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Wednesday, February 6, 2013

Hey Everyone! I hope everyone had a good week. This last week was decent. The weather has been really weird. It started out in the 50's and rainy. then crazy snow and cold by thursday.. so it's all over the place. We didn't find any new investigators this last week. It's hard tracting in the freezing cold for more than a few hours. and you would think that since it is cold people would be more willing to let us in haha not even close. It's harder to get in and teach people. But we've talked to a few nice people. We got a pretty solid potential and we're going back to try and teach her on tuesday. Her name is Maria and she's had contact with the church before and is looking for a church to go to. So we're here to help out with that right?? haha but we're going over there after we have a lesson with Deven and Jonathan. We're going to dedicate their home and give em blessings and have a short little lesson cause for some reason satan likes to mess with her (Deven's) family. (she has relatives in the ward) and so last time we taught them we talked about the Plan of Salvation and afterwards talked a little bit about the weird things going on in their house. You could definitely feel a different spirit in the room when we changed subjects. They have this crazy dog who will sit there and play all the time and she said that when this "spirit" thing starts to mess with them the dog starts wiggin out and yiping and etc. and It'll knock things over (like a plugged in toaster and it'll move the baby and such) and the dog started to stare in random spots in the room. Like on the wall and such and got close to the wall and just stared so yeah. We've decided to dedicate their home. So we might see spirits, we might not. Elder Peterson has seen a bunch like after the Exorcism and also one was chillin in his apartment in his last area and sat there and stared and shook his shadowy head after he came out of the bathroom. So he cast it out. So yeah. Very real stuff. I still haven't had any experiences like that other than dark feelings sometimes. Just being out here in like a dirty run down city where just so much crap goes on frustrates me. I wish people would just get it through their heads to do good things. Every time we're out walking Ambulances or cops or some emergency vehicle will pass us or we'll have some in our complex and it's just dumb. Makes me appreciate the west a lot more. It's not as trashy (like city wise) But whatever. Anyways. On Saturday (just a cool little thing) but we were walking at night after a dinner appointment and saw green tint in the night sky.. Like part of it was just crazy black and dark and then green and apparently that means a possibility of a tornado. Which isn't rare in these parts. But no tornado happened.. at least not near us. We put three people on date this last week. Deven, Alan and Timmy smith (brothers age 13 and 10) and Jonathan doesn't count cause he hasn't been to church yet. so that was pretty cool. I slacked on getting morning schedule this last week... I have the hardest time getting up. So studies have been hard ever since I got in this area but we're working on that. We're doing better. Next week is transfer week which is crazy to think about. It's on the 14th. We'll probably both stay. Who knows. We have interviews with President this week. We'll see how that goes. Sister Nilsen is awesome she gave me a book to read (that I'm sure you're all familiar with) Called the Continuous Atonement. So it's pretty good. It's hard to sit down and read but when I do it's pretty good. Today we have District Fun day or whatever. So we'll probably go play volleyball and basketball up at the church which should be decent but I'm too exhausted to run around. But I got a monster so I'm not too worried ;) haha Sorry but it's good stuff. Actually doesn't give me energy or anything like that. It just tastes good. I drink the Zero Ultra (white can) so it doesn't have any sugar so I don't crash. And I know you guys hate energy drinks but yeah. I like em. they help and it's sweeping the mission. The ward is getting a little more excited about missionary work which is good. Bro Peck likes to lecture us on what we need to do on our mission. I'm guessing he was one of those stickler missionaries. But whatever. And other members will refer back to their mission and how the baptized 78 a month then something changed and then were getting 148+ and people don't recognize that Ohio is a lot different and people aren't as open. But something cool though so we got the official report from Utah and we thought we had 488 baptisms for the year of 2012 but we got word that it was like 499 Baptized and Confirmed and 502 for just straight baptisms. Pretty cool. Now we just gotta keep it up to reach 650. The influx has already started and we'll be recieving a lot of 18 and 19 year olds... I'm really wondering how the maturity factor will play out for the first part. I've heard some crazy stories so we'll see if I personally get to see some. Who knows. Just don't do dumb things.. stay with your companion and don't mess with the opposite sex. I've heard stories from two elders and two sister missionaries go to lunch just for fun. one from each companionship left to the bathroom and the two remaining made out. they stopped and finished their missions, and they even returned to the mission married.  Just ridiculous stuff and it isn't all that rare... So just be smart. That's all I got for this week. Love you all!!
Elder Bowler.

K so two of the three pictures are of that green tint and then the other is E. Peterson is standing on water. (it rained and managed to keep solid ice under it. pretty cool) so yeah! enjoy. I got more videos but I'm like out of room on my SD. Mom could you send back the one I had in the orange camera with all those pictures on it? thanks!! love ya!

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