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Tuesday, April 16, 2013


Dear Family,

Hey guys! Calvin you look good! haha Cute hair too ;) Question. Can you do the Pec dance yet? haha I finally can now haha it's pretty tight. So this last week wasn't too bad. Like I said I got a lovely cold about Tuesday that I'm still trying to get over. I don't think biking in the rain helped too much but hey it's what I gotta do. I've been good at taking medicine and getting a little extra sleep. It's been annoying more than anything. Mike took us to Burnzies. That Bar/Restaurant and I couldn't even taste the food. I was pretty mad at that. haha. So it sucks but all those investigators that we found a few weeks back have all dropped off the grid. We lost contact with Victoria. Jennifer got kicked out of her friends apartment and was throwing threats and all that fun stuff at her. So we won't be meeting with her anymore, everyone else we lost contact with so yeah. We found one new investigator. Her mom was a member when she was younger and she's looking to get into church. The Rosenvalls (member family) have been working with her. She's been kept in the dark from us because no one wanted Elder Peterson to teach her and mess things up. So it makes sense and I see why. Poor kid though. He is struggling with Elder Wheadon though which I knew he will but Elder Wheadon dies in May so yeah crazy it's been that long already. Anyways back to our new gator. Her name is Tiffiene. (Tiffany weird right?) haha Anyways she's super cool, Early 20's and can definitely see god pointing her down this path. We meet with her again tomorrow for lunch with some members that she knows too. The Rosenvalls are moving to Alaska soon and so we're trying to get more fellowship with more members in the ward. So hopefully that all goes well. Mike is still in the same boat. He helped us with our dry cleaning this past week which was much needed and the took us to lunch. I'm still trying to figure out what to do to help him, but it's hard when he's sitting on the back burner. We'll figure it out. K so I swear everything points to Baltimore..  We tracted into a guy who was wearing an Orioles shirt that was Catholic. but He's moving to Delaware in three weeks. I mentioned I lived with a friend who was from there and he was nice. Took a BoM and a pamphlet and told him there are missionaries out there too. Who knows what will happen but all I know is I'm more of a planter of seeds than anything haha I don't know. So after all that I really don't have much to report on. We saw Brother Miller a few times this past week, We got him back to church after I kept buggin him about it. It was funny cause he was like a celebrity cause he was everyone's favorite and everyone asked him to do everything (I think it's cause he's gay) But also Joe Hamilton is finally getting baptized this Friday! He told us yesterday and we're getting everything worked out this week so it'll all work out on Friday! It's been a long journey for him. Ha I've only been over to his house like twice. I never taught him. (most of my baptisms are picked up from other missionaries except for Allen and Timmy) But I talked a lot with him at church and I'm still excited for him cause it's been a long journey for him. He also asked me to give him the Holy Ghost. First time. it'll be interesting and I'll let you know how it goes! other than that I don't have a lot for this past week. We got Pebbles to do the Cinnamon Challenge and also eat these two juicy peppers that are hotter than heck from the Spanish Elders and filmed it. It was funny. He did ok for his first week as DL. He struggled with numbers. Ha he's just all over the place with a lot of things. Riding Bikes is definitely an experience with him. Good kid though and he'll learn.  The Pictures are for this week me bored doing the classic "duck face" pose. And this little fetus we found walking. I think it's a dog but Pebbles thinks it's a rabbit. I'll let you guys decide for yourselves. I also want to thank all those who sent out letters and packages (for easter and all that) I really appreciate you guys and your service for me and all your prayers. They mean a lot. Love you all! And oh mom, My toe is the same. I can't tell if it is a hangnail or not. I dunno if it's doing what Alec's toe was doing so yeah I don't know. I'll ask Sister Nilsen about it. And when you get his call. Call Sister Nilsen and if she doesn't answer call Sister Niu. Thanks a ton!

Elder Derrek Bowler.

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