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Saturday, March 16, 2013

Letter from two weeks ago...sorry!

Thanks for the update! The boys will be fine. You do a lot and it'll be good. It'll help them out especially if you eased up on things like laundry and other stuff. It'll help a ton. I haven't recieved dad's package yet. Maybe it'll come today. Unless it went to the mission office then they'll hold it cause we have Zone Conference this Wednesday. This past week was decent. We had a hard time finding... again... and the weather has not made tracting easy, or fun. we had a few potential investigators that we tried over and over again but it's not their time for the gospel. Yesterday was hard cause we felt way good about our plans but everything fell through.. It's just rough sometimes. And this area has definitely placed a rock in my "root" of faith trying to grow through the dirt. But it'll pop through eventually. It's hard and our district leader had the same kind of thing happen to him. So it's not forever. If it is Imma flip. But it's hard cause I try to get good things out of my studies and will read things that just don't sit right or just frustrate and confuse me. Like Abanadi (sp?) teaching king Noah that God himself came as Jesus etc etc. and it sounds like the whole trinity thing so it's confusing and I can just imagine that giving me problems when an investigator reads it. and all the paradoxes frustrate me, and preach my gospel still has things that frustrate me. Which in turn frustrates me even more cause I'm supposed to 'Live and love it all" and some things are just not how I feel and it's confusing. It's just so dumb sometimes, and most days, I just don't enjoy my mission. I want to. I know it's hard a lot. But can I at least have some joy in it? not to sound negative. I know one day something will happen to where all this becomes worth it, just some days are rough... But I'm still doing pretty good and I'm learning... Anyways. I don't really have any cool stories yet. Like miraculous "I love my mission cause of this" stories. Our teaching pool is low. Mike is doing well. He wasn't able to make it to church cause he had a cold. We're still working with him on getting his testimony. It's gonna be hard. He has a lot of relearning. He's a great guy and super nice. He hooks us up with all the good hole-in-the-wall places to eat. sometimes we pull double dinners (I think I've mentioned that before) Joe Hamilton (our eternigator) finally finished the Book of Mormon. Which was his only hold-up on getting baptized now he's just waiting for God to "give" him a date. He's praying for it. So we'll see what happens there and when he'll get dunked. We got an investigator named Jeremiah. One of those guys who's gone to church, knows it's true, just needs to get baptized kinda gators. We met him at church my first Sunday here, and finally got in contact after all that time. He work out in Wedgewood. (the projects of this area, the place we stay out of past five) so on Friday we went and talked to him during his lunch break and even during the day it's sketchy. He is redoing all the floors in the whole complex (it'll take him a year to do, Also side note, rent in these apartments is only 8 bucks a month...yeah..) so while we were waiting for him his dad knocked on the door he was working on and this black chick screamed "ATF" (alcohol, tobacco, firearms) and she opened and was like "I thought you was the SWAT, you had a SWAT knock and scared the H**L outta me." I laughed. Then Jeremiah goes on to tell us some stories he's had while working. Like he'll be doing a floor and this dude will have prostitute after prostitute come in and do the chaka chaka while he's redoing his floor. and other stuff like that. People will smoke weed and do crack in the hallways. etc. Fun stuff. Then as we're walking back to our apartment (hour walk or so) we're walking and see these two cops running in the car lot we were walking through and people pointing and then we see this dude jump off the truck of a car over a barbed-wire fence and his shirt got caught on it and he ran into an apartment and got caught. It was pretty exciting. Then we are almost home and then see two cop cars pull in our complex (nothing new just a crazy day) so yeah fun stuff. On Saturday we were over at a less-active member's house and I got talked into putting on their dog collar. the shocking one's :D haha just on my arm. It was pretty entertaining and fun and we got it on video but it's too big to send so you'll have to watch later. It left dots on my arm and I did get a pic of that. I did it on my forearm and wrist. :P I also wanted to say how I hate brown-nosers... Most of our leadership is just that. Elder Bell. (our DL) is super cool and I love the Kid. This is the best district I've been in, but one of our ZL's and our AP's are all butt-kissers.. It's frustrating and dumb cause their fake. The "this is how every missionary needs to act cause we're perfect and do everything we're told to do" not saying I don't do what I'm told to but I'm not fake about it. Sorry just had to vent that off cause we got a referral from the AP's (the chick lives in the Hilltop area, the whole ghetto we stay out of, Wedgewood is just the beginning of it) so they get on our case cause we didn't contact her like two days after. first off, If you're not willing to put your name behind a referral, chances are they're not gonna be "super solid" like we were told. And we needed a member to come cause we can only contact her after five. Ha so we tried to contact her yesterday... We didn't even knock and she opened the door. Looked at us and said "no.." and shut the door. real solid right? we did get another one from the Marble Cliff elders and she is at least a little bit more solid. So we set something up with her on Wednesday. Her name is Lindsey and is curious. So we'll see what happens there. This last Thursday I went on exchanges with Elder Campbell (he came here) Ha he serves with Elder Bell in Hilliard (which is like a super clean area) he was like "I feel so dirty here, everything is just so trashy" haha I just said "you get used to it" and laughed. He's a cool kid. Well other than that nothing is all that different or new. I'll just leave with the fact that I love kids and they are the best things on the face of the earth. The 2nd youngest daughter Kelsy (5-6) of the Billings family (we ate with them the week before) and sat with them at our ward's blue and gold banquet (it's been forever since I've been to one of those) but after it was all over I went to give her a high five and made her miss and teased her and said.. "umm.. Hello?? why aren't you hitting my hand?" etc. and when she finally hit it I said "finally! thank you!" haha just being funny and she was laughing and hugged my leg (that's how tall she was) but she was cute and it made my whole entire week cause I was just tired of everything that day. So on that good note I'll write more next week! Deuces Love you all!
Elder Derrek Bowler.
Pictures are of "mishinery's" by Kelsy. And some other fun pics. Especially the ghetto car.. That's pretty common out here. K love ya!

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