even like each other they're just living together cause they have a kid together. But she did come to Joe's baptism though and the Ward Picnic we had on Saturday. (that was pretty fun) anyways. So she has finals this week but our member who has been working with her will keep on her until we can get an appointment set up with her. She's still super nice and seems to be happy on the outside which is good she's just going through a lot right now. We still keep in touch almost daily with Mike and see him often. He came to church this last Sunday to see me confirm Joe (I'll talk about the baptism last). We're going over there tonight and hopefully can get him reading the BoM so he can see the change that comes with that (That's right Mike I said it. [he now knows about the blog and reads it fyi]). We'll see what happens. Wednesday we went on this "24-hour" exchange with the Zone Leaders up in their area. I was with Elder Kujanpaa (Quoy-ahn-pa) When their up doing their ZL stuff they are just robotic but alone they're not bad kids. It was good and I enjoyed it. He's a good missionary. So I don't have much else to write about. We had dinner with several members this last week. Like bishop for the first time since I've been here so that was good. Friday we had Joe's baptism. It went really well. We went to the church at about 3:30 to help fill the font up and get it all ready. It wasn't as big of a headache as Allen and Timmy's baptism which I'm glad. The service went well. He bore his testimony and the journey he's been on and how it's been a 7 year journey. 2 years with the missionaries. So it's been a crazy trip. He noticed the change in his life. Like being clean and all that. It's cool. Sunday I confirmed him a member and gave him the Holy Ghost. My first "Ordinance" he asked me to do it cause to represent the onslaught of missionaries who's had to "deal" with him (I never really did haha) but also he said I was the coolest the missionary he's met. Which was really cool he said that. Yesterday we rode our bikes to hilltop to try a LA/PM family, the Bakers. We caught them as we were leaving so we only talked for like 10 minutes. Then we rode to the Skousen's house for dinner. They're a cool couple. No kids cause of reasons. But it was a good dinner. The food wasn't done so we shared the mormon message "The Will of God" which was something they needed to hear and it helped them out which was cool. So after that we went over to Bro Miller's house and on the way there my back tire (which in reality is Elder Cornia's cause it's his bike) went flat fast. We weren't to far from his house so we walked it and when we get there I check the tire and find this stick in the tire. I took a picture of it and included it cause it's big and in all my years of biking I've never seen this before it's crazy. So Spanish came and go us from there. Elder Peters is doing alright as a DL. He doesn't know what he's doing and he's not meant to be a leader. It's apparent and it's hard cause I feel like his secretary sometimes keeping him together. But it's all good. He's a good kid and it's good for him. Maybe it'll help him mature and such. But that's really all for this week! Love you all. Please write!
Elder Derrek Bowler.
K and the Pics are of Joe's Baptism. (his parents came and his brother too. They're not members so that was cool) Elder K and I after a split with a member up in their area. and the stick I pulled out of the tire.

K so this is Joe's family. Charlie (2), Heidi (wife), John (dad), Gwen (mom), Alex (4), Joe, Joe's Brother (can't remember his name, might be josh) and His father in law on the far right. 

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