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Monday, March 25, 2013

Staying put...

Hey Mom,
So I'm still in Westland.. but Elder Peterson did go. And my new companion is Elder Peters. He is an interesting kid. And he like.. copies everything I do. It's weird. But He's from Idaho and a classic little farm-boy. I'm still junior companion.. But I act like Senior companion. He is beating himself up cause he hasn't been in leadership yet.. Two things. One. He wants it for the wrong reasons, and two. He's just not a leader haha. I'm sorry but it's true. So I tried helping him out yesterday so he wasn't so down. He came out with Elder Peterson. So yeah.
Well Ever since E. Peterson has left the ward has been way more positive... He basically burned every single bridge in this ward. He is out in Zanesville with guess who?... Elder Wheadon. Ha hopefully that'll snap some sense back into that kid. But even the members who I even thought liked him.. hated him. It's bad but He's been out 16 months and hasn't changed at all. Maybe the last stretch will change him. Who knows. I did also find out at transfers that Elder Robinson. (a kid who came out with me) went home in January :/ He just couldn't handle it. And I totally thought he would. But the original C4 in my district are all still surviving. I've seen Elder Coughlan and Foster a few times and I love those kids. They're freaking awesome.

So the work is always hard around transfer time, and still being in this area is a little rough. I feel I'm in another rut and I'm just getting tired of getting in these. But we were able to meet with Mike a couple times and he gave us dinner on Saturday. He's still contemplating everything and still has the same concerns but he said he'll start thinking of a date soon which is awesome! I don't know what else we could do but still just talk with him and all that. But we'll see how it goes. Joe is still in the same boat. We're waiting for him to pick a date, Since every date we give him he doesn't want to do. It's taken him 7 years to get to this point so I'm not going to complain. I honestly can't think of anything to write right now. haha It's been a pretty mellow week. Last week was just a ton of appointments falling through. We've tried getting in contact with a couple potential investigators. but nothing great. Although we did receive like 3 referrals yesterday at church and have 3 pretty solid potentials. So we're going to try and contact them this week. Elder Cornia stayed which I'm very grateful for. There's a lot of lonely days and a lot of feeling completely alone as a missionary and you can't ever do anything about your situation. He is training and Elder Barr is he greenie. He's a really cool kid and actually entered the MTC on my birthday. and served for like 3 months in Mexico and had to go back for double knee surgery and last Monday he got a call saying he's going to Columbus. So he's a cool kid from Gilbert, AZ and has a lot in common with me. The spanish Elders helped us move a family in the ward that went from 9-2. and we're going to be losing 11 families in the next couple months. :/ oh well. It's life. I'm still hanging in there trying to figure out everything. This next week will be long cause it's the first of the transfer but hopefully time continues to go fast cause I need it. Love you all! thanks for the support! Also mom, Could you put like 12 bucks in my account so I can get laundry tokens? (I bought the protein stuff like you said I could) and also could you send out my Volcom Hoodie (then one I got from Heidi) and also my brown mountain biking gloves. Thanks! And Nana. could you send more tea please?? :D Or at least tell me where I can get it? Thanks A TON! I truly appreciate it! Love ya!!
Elder Derrek Bowler

So the pictures are of me and my bowling ball. (cause I'm a Bowler ;)) I found it walking around and in one of these dump of an old house in ruins.  It snowed last night.. Spring isn't going to come anymore. but we got like 3-4 inches.. Stupid Ohio. It's been a very long winter. But yeah :D Enjoy!. PS.. How's Lexi doing? She's coming up on her one month mark. How was that month for her do you know? thanks. Love ya!

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